Let’s introduce ourselves

Mel and Chris

Hello and welcome to our blog.  We are two Astrologers with extensive experience in helping people from around the world.

We hope you find our horoscopes and writings enlightening.

Hi. This is Melodie and Chrisalis and we are starting a blog to show readers what Astrology can do for you. Each week we will be chatting between ourselves and giving you valuable information about your own as well as others birth charts.

So if you are curious if your Venus is in sync with his Mars, his Moon compatible with your Sun as well as the many ways Astrology can be used then join us, perhaps with a cup of tea or coffee, an open mind and a sense of humor whilst we explore this wonderful science and predictive tool.

Melodie:  One of the things that still surprises me about astrology is that people think that it’s the exact same thing as what you read in daily or weekly horoscopes in the newspaper or that that’s all it is. There’s a lot of value to those daily horoscopes, they can be uncannily accurate but they’re based on only one aspect of a person’s birth chart – their Sun sign.  Imagine if you could do that same thing for all the planets in your chart!

Chrisalis:  Exactly!  I’m surprised that people think they are “just” their Sun sign.  That that is all there is to astrology and that 6 billion people can be put into 12 astrological categories and that’s it.  That they think that by reading their horoscope in the daily paper then that is all there is to it. To hold only this view point you may miss out on all the other areas astrology can cover and what is possible.

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