Free Daily Tarotscope — May 6, 2014 — Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune

As the Sun sextiles Jupiter today it gives you a glimpse of what the Wheel of Fortune is about. We all have periods in our lives where things go and up and down along with our moods.  

Usually we try to find balance or equilibrium to help us through the periods where we are not feeling so happy.  It’s a good thing the Sun is sextile Jupiter today for this is indeed a fortuitous aspect of these two planets. 

The Sun standing for you and your sense of “self” and Jupiter as the planet of expansion and luck allowing you to push forward with a sense of adventure and explore what is within and around you.

As you can see from this version of the Wheel of Fortune there is an endless cycle of who you are (yourself) on the inside and what is going on around you on the outside (your environment).

The chakra system is clearly marked on the figure within this card which is shown in a meditative pose once again highlighting the need to go within and draw out what is within to balance what is around for you.

The chakra system gives indepth knowledge of how you are functioning physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually whilst the different symbols surrounding the figure display the need to delve deeper into knowledge and use all modes of learning you have to further extend yourself.