Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 17, 2014 — Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Three of Swords 

While Mercury moves back into Gemini today — the sign it rules — it’s also still retrograde. This can be a bit of a double edge-sword (or three of them in the case of this card) as it can increase the disagreements and miscommunications that are associated with Mercury retrograde.

The Three of Swords is often associated with emotional disharmony, heartache and separation. And you could be dealing with the fallout from this very thing today. But keep in mind that disharmony is usually rooted in misunderstanding, or at the very least a misassumption about your role in someone else’s life.

Mercury at 29° Gemini is conjunct the fixed star Betelgeuse, which is favorable in general but can also be quite volatile. Betelgeuse is said to have Mercury and Mars undertones, which can contribute to the harsh words and snap decisions that lead to the heartache associated with this card.

In this version of the card there are three Swords lancing a serpent-entwined egg — known as the Orphic or Cosmological Egg. This represents the seed of life — that from which all else springs — as well its infinite potential.

In this respect it can be said that the swords lancing it represent a necessary separation. A need to “cut through” that which is no longer serving you, in the spirit of making room for what does.

Ask the Tarot: Second Time Around

Second Time Around

A client wants to know about a relationship that ended a few years back. It started, faltered and then fizzled out over the course of a year, without ever fully developing into the serious, committed relationship that my client was interested in.

Since January, their relationship has been “back on” again, after several different transitions (from periods of not speaking at all to attempts to maintain the connection as a friendship only, with a few ‘casual’ hookups in between).

Now though things seem to be moving forward again. And my client — Melissa — is curious about how this plays out in their cards and charts.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 7, 2014 — Three of Arrows

Three of Arrows

Three of Arrows

The green-eyed monster known as “jealousy” may make an appearance for you today, whether you’re prepared for that or not.

In the Wildwood Tarot, this card is called the Three of Arrows. It refers to that knife in the heart feeling of being hurt, betrayed or just seething in anger over an emotional situation that you have little control over.

This may refer to a literal breakup or the loss of a friendship, or it can be that eye-opening moment when you realize that what (or whom) you’ve wanted so badly just doesn’t want you back.

The Three of Swords in general refers to feelings of sadness, loneliness, suffering and pain. In this version though the word “Jealousy” is associated with the card, adding a whole new layer.

Here we see a wooden heart hanging from a rope that’s been tied to the limb of a tree. Three arrows are piercing the heart — and drawing blood — while flames shoot out from the side.

There’s so much poignant imagery in this card as simple as it is. The heart looks old and weathered, the tree looks deprecate, the grass and brush surrounding it looks dead.

January 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Prairie Tarot


ARIES: The Star

This month it’s going to be all about counting your blessings. In recent months you may have been too focused on what you lack — or what you feel has been missing in your life, But the Star card speaks of putting all that aside while you focus on what you do have.

This is a very calm and peaceful version of the Star card. In it, we see a young Native American woman sitting on the banks of a river, replenishing it from the water in her vessel.

She sits with her eyes closed and her feet dangling comfortably in the water. A large white star shines above her to the right, while seven smaller stars, in the colors of the rainbow are lined up on the left.

There are elements of tolerance and acceptance here too. The gentle imagery of the young woman in Native garb coupled with the rainbow stars act as symbolic reminders that the world is full of different kinds of people and all of them belong here. Even the act of pouring water into the stream reminds us of how important it is to “give back.”

As the New Year begins, think about resolutions you made last year that you didn’t end up keeping. The Star card is full of hope and inspiration but it’s not exactly well grounded. There’s a need to work in order to manifest your dreams, as they’re not about to fall into your lap.

October 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring Shadowscapes Tarot

Ace of Swords

ARIES: Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords stands for intellect.

It gives you a fast paced way of thinking and is good for study, thinking ideas through thoroughly and making plans.

You may experience a myriad of thoughts this month and who can tell where they will lead you but one thing is certain if you keep your wits about you and think clearly you will come up with new ideas for old problems along with a different way of executing them.

Words can cut like a knife, they can also heal when applied correctly.

If you have anything you have been wanting to say to someone and have not been sure of how to say it you may find that this month your thoughts lead you to a new conclusion in how to best present your argument in a way that it will be heard.