Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 19, 2014 — Strength



What are you struggling with today that requires you to access your inner reserves of strength? Today’s card refers not to physical strength, but to will-power and self-control.

It may be a commitment you’ve made to yourself not to cave in or to compromise your principles. And it could be a situation in which you’re struggling to uphold your part of a bargain. Dieting for example, or giving up smoking or drinking. Refusing to react or allow your buttons to be pushed.

The strength card can also refer to finding an appropriate outlet for something that you may have responded to in a less than positive manner in the past. Whatever it is, know that this card encourages you to stay on course and not fall back into unhealthy reactions or patterns.

The woman in this version of the card sits atop what looks like a two-headed beast. There’s a fierce Lion head (and hind-quarters) and gentle Unicorn head (and front-quarters) and a lily at tip of the beast’s tail. She’s lost in thought on the his back, an infinity symbol hovering over her own head like a halo.

The imagery in this card speaks of both taming the inner beast — i.e., passions and desires — but also getting in touch with the inner “magic” — i.e., intuition, inspiration and creative self-expression, and not giving any more power to one of them over the other.