Valentines Day Email Reading Special


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This month we’ve joined forces with Fiona Beck, tarot reader, relationship counselor and author of Relationships: What you Need to Know, to offer a special low-cost Valentines Day email reading promo.

We’re offering two packages — one for singles and one for couples — for $50 each. The first package — for singles — includes an astrology assessment and a tarot assessment.

The astrology assessment — via Ask the Astrologers — includes your natal chart, a computerized natal astrology report (approximately 8-10 pages, around 3000 words) and a page or so of personal insights (300-500 words) into specific areas of your natal chart that outline your strengths and weaknesses as well anything that stands out or that you should be made aware of.

This portion will be different for each person, but will likely include insights your natal “love planets” (Venus and Mars), your needs (the Moon) and your relationship house and rulers.

The tarot assessment — via Fiona Beck — includes a six-card reading that looks into your past, your current situation, where you’re heading now, what you can do improve your life, obstacles that stand in your way and the potential outcome. You can also ask a question if you want to, but it’s not required, you may just want to be open to what comes up.

This spread is intended to come from an open perspective and allow the Universe to tell you what you need to know. All you need to do is remain open to whatever it reveals.

Each reading will come with an interpretation and image of each card, and an explanation of how the cards link together, what they mean to you and how they answer your question.

The second package for couples — also includes an astrology assessment AND a tarot assessment.

The astrology assessment — via Ask the Astrologers — includes a composite chart, a computerized compatibility astrology report (approximately 20 pages and more than 10,000 words) and a page of personal insights (200-300 words) into specific areas of the compatibility chart as well as the synastry (astrological connections) between natal charts.

This portion will be different for each couple, but will look at karmic and soul-mate aspects between the two charts as well as conflicts and potential problem areas.

The tarot assessment– via Fiona Beck — includes a six-card tarot reading looking at the following areas: His / Her feelings, what lies between you, your feelings, your concerns, his / her concerns and the potential outcome. It also comes with an interpretation and image of each card, and an explanation of how the cards link together, what they mean to you and how they answer your question.

If you have specific questions or would like us to look at specific areas outside of the relationship area please let us know when you purchase the package. Please also let us know if this is intended as a gift for someone else or if it needs to be held off and emailed on Valentine’s Day.

To purchase either of these packages, select it through PayPal below. Remember to include the first name (and gender) of each person, as well as date of birth (month spelled out, please), time of birth, and place of birth (City, State and Country) for each. Please allow 24-36 hours for each package.

Valentines Day Packages

This offer is good through Valentines Day — February 14, 2014 — only.

The beautiful Lover’s Card image used in this promotion is part of Matteo Arfanotti’s Tarocchi 2011 tarot series. 

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  1. Sandee

    Wow, this is amazing! So much information pages of it, very in depth and so spot on with everything. So happy with it! It has helped me understand more, with not only the other half but myself as well, actions and things I’ve always been confused about. The tarot reading was also great helped me see things in perspective again and excellent advice and accurate. Thank you ladies for this amazing offer! Xxxxxx

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