Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 15, 2015 — The Chimaera


The Chimaera

Today’s New Moon in Cancer brings the number of planets in water signs to seven!  In addition to the Sun and Moon, there’s also Mercury and Mars (in Cancer), Neptune and Chiron (in Pisces) and Saturn in Scorpio.

All this watery energy brings emotions to the forefront — and not particularly pleasant emotions, especially as Mercury and Mars meet up in Cancer today and move into opposition with Pluto.

This in an intense configuration that can be both volatile and explosive. It can manifest as anger, obsession, paranoia, resentment and rage. It can have you seeing red — or feeling like letting your claws come out like the Chimaera in this card.

This is the Incidental Tarot’s version of the Devil card. The Chimaera is a sort of hybrid creature who is part serpent, part lion and part goddess. She’s seductive and destructive — very much like the Mercury / Mars / Pluto configuration.

The Devil / Chimaera card can also indicate addictions and temptations. Being seduced by people and experiences (drugs, sex, risky behavior) that are just not good for you.  And dealing with the darker side of humanity (or your own psyche).

It’s going to be important to find a positive outlet for your emotions today and to keep a lid on unhealthy and destructive behaviors. The Chimaera card implores you to get in touch with your own shadow side and turn those negative emotions into something more positive.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 13, 2015 — the Chariot

the Chariot

The Chariot

Today you may have to strive you get your emotions in check before they run away with you.

The Chariot card refers to internal upheavals that threaten to manifest externally, such as an angry outburst or emotional display. It challenges you to “pull it together” and exert control over your own internal conflicts.

This version of the card — from Holly DeFount’s gorgeous  Incidental Tarot — shows a charioteer staring straight ahead while she maintains control over a pair of rearing stallions. One is black (with white wings) and the other is white (with black wings). The charioteer wears a red cape, held together by a prominent six-pointed star.

The Black, White and Red in this card represent opposing forces (black and white) pulled together by passion, determination and drive (red). The star represents inspiration, mysticism and magic. It takes a lot more than sheer force of will to contain all that disharmonious energy, and to channel it into something real.

This represents the necessity of harnessing vastly opposing energies. The stallions are moving in two different directions — each pulling away from the other rather than working together as a team.

If you look closely you can see that they’re not really going anywhere anyway; the only movement in this card is seen in the stallions rearing back. This implies that there is some danger of spinning your wheels without really making any progress.

You’ll have to work hard if you want to rein in all of that energy, and this is the essence of the Chariot card. It’s the understanding that all parts of any “machine” have to operate in harmony in order to be effective. If you’re willing to embrace that philosophy — and if you can stand up and take hold of the reins in your own life — you can accomplish anything.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 14, 2014 — the Phoenix

the Phoenix

The Phoenix

With Mars squaring Pluto today, you may feel like your carefully constructed world is falling apart all around you.

The Tower card refers to abrupt and unsettling changes that can take you outside of your comfort zone, through the sense that everything happening around you is completely outside of your control.

This version of the card — called the Phoenix in this deck — puts some of those challenges into perspective. The references here are less about destruction and more about transformation.

The destruction is evident — and necessary — but the focus shifts to what is accomplished and gained by letting go of all that ‘s been holding you back.

There are trial by fire connotations here, in addition to the obvious alchemical references. Notice that the Phoenix is not just rising out of the ashes, but also rising above the tumultuous waves of emotion.

It may be that your belief systems are being challenged by others. Or maybe you’re witnessing the people and things you’ve held onto so desperately are now being be ripped from your grasp. The message behind the Phoenix card is the same for both scenarios: it’s the Universe’s way of showing you what you don’t need by removing it from your life.