Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 25, 2015 — Four of Disks

Four of Disks

Four of Disks

Today’s card — Four of Disks from the Tarot of the Holy Light — is all about holding onto what you have in order to preserve and protect it.

This may be tied to money and possessions (as Pentacles are linked with the Earth archetype and therefore material and mundane concerns), but it also extends to attitudes and belief systems.

In the traditional Rider-Waite style cards a figure is usually seen holding on tightly to four gold coins, symbolizing both the desire to protect what he has and the inability to attain more. In this respect there are elements of hoarding and controlling as well as a bit of a miserly approach.

But here we see an Eagle (the animal totem for Venus) nesting in a bed of flames (Mars). Below her are four orbs (the four elements) insulated in a protective shell.  She has to be able to adapt to her environment in order to protect her fragile eggs.

This scene takes place in its own protective shell, watched over carefully by a crescent moon. The Sun shines in the background and four different birds (representing four states of consciousness) grace the four corners.

This card is ruled the second decanate of Taurus — the Virgo decanate, which is ruled by Mercury and where Mercury currently resides.

This version of the Four of Pentacles is about way more than money and material possessions. It’s about preservation, protection and control. It indicates a need to watch over the things (and people and attitudes) you’re in charge of without stifling or suffocating them.

Take some time today to loosen up the reins and allow the light to come in. You’ll be better served in the long run by trusting that the Universe will support you if you allow yourself to give up some of that control.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 17, 2014 — Ten of Disks

Ten of Disks

Ten of Disks

Today you want to be counting your blessings and recognizing all of the hard work — including that of those who have helped you along the way — that has gotten you to where you are today.

The Ten of Disks refers to that level of accomplishment that has been built up over time. It’s a card of community, hospitality and stability that carries on from one generation to the next.

Many versions of this card depict — in addition to the ten prominent gold pentacles — a homestead, generations of a family (including the family pets) and a lust abundant surroundings. These are all important references to concept of security that is built up over time.

The Ten of Disks is called “Wealth” in some decks. But remember that wealth is relative, and no one gets there alone.

The Ten Disks in this card are placed in the ten Sephira that make up the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The Symbol for each disk is associated with its corresponding planet: The Sun at the center (Tiphareth), the Moon at the Foundation (Yesod) and Earth representing the Kingdom (Malkuth). The planets themselves are placed in the columns on either side.

A rainbow of rays emanate from each disk: for example an astrological chart emanating from Malkuth and Kircher’s 72 names of God emanating from Kether.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 17, 2014 — Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Three of Swords 

While Mercury moves back into Gemini today — the sign it rules — it’s also still retrograde. This can be a bit of a double edge-sword (or three of them in the case of this card) as it can increase the disagreements and miscommunications that are associated with Mercury retrograde.

The Three of Swords is often associated with emotional disharmony, heartache and separation. And you could be dealing with the fallout from this very thing today. But keep in mind that disharmony is usually rooted in misunderstanding, or at the very least a misassumption about your role in someone else’s life.

Mercury at 29° Gemini is conjunct the fixed star Betelgeuse, which is favorable in general but can also be quite volatile. Betelgeuse is said to have Mercury and Mars undertones, which can contribute to the harsh words and snap decisions that lead to the heartache associated with this card.

In this version of the card there are three Swords lancing a serpent-entwined egg — known as the Orphic or Cosmological Egg. This represents the seed of life — that from which all else springs — as well its infinite potential.

In this respect it can be said that the swords lancing it represent a necessary separation. A need to “cut through” that which is no longer serving you, in the spirit of making room for what does.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 22, 2014 — King of Wands

King of Wands

King of Wands

Today you may need to step forward and take charge of a situation that needs a strong, confident and authoritative hand. 

As with all of the court cards, this King can represent a person in your life, in this case someone who possesses strong leadership qualities and who has a larger-than-life presence that’s impossible to ignore.

He can also represent a state of mind — as in displaying an infectious confidence and enthusiasm that draws people to you and elevates you in their eyes. And he can represent an event — such as a promotion or recognition from your peers.

The King in this version of the card is hearty and robust. And larger than life — literally. This illustration comes from Athanasius Kircher’s depiction of a race of Giants in his Mundus SubterraneusHe stands naked — save for a some strategically placed leaves — in a circle of living flames. His “wand” is a tree that has been pared down to reveal two small flames. His aura emanates from his head in a rainbow halo that contains Kircher’s 72 names of God

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 11, 2014 — Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Today you may need to look at all the different aspects of an argument or disagreement and decide your next move. Do you surrender? Finish off your opponent? Turn and walk away? Or do you go back in and clean up the spoils in the hopes that there’s something left to be salvaged?

The Five of Swords is traditionally associated with conflict and turmoil, not seeing eye to eye, and fighting for the sake of fighting. There are elements of ego, pride and “reputation” in the mix — not wanting to give in or to admit to being wrong — these are what keep the conflict alive. 

In this version of the card we see a pair of eagles involved in a skirmish, and while one appears to be “winning” at the moment it’s apparent that that could easily change. Five Swords are lined up behind them, three of them broken and two still intact.

If you think about the disagreements in your own life, you’ll see that Ego is almost always to blame. The “death before dishonor” aspect of this archetype is so beautifully rendered here, right down to the Sun and Moon in the background and the Ouroboros (or World Serpent) behind the battling birds.