Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 19, 2015 — King of Swords

King of Swords

King of Swords

As the Mercury and Pluto come together today in Capricorn, you may find yourself needing to bring forth your problem solving skills.

Like the King of Swords in this card — from the gorgeous Maddonni Tarot — you may need to stay look to your higher self as you plan your next move.

The King of Swords is intelligent, strategic and analytical. He’s inherently impartial. He doesn’t mince words, and he doesn’t listen to excuses. He makes his decisions based on logic and reason rather than compassion and empathy.

He’s a no-nonsense individual who is expected to mete out justice with a fair and authoritative hand. He may be a parent, a supervisor, a judge, or even a friend that steps in to give you a reality check when you need one most.

As with all court cards this can also refer to you — or to a state of mind that you need to develop in order to preserve a sense of order in your life. You may have felt taken advantage of by someone who’s overstepped their bounds and this card encourages you to resolve that problem by taking a more authoritative stance.

The King of Swords encourages you to be decisive and to start thinking ahead. It asks you to clear away the debris and work on attaining better focus.

And it challenges you to step away from emotional attachments and make your decisions based on what is right, fair, and most importantly best for you in the long run. it says it’s time to get clear about the direction you want to take in your life. And to plan ahead accordingly.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 19, 2015 — The Hermit


The Hermit

As Mercury turns retrograde today in Gemini — the sign it is most at home in and where it will remain for the next seven weeks — you may be thinking about changing things up a bit and looking at things from a different perspective.

The Hermit card is about generally about turning inward and seeking wisdom from within. But who is to say that needs to be boring? Mercury in Gemini is a lot of fun — even when retrograde.

There are also elements of unpredictability with Mercury retrograde and no where is that more evident than in this version of the Hermit card — from beautiful Maddonni Tarot.

At first glance he looks like a rather rotund character with a puny head. But on closer inspection, you can see that his average-sized body has been dwarfed by his billowing robes, which have inflated and lifted him up.

As colorful and vibrant as the Hermit is in this card, you can see that there are no outside distractions. In fact there are no outside anything, as he’s apparently risen above his earthly concerns and is floating in the ethers.

The Hermit card is not about avoidance and isolation. It’s about finding your inner light and choosing to follow it. This is especially important when Mercury is retrograde and you’re dealing with the unexpected.

This card encourages you to embrace solitude through whatever means you find necessary. It challenges you to rise above your mundane concerns and get a better understanding of yourself through searching for deeper meaning.

Be careful that you don’t spend so much time in your head that you miss out on opportunities that present themselves.They may seem random in the moment but reveal themselves later to be much more important than you’d realized. You also want to be conscious of your own motivations: the downside of this card is the urge to hide things, close yourself off from others and avoid those who matter to you most.

Today you get to choose whether you’re lighting your own way or acting as a guidepost for those who have wandered away from theirs. Both are valid endeavors ,and only you will know which is the right path for you. As the Hermit card also refers to turning inward, there is an entire spectrum of information — from the depths of the psyche to the heights of conscious awareness that can be accessed through this process.