Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 3, 2015 — Five of Arrows

Five of Arrows

Five of Arrows

Today you may need to work on directing your attention to one (or two) clear goals rather than allowing your energies to scatter.

You may be frustrated with occurrences that catch you off-guard and by your inability to act as quickly as you feel you should.

The Five of Arrows is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the Five of Swords, a card that’s often linked with discord and hostility. And there is some of that here, although it’s less the “me against the world” mentality that’s usually seen in this card, and more about being your own worst enemy.

Are you worried about missing out on an important opportunity, or afraid that when one does present itself you’ll end up missing the mark? Or perhaps you’re frustrated by your inability to see your target clearly in the first place.

This is the predicament  the figure in this card finds himself in. He knows he needs to act quickly, but it’s clear that flinging his arrows in every direction but the one that counts isn’t going to land him the prize. He’s shot four arrows and all of them missed. Will he get it right with his fifth and final arrow?

The answer depends as much on his willingness to see where his inability to focus has tripped him up in the first place. And this is something you want to keep in mind today too.

You may have to look at where your own impatience and frustration have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past, and then think about how you can do things differently moving forward. You’ll get much better results by focusing your energy in one clear direction than you will by flinging it haphazardly into the air.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 19, 2015 — Six of Vessels

Six of Vessels

 Six of Vessels

Today’s card — the Six of Vessels from the Wildwood Tarot — is this deck’s version of the Six of Cups.

It’s a card of innocence and purity, pristine beauty and a joyful, lighthearted playfulness that is seen in the pair of otters who are just getting ready to test the waters.

This is clearly a sacred space which picture postcard beauty made up of lush foliage, a trickling waterfall, and six glowing bowls that float on the surface of a tranquil pool like a scattering of lotus blossoms.

A grove of trees springs up from a hill in the background, shielding this scene from the rest of the world. And this in many ways is the essence of the Six of Vessels.

This card is called “Reunion” in this deck, a reference perhaps to reuniting with your true purpose. Getting in touch with your childhood, your roots and yourself.

The Moon is in Capricorn today, conjuncting Pluto at some point and trining Venus, Mars and Jupiter. All of this Earth energy (the North Node is in Virgo now too — another earth sign) can awaken in you a desire to get back in touch with nature.

Take some time today to find your own sacred space; and reflect on the things that have brought you to where you are today. If you can’t get away you can still recapture some of the magic of those simpler times, and use it to restore your sense of peace.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 6, 2015 — Knight of Vessels

Knight of Vessels

Knight of Vessels

Today is a day for going after your heart’s desires with the kind of purpose and agility that can take you as far as you’re willing to go.

This is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the Knight of Cups, the card that is generally associated with a man who’s ready to fall in love and who’s not afraid to wears his heart on his sleeve.

In this version it’s the Knight of Vessels, portrayed by an eel, weaving in and out of danger as he glides toward his objective.

As a water spirit animal totem, the Eel is representative of the Kundalini life force energy.  It’s associated with focused energy, creativity, sexuality, passion and transformation.

The Eel is a mutable and “electrifying” shapeshifter. He’s purposeful and swift, yet he glides through the water (emotions) with such ease and agility that he’s able to adapt his physical form to accommodate the ever-changing tides.

The Knight of Vessels invites you to adopt this same sort of adaptability as you go off chasing your own goals. It invites you to weave in and out of the opportunities to present themselves, steering clear of “danger” while moving effortlessly toward your own objectives.

You may be thinking about going off on an adventure; if so don’t be surprised if it includes romance. Alternately you may be planning a trip on your own, getting away from it all, or heading off into the unchartered territories. Whatever you decide, this card calls for you to unleash your power and go after your goals with the same kind of purpose and passion that is demonstrated here.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 29, 2015 — King of Stones

King of Stones

King of Stones

Look at that great big Full Moon the Wolf is howling at in this card. It’s also a Blue Moon and a Super Moon, loaded with Myth and Magic.

The King of Stones is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the King of Pentacles. He’s an authority figure, a boss, parent, or mentor. He’s a natural leader — whether he’s leading a pack or acting as a lone wolf, as seen in this card.

He knows how to make his presence known without causing too big a ruckus. He may seem imposing but his bark is generally worse than his bite. He’s a steadfast and solid individual who refuses to back down.

The King of Stones also knows how to protect his assets. Whether this relates to material possessions or his family and loved ones, he’s known for being territorial. He’s not about to let anyone to trifle with what he has.

Whether this is someone in your life or an attitude that you need to adopt, the King of Stones is here to teach you the importance of letting your intentions be known. This isn’t the time to cower in the shadows. It’s time to step up and mark your territory, without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Today’s Full Moon is in Pisces, which brings in the idea of following your dreams. There’s a gentler edge to this Moon which makes it more about finding your inspiration that blindly accumulating trinkets. Take some time to figure out what you want, and then go after it with the determination and enthusiasm that gets you howling at the Moon.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 22, 2015 — Page of Stones

Page of Stones

Page of Stones

With Mercury trining Saturn today, it’s a good time to gather information that may be useful for you down the road. The Page of Stones — the Wildwood Tarot’s version on the Page of Pentacles — is known for being patient and diligent, much like the Lynx in this card.

He’s watchful and attentive but not quite ready to pounce. He relies on his instincts — and all five senses — to alert him to danger before it has a chance to strike. He’s conscious of every sight, sound, smell and movement in the wilderness around him, from the safety of his perch.

The Page of Stones is more intent on focusing and observing than he is on acting or doing: he’s not about to expend any excess energy unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Of all the Pages in the Tarot, this one is most capable of biding his time and exercising restraint.

He’s still got some growing to do. He still isn’t where he hopes to one day be. But he knows that good things come to those who wait and that he may have to conserve his energy in case he needs it later on.

He also knows that if he needs to act he can because he’s secured his position and made the appropriate preparations. He doesn’t quite blend into his surroundings but he’s compensated for that by placing himself out of harm’s way.

The Mercury / Saturn trine is similar in that it emphasizes forethought and preparation, especially as these two planets are in water signs which means they’re more primitive and instinctual than aggressive or action-oriented. This aspect is especially good for planning and information-gathering, which could serve you well today — especially if you can see yourself putting those plans into motion and acting on them down the road.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 18, 2015 — Page of Bows

Page of Bows

Page of Bows

Today’s card is the Stoat (or Page of Bows), which is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the Page of Wands. This is a ferret-like creature that is prized for its Winter coat — pure white (save for the black portion of its tail) in some Northern regions — and despised for its invasive practices in others.

Here he looks out from a moss-covered outcropping, alert and attentive and ready to pounce if necessary. Like the Page of Wands, the Stoat is ready for action and fast on his feet.

He’s a predator but also somewhat defenseless. He’s just as capable of being someone else’s dinner as he is of capturing his own, hence the need for impeccable reflexes.

But the Page of Bows is wily. He has a multitude of options available to him. He can pounce from his perch onto the ground below; he can scurry up a tree, he can stretch his limber little body out and slink off into the bushes, or he can shimmy down a hole never to be seen again.

This is the kind of flexibility you wan to have today as you are met with various challenges. You want to think about all of the resources that are available to you. And you want to think about what it is you can do that makes you unique. What skills do you possess that make it easier for you to avert danger and take advantage of opportunity?

Mercury trines the North node today and sextiles the South. This transit can make communicating your needs to others a bit easier, while at the same time allowing access to strategies and solutions. You may seem harmless, like the adorable little Stoat in this card. But remember that you do have a vast array of options at your disposal for getting what you want today. in exactly the way that you want it. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 6, 2015 — Nine of Arrows

Nine of Arrows

Venus trines Saturn today and brings with it the discipline and dedication to see your way through difficult times without losing focus.

The Nine of Arrows is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the Nine of Swords, a card traditionally associated with fear and paranoia. But look at the woman in this card.

She moves so deftly through a firestorm of flying arrows that she doesn’t even notice them whizzing by her head. In fact her eyes aren’t even open.

This card is called “Dedication” and speaks of the need to stay on your path and not allow yourself be discouraged by potential pitfalls or distractions.

The woman may seem like she’s not paying attention, or is just going through the motions. Or she may be so dedicated to her craft (notice she holds the bow and arrow in her hands like it’s a musical instrument) that she’s undeterred by the threat of danger on her path.

The Nine of Arrows in this deck speaks of heeding your calling and dedicating yourself to your life’s work. Whether that refers to a specific gift or talent, or whether it refers to a spiritual undertaking, you’re encouraged to devote yourself to it fully and not allow yourself to be deterred by whatever challenges threaten to stand in your way.

The Venus / Saturn trine makes that vision clearer to you — so clear in fact that you don’t have to “see” it to believe in it. But you still have to do the work. And that means mustering up the courage and dedication to get started on your path.