Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 28, 2015 — The Priest

The Priest

The Priest

Today’s Mars / Chiron sextile could have you taking a deeper look at what you believe in, as well as how those beliefs translate to your interactions with others.

The Priest card — the Gill Tarot’s version of the Hierophant — speaks of pursuing knowledge, studying tradition, reflecting on Universal laws and principles and deciding where you stand.

There are definite religious undertones to this card, but it’s not only about religion. It’s about carrying the wisdom of the ancients forward. as a means of gaining a greater understanding for yourself. It’s also about using what you’ve learned to guide others.

This Priest stands just inside an archway between an expanse of water (instinct and emotions) and solid ground (earthly concerns). He holds a shepherd’s staff  in one hand and beckons you forward with the other.

There are repeating themes here of the need to balance contradictory energies. Apart from the water / land contrast referenced above, there’s also the prominent Sun and Moon symbols on his vestment and the lily and rose patterns on his stole. Notice also the black and white checkerboard tiles underfoot. These represent the union of polarities (both figuratively and literally).

The Mars / Chiron aspect encourages you to challenge your own belief systems and get rid of that which no longer serves you. It may be as simple as picking up a book that makes you question your pre-existing notions, and it can be as profound as a spiritual awakening that strengthens your beliefs and your relationship with a higher power.

Whatever role the Priest plays in your life — whether it’s a person (as in a spiritual leader) or a mindset (traditional ideals) — you can know that there’s a reason for questioning your values. It’s all about letting go of what is no longer useful to you (spiritually or philosophically) in order to make room for what does.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 28, 2014 — The Empress

The Empress

The Empress

With Venus moving in to Taurus today what better card to depict this than Elizabeth Josephine Gill’s Empress card, from the beautiful Gill Tarot collection.

You can almost see and feel the earth moving around the Empress as she sits soaking up the energy all around her.  By giving to yourself and replenishing your own reserves of self love and acceptance you are better equipped to give to others.

Today is a day to get in touch with your true self and your own wants and needs. Usually the Empress card is about nourishing and taking care of others but as the image on this card implies you also need to give yourself that same exact, loving care.

You can do this by going deep within yourself and “listening” to what your “soul” is saying and allowing yourself to be nourished by stepping aside from your daily routine and being kind to yourself.

Pampering yourself should be high on your list of priorities today also as Venus in Taurus is about the finer things in life and immersing yourself in their enjoyment … savouring life through all five senses.