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Fiona is a published author, certified Theta healer and Psychic. Her aim is to leave you enlightened and empowered by taking control of your own life. Her readings will require you to accept that you have the power to change the course of your life and nothing is set in stone. Your own actions (or inaction) can often be the reason for your current circumstances.Many people seek psychic guidance when things are going wrong and they want change, but it is important to remember that a genuine psychic will see where you are right now, where you want to be, and what you need to change to get there. If you are truly ready to face your fears, work on your issues, and allow her to show the path that leads to all you desire, then book a session with Fiona now!

Soul Mate or Sociopath? by Fiona Beck


by Fiona Beck, guest blogger 

Definition of a Sociopath: Many of the experiences that we have when dealing with a Soul Mate can be remarkably like dealing with a Sociopath, so how do we know the difference?

When you meet your Soul Mate it can feel as if you have waited your whole life for this person, the intensity is incredible, the love you feel knocks you off your feet and the two of you spend every spare moment communicating and sharing your hopes, thoughts and dreams. It literally feels like you have met the person that you were destined to spend your life with – discovered the very reason that you were born. You always wanted a connection this deep and here it is!