July 2015 Monthly Horoscopes Featured Article

July Horoscopes

Happy Birthday Cancer!

Here are some astrological highlights for the month ahead.

Lunations: Moon Phases for the entire month. This Month’s Full Moon occurs on July 2 at 9° Capricorn 55′.

The New Moon takes place on July 16th at 23° Cancer 14′.

Retrogrades: Venus turns retrograde on July 25th; Uranus turns retrograde on July 26th; Chiron, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde for the entire month of July.

Ingresses: Mercury enters Cancer on July 15th; Venus enters Virgo on July 18th; the Sun and Mercury enter Leo on July 23rd; Venus retrogrades back into Leo on July 31st.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 2, 2015 — Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Now would be a good time to re-evaluate a recent decision and decide your next move. Do you proceed as planned? Change directions? Or throw in the towel and start all over again?

The Seven of Pentacles — this version from the beautiful World Spirit Tarot indicates a need for patience and discipline to see something through. But it can also trigger feelings of disappointment or frustration over that something taking too long to produce results.

That also brings in the potential that as those results develop they turn out to be not what you thought you wanted in the first place. You could be involved in a relationship that’s just not working out the way you hoped or a career-path that turns out to be unrewarding.

You may be mid-way through a college degree and find yourself wondering if you should change majors, or moving half-way around the world and realizing you’re homesick.

The Seven of Pentacles — like all Sevens in the tarot — refers to delays, dilemmas and decisions that are not easy to resolve. It can represent a pause or a setback, a choice between disparate paths, or even a change in direction late in the game.

If you find yourself at a crossroads today and wondering whether you it’s best to hang in there or pull out completely, your best move may just be to step back and give it some time. The Seven of Pentacles represents finding yourself a pivotal juncture that there’s no easy answer for. Take a breather if you think that might help. Step back, assess your progress and figure out where you want to go from here. 

Current Astrological Transits — July 2015 Monthly Calendar


The calendar below show the transits, aspects, ingresses and Moon phase information for the current month.

This calendar is set for Universal Time and is updated on the first of every month.

The current Moon sign is shown in the upper right corner of every day, with void of course times marked below. The current Moon phase position is at the bottom of each day.

Ingresses are shown throughout the month as well as stations and retrogrades.

The five main Ptolemaic aspects — as well as semi-sextile and quincunx (inconjunct) aspects are shown.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 1, 2015 — Ten of Chalices

Ten of Chalices

Ten of Chalices

Today is a good day for finding your center and allowing the Universal blessings of love, gratitude, harmony and grace to flow through you.

The Ten of Chalices — this version from the  Yoga Tarot’s — is a card of serenity, contentment and fulfillment. This ties in beautifully with today’s Venus / Jupiter conjunction which is currently prominent in the evening sky.

An evening star Venus (called Venus Hesperus in astrology) tends to express the Venusian qualities of love, beauty and emotional satiety in a more introspective and purposeful manner — much like the woman in this card.

Add Jupiter to the mix and put them both in Leo and you have a recipe for self-love and personal fulfillment which emanates from you and touches everyone you meet.

There’s a natural harmony and flow in this card, as the woman is seen levitating above a lotus blossom in a classic zen-style lotus pose.

There’s an almost perfect balance between the left and right sides of the card, which are essentially mirror images of one another. The Waves in the background come together and form an elaborate heart.

The Ten of Chalices is a card of gratitude, fulfillment and contentment. It refers to acknowledging all that you have as well as your connections with others. It’s about happiness and security in the areas that matter most — with family, friends and loved ones.

This is not the time to think about what is lacking in your life but rather what makes it complete. And while you don’t want to be resting on your laurels, it’s important to acknowledge those who are most important to you and who keep your cup continuously full.

Take time to meditate today and reflect on the blessings in your life. Like ripples in the pond this card, all that you put out there will  expand out into the Universe and be replenished over time.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 30, 2015 — Nine of Bricks


Nine of Bricks

Today is a good day for quiet reflection and contemplation.

You may be seeking out a peaceful refuge as a means of getting away from the distractions that can prevent you from figuring out what you want out of life.

The Nine of Bricks is the Dante Tarot’s version of traditional tarot’s Nine of Pentacles, which usually refers to not only having what you want but being satisfied with where you are in having attained it.

There is certainly some that same energy here. The woman in this card doesn’t look like she’s lacking in any way. She has a lovely home with a gorgeous panoramic view and enough time on her hands to be able to spend a leisurely afternoon alone with her book and her familiar.

The woman is this card is said to be “Lady Stone,” for whom Dante wrote numerous poems in his youth. She represents a pensive sort of longing and an unrequited love. There’s an ivory tower / untouchable aura surrounding her in this card that renders this correlation plausible.

Venus and Jupiter inconjunct Chiron today as they inch closer to their conjunction. The inconjunct aspect can indicate a sacrifice that must be made in order to attain your ideals. Letting go of something you thought you needed — or discovering that your needs no longer correspond with your desires — are both possibilities.

The Nine of Bricks encourages you to look back over all that you’ve attained and decide whether it’s brought you contentment or complacency. You also want to look at whether the plans you’ve made for your future are still in line with your current worldview. If you’ve come to a point where you realize that all that you wanted has still not brought you happiness, it may be time to make a change.

July 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

Three of Pentacles

ARIES: Three of Pentacles

July is a good month to join heads with like-minded people in the spirit of community and cooperation. The Three of Pentacles — this version from the Cheimonette Tarot — is all about team-work, group efforts and collaboration. It’s a reminder that two (3 or 4) heads are better than one and that none of us can achieve alone what we can achieve with others.

Although many aspects of this card emphasize friendship and celebration, this one focuses more on integrating the disparate parts of self. Body, Mind and Spirit come to mind. The Three Pentacles in this version contain a Sun Face, an Eye and a panoramic scene with yogi and horse figures.

The disks are all interconnected with the Sun disk shining a little brighter over the other two. A crescent moon with another eye rests below the three disks. In addition to teamwork and collaboration, the Three of Pentacles also speaks of hitting your stride and seeing the initial results of something you’ve been working hard on.

It speaks of breathing new life into a project or finding the “key” to something that has been puzzling you and holding you back. The Three of Pentacles — like all threes — refers to the initial stages of progress where you’ve taken an idea (the Ace), put it into production (the Two) and are making progress now toward creating something real (the Three).

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 29, 2015 — Queen of Cups


Queen of Cups

Today you may feel the need to step away from the demands on your time and energy, and treat yourself to something special.

The Queen of Cups is known to be sensitive, compassionate and caring. She’s also incredibly loving and giving — in fact she’s so giving that she may sometimes forfeit her own needs as she focuses her attention on others.

But this Queen of Cups — from the gorgeous Chinese Tarot by Jui Guoliang — seems to know a thing or two about tending to her own needs. She’s not only surrounded herself with luxury, she’s indulging all five of her senses.

There’s the aromatic incense wafting through the room, the colorful Ibises painted on the wall, the tinkling bells that adorn her elegant headdress, the delicate tea she sips from her dainty cup, and the opulent silken fibers that make up her royal garb.

This Queen has created a sacred space for her to retreat to and indulge her appreciation for the finer things in life. She’s graceful and elegant and probably also quite wealthy. You can tell that she’s very much at home in the space she’s created and is certainly in no hurry to leave it behind.

As Venus and Jupiter inch closer together today (completing their conjunction on the first), you may be thinking of ways to pamper yourself in more elaborate and extravagant ways — especially since this conjunction is in Leo.

Remember that you’re going to have to learn to take care of yourself first before you’re going to be able to take care of others.

Take some time today to create your own sacred space and nurture your own spirit. Like the Queen of Cups in this card, you want to find a way to create a calm, soothing environment for yourself, especially if you’ve neglected your own needs while caring for others. Make today a day of treating yourself, pampering yourself and restoring your own inner peace.

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