Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 15, 2015 — The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers

Today’s Sun / Venus conjunction can put you in the mood for love. Whether you’re single, dating, married, separated, divorced or widowed, chances are good you’re going to be thinking about relationships.

The Lover’s card is about “love.” But it’s not always an easy or definitive love. Sometimes there are feelings of ambivalence or uncertainty, and sometimes there are choices to be made that can complicate things even more.

The figures in this card are lost in world of their own. They hold each other in a loving embrace, oblivious to the world around them. This version of the card — from the beautiful Jaen Tarot — emphasizes love and affection.

But life — and love — is not always so simple. This card can also indicate uncertainty in relationship or a decision that needs to be made. You may be wondering where you stand or whether someone you care about feels the same.

You may also be ready to fall head over heels in love and wondering when someone new is coming in.

If you’re in love today and happy with your choices, remember to celebrate that love with the object of your affection. And if you’re not — if you’re out there like so many of the rest of us still looking: don’t give up.

The Lovers card — and this one in particular — can serve as a reminder that there’s someone out there for all of us, and that what is most important is having a great big old open heart that you’re ready, willing and able to share with another.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 28, 2015 — The World

The World

The World

The Sun trines the Moon / North Node conjunction today and brings with it a sense of wholeness and personal fulfillment. It provides you with an opportunity to look back over how far you’ve come as you prepare for the next chapter in your life.

If you sit back and take stock of what has actually changed for you will get the sense that while some things change others stay the same and this is neither good nor bad.

Everything is as it should be for you to enter the next phase. The World card completes the Fool’s journey and as such, speaks of fulfillment, integration and completion.

And just like the Fool, you’ve come full-circle, from instinct to essence to progress to development, as you end one cycle and embark on a new one.

This card represents endings and new beginnings.You must tie up loose ends and close the door on one chapter in your life — even if that leaves you with feelings of longing or regret

While some people are busy looking at the glass as half-empty, you’re seeing it as more than full. You’re focusing on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved over the last several months.

You could be finishing a course or internship, tying up lose ends on a project that you’re ready to launch, putting a failed relationship behind you and getting back into the dating scene, finishing (and feeling good about) a self-improvement regimen. The possibilities are endless.

The World card is a card of both fulfillment and completion. With that in mind, it’s time to put the finishing touches on projects that are almost finished, and also time to rest anything that just didn’t pan out for you. You’re preparing to start a whole new journey, and in doing so will want to with as clean a slate as possible.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 24, 2015 — Justice



You may be struggling with doing the right thing today or trying to make a choice between right and wrong. Sometimes those choices aren’t clear — depending on whatever prerequisites you have in place for making those kinds of determinations.

The Justice card is first and foremost about accountability. Having to live with the choices you make and being able to sleep at night once you’ve made them.

This requires an ability to balance the pros and cons of a decision, which requires balancing your head and heart.

Notice that all of the figures in this card have their eyes closed.  A small child rests over a giant sleeping fish. Perhaps he’s sleeping too: the Madonna figure in the background rises up from the mists of his dreams and watches over them.

The scale she holds in her hand is precariously balanced. Between head and heart. Need and desire. Right and wrong. If any of those were given more weight than the other, that perfect balance would be lost and the quiet contentment disrupted.

The Justice card speaks of a universal justice: divorced from what you want or wish for, and held under the microscope of truth, wisdom and universal law. This means that no matter how desperately you want a specific outcome, the one handed down will be fair and just.

In most versions of this card there’s also a sword present: a symbol of clarity and precision. The sword cuts through doubt and uncertainty to arrive at the truth. It’s also a reminder of the fine line (double-edged sword) that separates justice from injustice.

There are karmic repercussions inherent in this card as well. Whether it’s karma you’re sewing (doing the wrong thing even when you know it’s wrong) or karma that you’re reaping (having to face challenges that are a result of past misdeeds) know that in the end Justice does prevail. Keep that in mind so that you too can go to sleep tonight knowing you’ve done the right thing.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 26, 2014 — The Hierophant

The Hierophant

The Hierophant 

Today — with Mercury conjuncting Saturn — you could be taking a more serious look at what you believe in and how you communicate those beliefs to others.

The Hierophant card speaks of pursuing knowledge, studying tradition, reflecting on Universal laws and principles and deciding where we stand.

The Hierophant is referred to as the Pope in some decks. But it’s not only about religion. It’s about carrying the wisdom of the ancients forward. as a means of gaining a greater understanding for yourself and using it to guide others.

The  Hierophant in this card is in deep thought and reflection. He’s not only in search of deeper knowledge, he’s prepared to impart it to others. One hand is raised in the classic benediction or blessing mudra while the other is used to calm the fish on which he glides.

The triple cross staff is associated with the Pope and papal authority. Keys unlocked doors (to mystery, the occult and sacred teachings) and are also said to be the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish are a traditional symbols of faith in many religions, and are also tied to wisdom, prophecy and the collective unconscious. The overlapping trees remind us that time stretches out before us as well as behind us, and that we’re as much a part of creating history as we are a product of it.

You could be immersing yourself in your studies today or making plans to embark on a spiritual journey. You may also be called upon present your ideas to others — either formally or informally.

If you find yourself having to defend your views, do it in a calm, practical manner. Mercury / Saturn is not about being radical or fanatical. It’s about building on the conventions of those who’ve come before you (Saturn) and presenting your ideas (Mercury) with clarity and precision.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 21, 2014 — The Sun

the Sun

The Sun

The Sun enters Cancer today which heralds the Summer Solstice… the longest day of the year if you are in the northern hemisphere and if, like myself, you are in the southern hemisphere comfort yourself in the knowledge that after today the nights can only get shorter.

In this version of the Sun we see a figure floating towards the sun with arms outstretch as if to say… I am here, I am ready, I am open to new experiences and not afraid at what will come next.

Notice how the Sun also looks as if it is in an eclipse formation which only goes to highlight more strongly the influence the Sun has today on our lives.

It is a masculine energy and it is at its peak and ready to bestow upon you all the energy you need to complete that which you most desire.

It may be that you are feeling alone in what you wish to do as the fish shaped balloons carrying other people go their merry way wrapped in their own lives and their own dreams.

Looking below you see a stream which reflects back to you from where you came. However, take a closer look and this “stream” may not be what it first appears.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 16, 2014 — The Chariot

the Chariot

The Chariot

Today you’ll be thinking about taking greater control of your life and being a more active participant in your destiny.

The Chariot card speaks of getting into the driver’s seat and taking charge of where you’re heading — and that means you must also be willing to take responsibility for any missteps along the way.

In the past it may have been easier to blame outside forces for setbacks in your life. Or it may have felt safer to remain passive and allow others to take control. But the Chariot card says it’s time to step up, stop making excuses and start living your own life.

Traditional versions of this card are often more aggressive and chaotic, with the charioteer struggling to harness and rein in opposing forces. The emphasis is on concentration, restraint, determination and drive.

But this is a softer more zen-like version. The figure in the card with her long wild tresses streaming behind her is at “one” with the creatures on whose backs she glides. Her stance is placid and her command is gentle as she holds the reins in one hand and uses her other to remind them of just who is in charge. All three have their eyes closed and appear to be completely in sync as they move toward their destination.