Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 15, 2014

The Moon

The Moon

Today you may be struggling with feelings of anxiety over something that just doesn’t seem to be panning out they way you’d planned.

The Moon card represents our unconscious hopes and fears and is loaded with shadow material. This card tells us that things are uncertain, unsettled and unfinished and that the outcome is still very much up the air.

The Moon in this version is portrayed by Shakespeare’s Three Witches, who foretold MacBeth’s fate early on in the tragedy of the same name.

The “Weird Sisters,” (as they were also known) were mysterious, ambiguous and contradictory, much like the Moon in the night sky.

They were also dark, moody, elusive and ever-changing, and it was never quite clear whether they were real or were figments of MacBeth’s imagination, born of his deepest desires.