Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 26, 2014 — Five of Cups

Five of Cups

Five of Cups

Venus squares Saturn today and this means tensions whether this be in your love life or life in general it affects you emotionally.

You may wish to look at what you have lost and what you actually perceive as being lost for as this card shows you may be so focused on the fallout of something, the 3 cups overturned, that you are not seeing the potential which is around you, the 2 cups still standing.

If you think you are about to lose something or someone from your life which would then make it more difficult for you to feel as though you were on “firm” ground take heart that things may not necessarily be as bad as you think.

There is a certain amount of grief and grieving in this image hence the black robe.

There is also a bittersweet sense of anger or heated emotions bringing this grief about and from the red liquid running from the 3 fallen cups. It suggests that it would not be a good thing for you to blindly leap in and try to fix the situation immediately as emotions are still running high.

Try turning your thoughts from what is going on. Remember the 2 cups are still standing which means that all is not lost there is still hope but it may require patience and a different state of mind for you to actually see your way clear to what you need to do next.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 14, 2014 — Five of Cups

Five of Cups

Five of Cups

Emotions may be all mixed up for you today and it won’t be easy for you to get a handle on what is actually going on around you. This relates to both yourself and others.

If you have any major decision to make today it may be worthwhile putting it off until this turbulent period settles down.

Sometimes you feel as if you just can’t steer yourself in the right direction and who could blame you with a scene such as this. A turbulent sea, a dark and thunderous sky and a strong wind.

Usually cups stand for emotions and relate to water signs but in this version of the 5 cups it the sky and wind play a huge part in the interpretation.  s the sky and wind both are related to Air signs this implies that your own thoughts are working against you to cause the emotional turmoil you are currently feeling.  

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 23, 2014 — Five of Cups

Five of Cups - Mary-el

Five of Cups

Today you may have to face some painful realities about the state of your relationship.

You could be struck by a sense of discontent and disillusionment over what once seemed like a “magical” union but is now developing cracks. Misunderstandings or miscommunications can abound, sending you hurdling back to earth and back to the reality of your situation.

Look at the imagery in this card. We see a mythical Unicorn seated atop an old-fashioned wishing well. At first glance it looks like something you’d expect to come across in a fairy-tale. But if you look closer, you can see that the Unicorn is not seated at all. He’s trapped in the well and has been hobbled, immobilized by his unfortunate circumstances.

The water flowing from the sides of the well has slowed down to a trickle. He looks away from the set of withering vines on the left and toward those that are lush and plentiful on the right. The skeleton key symbol over his heart is reminiscent of the astrological glyph used for Greek Mythology’s wounded healer, Chiron.

How might this imagery apply to you? And what can you learn from the circumstances that make this card now relevant in your life?

Five of Cups — Everybody Hurts

Five of Cups

Today we’re going to be looking at the Five of Cups: arguably one of the most challenging cards in the Tarot. Challenging in the sense that it’s not easy to find much ‘positive’ about this card — which is precisely the point.

The Five of Cups — this version from Timothy Lantz’ wonderful Archeon Tarot — speaks of sadness, disillusionment and discontent, even at times when things are not as bad as they seem.

As someone who speaks every single day with clients who are unhappy in their relationships, it came as no surprise when I pulled this card.

I even wondered if it wasn’t such a good idea to start with something so “negative” right out of the gate. But there are positive aspects to this card too, and important messages—even if they’re not readily apparent. We’ll start with the not so good:

I remember telling someone once that everyone I knew was either in a relationship and trying to get out, or not in a relationship and trying to get in. And while this may have been a slight exaggeration, the 5 of Cups turns out to be an appropriate representation of that sentiment.

It describes a sense of unhappiness or disillusionment in your current state of affairs, whether you’re involved in a relationship or not.

May 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Mary-El Tarot

ARIES: 7 of Disks

This month your values are likely to be tested.

You may be presented with several different opportunities — none of which are ideal, and most of which require you to make sacrifices you’re not prepared to make.

A “get rich quick” scheme or opportunity that seems too good to be true are just two examples.

If you look at the imagery in this card, you can see that both paths lead to the same point on the horizon.

One requires you to carry a heavier load, but the riches at the end are more plentiful. The other path is lighter, but leads to a less bountiful outcome.

You’ll have to keep your eye on the prize — and remember that all that glitters is not gold — if you want to navigate this next chapter toward the best possible conclusion.

Don’t be tempted by detours or shortcuts: the end result depends on both your willingness to stay on track and your refusal to compromise your principles.

April 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Golden Tarot of Klimt

Ten of Pentacles

ARIES: Ten of Pentacles

This month is about building upon what you already have and making it work for you. It is an excellent time to make a career move and if you are thinking of doing so then aim high!

The road before you is smooth and even with, perhaps, more options than you think.

Look for new areas of growth that can further your advancement but may not be obvious when you first look at the options laid out in front of you.

There is a solid and familiar feel to what you are aiming for and as you move towards it your dreams and ambitions become clearer.

The 10 pentacles is beautifully depicted in this card with the path (the journey) leading up to the grand building (the destination) in a clear, smooth path.

Overlapping across the path are branches of trees bursting with new growth (new ideas).

Be open to what comes to you and your path will be smooth towards your ultimate goal.