Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 30, 2015 — Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

You may find yourself at a professional crossroads today, feeling torn between following your dreams and doing what’s already proven itself to be safe and secure.

The Seven of Pentacles — like all Sevens — represents choices and dilemmas. With respect to your work or business, it can translate to feeling like you’re missing our on something by doing what you do really well but that your heart just isn’t into.

Mercury inconjuncts Pluto today, bringing with it the potential for temptations to turn into full-fledged compulsions and obsessions.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices (also a hallmark of the tarot’s Seven cards). We can give up our job security in order to pursue our dreams; or we can give up our dreams in order to maintain our job security. It’s a catch-22.

The woman in this card — from Cathy McClelland’s fantastic Star Tarot — is faced just such a dilemma. She can’t decide whether she wants to throw herself fully into her work — which she’s already invested energy in and which is also already clearly producing results — or whether she wants to move in a completely different direction.

The colorful horses galloping across the sky seem to be calling out to her to follow. These are her dreams and aspirations, none yet fully formed. There are Seven of them — just as there are Seven Pentacles and Seven butterflies, all representing different choices and opportunities.

You’ll have to think about what is most important to you today as the Seven of Pentacles is a card of priorities as well as choices. Ideally you’ll find a way to turn what you dream of doing and what you are doing into one and the same. This is all any of us can hope for in the end.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 2, 2015 — Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Now would be a good time to re-evaluate a recent decision and decide your next move. Do you proceed as planned? Change directions? Or throw in the towel and start all over again?

The Seven of Pentacles — this version from the beautiful World Spirit Tarot indicates a need for patience and discipline to see something through. But it can also trigger feelings of disappointment or frustration over that something taking too long to produce results.

That also brings in the potential that as those results develop they turn out to be not what you thought you wanted in the first place. You could be involved in a relationship that’s just not working out the way you hoped or a career-path that turns out to be unrewarding.

You may be mid-way through a college degree and find yourself wondering if you should change majors, or moving half-way around the world and realizing you’re homesick.

The Seven of Pentacles — like all Sevens — refers to delays, dilemmas and decisions that are not easy to resolve.

It can represent a pause or a setback, a choice between disparate paths, or even a change in direction late in the game. If you find yourself at a crossroads today and wondering whether you it’s best to hang in there or pull out completely, your best move may just be to step back and give it some time.

The Seven of Pentacles represents finding yourself a pivotal juncture that there’s no easy answer for. Take a breather if you think that might help. Step back, assess your progress and figure out where you want to go from here. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 10, 2015 — Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Don’t let things get on top of you today. With Venus inconjunct Jupiter today you may feel the need to fine-tune some of the relationships in your life, or figure out a better way to communicate your needs.

This may be something large or small… from a family disagreement over the past few days to you just feeling out of sorts and also feeling out in the cold.

This type of feeling can have you wanting some alone time and this is perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself today.

It will do you no harm and it may also help you look at what you would like to do next.

There is a sense of sunnier climes overlapping this image so what you feel now can be changed in a heartbeat if you were to extradite yourself from what is troubling you.

Although the Seven of Pentacles is usually about hard work… the type of work that you are possibly a bit bored with and seems to go on forever.

This card however, gives a different view of the Seven of Pentacles. The view it gives is that even though you may be bored or feel as if you are alone and no one is supporting you there is still a place “within” you that you can escape to and dream. A place where you are not so burdened down and you have new and exciting opportunities before you.

The very fact that you can see new and exciting opportunities no matter what is weighing down you today is the message behind this image. No matter how bad things seem they will improve and it doesn’t hurt to take yourself out of life for a while to dream on what you wish for.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 28, 2014 — Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s time to look back over last several months and think about how far you’ve come.

The Seven of Pentacles indicates a need to pause and reflect — on plans that were made and detours that have been taken along the way.

It’s about getting an overview of progress that’s been made, and evaluating the sidetracks and setbacks that may have caused you to rethink your goals.

You may feel like you’re at a cross-roads, questioning whether you want to continue with something as originally planned or consider changing direction altogether.

The Seven of Pentacles says it’s time to take a breather and rethink where you’re heading: you probably wont proceed exactly as planned but that’s because you’re wiser and have more information to work with now.

The peacock is this version of the card is perched high in the branches of a tree where she can get a clear overview of what’s taking place below her.

The wintry backdrop and the icicles accumulating on the branches tell you that not much is happening down there.

There’s a crispness and stillness in the air that makes it easier to clear your head and get some altitude as you reflect on our situation and reassess your goals.

As Venus and Jupiter come together today in a somewhat discordant aspect (inconjunct) there will need to be adjustments made. But it’s at this moment in time — as you find yourself on the precipice between where you’ve come from and where you’re headed — that you’re better equipped than ever to plan your next move.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 13, 2014 — Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

You could be feeling frustrated today over something that’s taking longer to manifest than you’d hoped for. While the urge to push ahead anyway and move things at a faster pace will be strong, the Seven of Pentacles encourages you to do otherwise.

It says it’s time to step back, test the waters, and assess the progress you’ve already made before you plan your next move.

It’s about getting your ducks in a row and taking the time to finesse your plans before you act on them — even if you’re tempted to push forward prematurely.

In this version of the card we see a little witch figure standing before a tree under the light of a New Moon. Perhaps she needs some of the tree’s life essence to cast a spell. But she pokes at it with her wand and draws blood.

We can see all seven pentacles growing on the limbs of the tree, but there are no leaves and no flowers: they too are not quite ripe for the picking.

There’s a sense with this card that it’s just not time; she’s just not ready; and there are still preparations to be made.

Think about the things in your own life that need still need time to develop and mature.

It could be a promotion that feels like it’s taking too long to materialize. It could be a relationship that’s not moving forward as quickly as you’d like. Or you may be just feeling frustrated with the pace things are moving in your day to day life.

October 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the 78 Tarot

Aries:  Five of Swords

If you rush into something too quickly this month you may find that it comes back to bite you.

Think of what your Achilles heel is and keep an eye on it because it may not only be you who is affected. Someone will have your back and you need to be aware that your actions do not only affect you but others also.

If you find yourself at odds within a situation do not come out fighting because if you do you may find you have done exactly what the other person wanted all along and as there is total balance in this image you don’t want to go rocking any boats to put yourself at a disadvantage.

It may be that you are on the verge of leaving a relationship, a job or simply have had enough of your life at present and want to throw it all in and start something new.

However, what you do not need is action that is not well thought out… rather you need a plan.

With an eclipse in your sign on the 8th and Mercury retrograde for a large part of the month it will be difficult to see the woods from the trees but if you can imagine glimpses of your wishes coming into reality then you get the idea of what you need to do and why it is so important to hold off for the time being.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 24, 2014 — Seven of Rings

Seven of Rings

Seven of Rings

Today you may want to take a step back from something you’ve been investing your time and energy into, to get a feel for where things stand. It could be a career move, a relationship, a spiritual journey, a set of personal goals — whatever it is you’ve set your sites on in the hopes of producing long-term results.

The Seven of Pentacles (“Rings” in this deck) is all about taking stock of how far you’ve come and then either making the necessary adjustments or jumping back in with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm.

In this version of the card, a colorful carousel spins around the midway, lighted from the horizon by an enormous full Moon. This nighttime scene reminds us that what we set in motion keeps on moving, relative to the amount of effort we put into it. If we’ve done the work, it’s going to keep on producing results long after we’re tucked in for the night.

The Seven of Rings is a card of momentum. It tells us that there really is no finite beginning or end. You can step on or off at any point, knowing that taking the time to assess and re-evaluate your goals is an important part of the process.

The current transits are somewhat volatile. Mercury is still retrograde and the t-square involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto is heating up again. Which is all the more reason to not get sidetracked. As an interesting side-note, the Moon is void of course today until just after 11am (GMT). This coincides beautifully with the “pause and reflect” aspect associated with the Seven of Rings.