Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 21, 2014 — Six of Flames

Six of Flames

Six of Flames

Today you may find yourself up against an opponent, or dealing with someone whose fury and aggression feels like an outright attack.

This could be a relationship partner, a co-worker or even a complete stranger who is so consumed with rage that he or she lashes out with little or no provocation.

Fortunately for you the tools for dealing with this kind of bully are right there at your disposal. With Mercury and Mars in sextile today, you should be clear-headed and quick-thinking enough to steer your way clear of any danger.

The Six of Flames — from the Dante Tarot — is this deck’s version of the Six of Swords. But this is not your typical dime-store Six of Swords. In fact most of the symbolism for cards in this deck — intuitive or otherwise — veers dramatically from standard Rider-Waite interpretations.

This version is far more aggressive, and far more threatening, although — as with traditional interpretations — some things are cleared up and some are resolved.

The central figure in this card is a three-headed hellhound, the famed mythical Cerberus or guard dog of the Underworld. He looms over the cowering sinners in the foreground, keeping them at bay. Notice that the sky behind the clouds at the top of the card is also black.

In the story-line from the Divine Comedy that this card references, Dante is able to get answers to some of the questions he can’t get in the living world. They’re not all answers he’s happy to hear. But they do provide him with insight and clarity.

There’s also an act of ingenuity (Mercury sextile Mars) wherein Dante and his companion slip past the beast by distracting it with mud.

If you find yourself at odds with someone today ask yourself whether you’re the aggressor or the victim and what you can do to balance that energy out. The Mars / Mercury aspect says you have to use your head (Mercury) but it also serves as a reminder that you need to stand up and face your challengers (Mars) rather than allowing them to back you down.