Free Daily Tarotscope — May 7, 2015 — Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Venus enters Cancer today and brings with it an outpouring of emotion that may take you by surprise. Venus in Cancer is sensitive, loving, gentle and kind. It’s also nurturing and very compassionate — and more than willing to express its feelings of love and affection for others.

The Page of Cups refers to a sense of child-like wonder and enthusiasm that prompts you to throw caution to the wind and follow your dreams. It’s an exuberant, unrestrained and joyful energy that stems from the expectation that you’ll succeed, rather than worrying that you might fail.

In this version of the card — from Dana Driscoll’s exquisite Tarot of the Trees — a golden chalice rests at the base of a waterfall, surrounded by a verdant landscape of wildflowers and trees. The water fills up the cup and spills over, just as emotions are likely to spill over today.

The Page of Cups captures this wellspring of emotions with a childlike, youthful exuberance. There is no fear or hesitation. There’s only a willingness to feel and to share those feelings with whatever lucky recipient comes your way.

Pay attention to the messages your receive today — it could be a letter or a phone call, or it could be words of encouragement or appreciation from others. Whatever it is, know that it’s spoken from the heart with no expectations or agendas.

Don’t underestimate the power of your own words either. As the Page of Cups can be unfiltered, you want to make sure that you mean what you say today, and that you’ll mean it still tomorrow.

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Nine of Wands

ARIES: Nine of Wands

This is the month you may feel like you’re starting to get your mojo back, after a period of frustration, boredom, dormancy or inertia.

The Nine of Wands refers to a period of uncertainty and hesitation that comes after you’ve given what feels like your ALL and still haven’t seen the results for your efforts.

You may have been frustrated with the lack of progress or worse, come “this close” to completing your journey only to find another roadblock ahead of you. This is very similar to the frustrations and impediments that abound when you perhaps haven’t made clear plans for what you wish to do. You’re saying “go go go” while the Universe is saying “no no no.”

The reds, oranges and golds in this version of the card — from the Mary-el Tarot — combined with the ferocious tiger and the flame in the woman’s hand, speak of the need for fearless restraint. The woman takes the tiger by the tail and raises the flame high in the air in a symbol of victory.

If you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, you may be better able to understand why you’ve been forced to step back and re-evaluate your needs.

Perhaps the setbacks you’ve encountered along the way have been more than just setbacks. Perhaps they’ve been lessons in disguise. With Mercury turning retrograde in your area of communication this month what better time do you have than to “plan, plan, plan.”

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 18, 2015 — Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

Today may see you giving it your all and diving wholeheartedly into a world of intuition, emotion, imagination and creativity.

The Princess of Cups — this version from the gorgeous Röhrig Tarot — refers to a child-like wonder and enthusiasm as well as a sense of play. It speaks of throwing caution to the wind and following your dreams.

It’s an exuberant, unrestrained and joyful energy that stems from the expectation that you’ll succeed, rather than worrying that you might fail.

The Princess in this card is uninhibited and unrestrained. She throws herself freely into the ethers, not thinking any more about where she came from than she is about where she’s headed.

There are references in this card to faith (trusting in the process) and awareness (moving from darkness to light) as well as liberation. The feather represents both buoyancy and flight, and the clouds represent uncertainty and the unknown.

Speaking of clouds, today’s Mercury / Neptune conjunction is in Pisces, the sign associated with dreams, fantasies, instinct, intuition, the imagination and psychic impressions. It can certainly cloud your thoughts and have you wondering what’s real and what is not.

The Princess of Cups may be a person in your life. Someone youthful and naive, with a child-like curiosity and trust in the Universe. If so, know that she’s here to teach you to embrace these qualities within yourself.

Because the Princesses embody such youthful and unrefined energies, we tend to forget that they too have much to teach us. But the presence of this card today is an important reminder of how much more we still need to learn.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 29, 2015 — Penguin



Today would be a good day to put all of your heavier thoughts and concerns aside and approach life with a sense of child-like wonder and curiosity.  The Seer of Shells  — or Penguin in the Animal Wisdom Tarot — is this deck’s version of the Page of Cups.

Here we see him standing on a sparkling crystal ice cap, communing with a little fish that’s popped out of shell on an adjacent ice cap. The fish could be dinner for the Penguin but he doesn’t see him in that light. He gazes at him in awe, oblivious to his surroundings.

This is very much like the Page of Cups. Gentle and loving. Open and receptive. Gleeful. Sincere. And maybe a little naive.

The Fish appears to be speaking and the Penguin holds onto every word. Maybe he’s imparting words of wisdom, or maybe he’s talking his way out of becoming the daily catch. Off in the distance a bridge rises out of the water and leads to who knows where.

Be open today to receiving important messages, even if they come from the most unlikely of sources. Whether the Page of Cups is a person in your life (as in someone youthful or immature) or an attitude you need to embrace. If it’s the former you’ll want to listen with an open mind and heart. And if it’s the latter you’ll want to work on keeping those open.

Because the Pages embody such youthful and unrefined energy, we tend to forget that they too have much to teach us. But the presence of this card today is an important reminder of how much more we still need to learn.

Free Daily Tarotscope –Dec 11, 2014 — Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

What has caught your attention today to the extent that you have let go of everything else and become fixated on.

It is not a negative thing as you do not look to be in pain but it is perhaps something that is going around and around your mind and not giving you too much leeway in getting anything done.

The Page of Cups can draw out creative and artistic talents.

You may find yourself looking around your “world” today with new eyes and a different appreciation of what is around for you.

If you find this is the case you may wish to write your thoughts down, draw, paint or just give yourself some type of artistic expression to what you are feeling.

This can also help with anything that is plaguing you from the past that you can’t seem to shake off because its at times like this that you will find it hard to see what you need to do next or what is happening around you.

Sometimes the answer lies within you. Sometimes it lies without. Give yourself plenty of scope today to look at what you are seeking from all sources available to you.

Don’t just focus on one thing to the exception of everything else. If this happens you may find yourself caught up in that fish bowl going around in circles with no beginning and no end whilst giving the source of your thoughts more power than it is due.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 13, 2014 — Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

The Moon is in Pisces (and void of course) today until it moves into Aries mid afternoon.

While you may feel a bit like a fish out of water (courtesy of the VOC Moon), the Page of Cups encourages you to push past your fears and uncertainties and take a leap of faith.

The Page of Cups refers to a sense of child-like wonder and enthusiasm that prompts you to throw caution to the wind and follow your dreams. It’s an exuberant, unrestrained and joyful energy that stems from the expectation that you’ll succeed, rather than worrying that you might fail.

Look at the gleeful little goldfish swimming around the orb on this card. Is it a giant luminescent pearl? Or are we viewing them from above as they leap to freedom from the confines of their fishbowl? It’s all a matter of perspective.

The Page of Cups is fearless, because he (or she) doesn’t know that there’s any real danger out there. And as such, s/he’s unlikely to attract it. S/he knows instinctively that the Universe is abundant and that the well will never run dry.

From a feng shui perspective, three goldfish are said to represent fortune and prosperity. And the Page of Cups is often associated with receiving good news.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 28, 2014 — Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s new moon in Cancer we have the Page of Cups gently contemplating what is going on both within and without of him or her.

You’ll notice that this version of the Page of Cups has both a feminine and masculine quality. I usually read the Page of Cups as a male but I am definitely seeing the feminine within this version which gives a basis for what today is about. Getting in touch with both sides of yourself… the masculine and the feminine.

There is no pushing or pulling going on in this card. Everything is flowing. It is a great opportunity to accept yourself and the many facets with your character without judgement just letting things flow in and out and around you.

There is a lot of creativity around for you today and if you find yourself looking at something and seeing it in a different way then stay with what you are seeing and see what it brings up for you. Its time to play and feel childlike and allow the energy of the Cancer new moon to light your path.

Notice the little dots surrounding the upper part of the card where it is blue almost as if they are thoughts captured in the air and there are a lot of them to choose from. Yet there is no tension in this figure… thoughts come and thoughts go and still there is serenity and peace within you.

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ARIES: Queen of Wands

You may look calm and peaceful on the outside as if you hold the secret to the pyramids within you and could endure anything.

But just look at those flames flickering at the end of each wing… almost as if you are ready to “take off” or launch into a blazing mood which comes from nowhere.

This is a time to sit back and weigh up your options without the distraction of others and what they think, say or do.

Keep your own counsel and act accordingly with what is right for you. You have your eye on the outcome and know how to achieve it.

Notice how the bird in this card keeps her eye on the dragonfly… she is not about to let anything get in her way or dissuade her from the course she has chosen.

You have the energy within you to make your dreams come true… wish wisely and don’t waste your time and energy on the mundane.



Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 15, 2014 — Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

You may feel like wearing your heart on your sleeve today, courtesy of the Princess of Cups.

The Princesses in the Druid Craft Tarot deck are the female versions of “Pages” in traditional decks. They’re youthful, sensitive, and sincere. They’re full of potential, lacking in worldly experience and sophistication and may be overly idealistic and naive.

In this version of the card, we see a tender young maiden standing in a clearing next to a stream. A gentle breeze tousles her robes and hair. She appears to be in a dream-like state: basking in the warmth of the sunlight as she cradles her chalice close to her heart.

There is a calm, gentle and serene energy about her, yet she’s also in touch with nature. She’s got her (bare) feet planted firmly on the ground.

As the embodiment of the first Water sign (Cancer in this case), this Princess expresses a more idealistic and less refined version than the other court cards. There’s a “babe in the woods” quality — literally — about her.

She’s pure of heart and gentle of soul, seeing only the good in others with the hopefulness that comes from youth and inexperience.

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ARIES: The World

This month you may see the long awaited completion of a project you have been involved in or a part of your life you have been wanting to bring together in the best possible way.

This image on this card comes from German painter Hans Memling famous for many great works of art, including this painting of Saint Urslula of the Holy Virgins.

In this painting, Saint Ursula stands shielding her handmaidens against certain death.

The four corners of the card show the images of the four fixed astrological signs: Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo.

They’re also said to represent the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This card is about using all of your gifts to reach out and accomplish your goals.

As the last card of the Major Arcana, it symbolizes completion.