Free Daily Tarotscope — May 11, 2014 — Four of Cups

four of cups

Four of Cups

Are you looking at your relationship now and asking yourself “Is that all there is?” Or perhaps you’re feeling frustrated with the lack of potential partners, and wondering if there’s something you can do to move past that sense of feeling stuck.

The Four of Cups — called “boredom” in this deck — refers to to that nagging feeling of discontent that is associated with the grass being greener on the other side. It can drain your motivation and dull your sense of wonder and inspiration.

Notice the Deer and the Peacock drinking from the waters of life at the bottom corners of this card. And all around the borders are vines growing, lush and fertile. And here you sit in the middle feeling “bored.”

This is not normal boredom either.  It is the type of boredom that originates out of a few frustrations and setbacks that you can’t seem to think your way out of and your thoughts may actually be your worst enemy.

With Mercury squaring Neptune today and Mars in opposition to Venus you can get an idea of where these frustrations are coming from. Although Mercury, ruler of Gemini is in its own sign today along with Neptune, ruler of Pisces in its own sign they are forming a square (90 degree angle) to each other and this spells tension.