Free Daily Tarotscope — July 30, 2014 — White Tiger Nine

Nine of Swords

White Tiger Nine

Life may be catching up with you today as the White Tiger Nine (Nine of Swords) sweeps in with the promise of… well perhaps a change in your luck and not necessarily for the better.

The Nine of swords is a card of struggle and from the image on this card you can see that the path before you is not a straightforward one, albeit that you are not in the flames, you are nonetheless walking a very fine line between things going ok and things taking a turn for the worst.

Keep this in mind if you have anything big to do today and don’t try to push for more than you naturally believe you deserve and even then you may wish to push for a bit less than that.

A white tiger is a rare creature and if you are feeling as if the world is against you today then bear in mind that you are perhaps a little out of your depth when it comes to the direction you are seeking to take and that the path will not be easy.

If you look in the background of this card there is a reminiscent scene from Gone With the Wind in which people are running from something and a horse is rearing its front legs as if in fright.

These figures are going in the opposite direction to the tiger which gives an indication also that around you people may be fighting their own battles and struggles and perhaps not coming up trumps with them.