Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 21, 2014 –Three of Stones

Three of Stones

Three of Stones

There is wisdom and then there is being wiser. As the Sun goes into Capricorn today we see Uranus turning direct.

This means that just as things start to get more practical and grounded for you Uranus comes in like lightening and could shake them all back up.

If there is anything that you have been trying to put into action lately today may be the day to do it on.

You have all the answers you need, you have all the resources you need and the only thing you perhaps need is a bit of a push in jumping off that ledge and doing it.

Uranus turning direct today will give you that push even if you want it or not.

Whatever you do decide to do today know that it comes from deep within you and if you look at the owls in this image you can see they are actually under the tree and form part of the tree’s root system.

Your own beliefs will also support and feed you today.

It is important to listen to any thoughts you are having as they will send you in the right direction and further fuel the fire inside you to get things done.

You might also want to keep in mind that if you hold back and don’t do what needs done then you may be forced into doing it kicking and screaming at some point in the future and if this is the case you will not hold as much power over your actions as you would if you made the decision yourself.

There is more than one way to watch a plan take action and the first step starts with wisdom.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 20, 2014 — The Lovers

the Lovers -- Mary El Tarot

The Lovers

Venus conjuncts Pluto today, bringing the planet related to love (Venus) face to face with the planet related to lust (Pluto). The Lovers card is all about relationships and choices that need to be made regarding relationships. These are often complicated by temptations that emerge, forcing you to have to choose between dual principles or desires.

Are you seeing in your own life where an attraction has turned into a fixation or obsession? Or where perhaps you’re relaxing your own set of standards to allow for indiscretions you’ve already made?

The Lovers card — and the Venus / Pluto conjunction — says that the stakes are high and that there may be a price to pay for giving into your passions without considering the long term repercussions.

A third party (leading to infidelity on someone’s part) is one strong possibility. But so is a relationship that’s likely to create tensions with family members or society. A same-sex union. A May-December romance. An inter-racial affair. A relationship that is sure to be frowned upon by your religion. A love affair with your co-worker or boss. The possibilities are endless.

It can also refer to the union of polarities, as seen in the Mary-el version of the card. The figures here are about as opposite as they can get: male and female, young and old, black and white.This is said to represent the alchemical marriage.

The female figure is strong and aloof, the male passive and vulnerable, She is naked, save for a nautilus shell headdress, while he is draped in purity and light. Yet they flow together in an intimate embrace. Even so, there’s an apparent emotional disconnect in this rendition. The female figure stares off into the distance while the males gazes downward.

The angel watching over them in the background is barely noticeable. She doesn’t assist and she doesn’t interfere. This is something to keep in mind today (and all days) as you find yourself struggling with temptation. You do have free will, the choice is ultimately yours, and whatever decision you make will have consequences that you’ll be expected to answer for.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 19, 2014 — Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

You may be waiting for some news today or just wanting to get up and out there and do your own thing.

If this is the case don’t wait around for others to catch up with you as you have such a lot of energy today that you may need to just get out and do things on your own.

There is a certain amount of “adventure” in this card as you venture outside the safety of the walls behind you and set forth on the back of a large cat barely strapped into the harness.

The sky is bright, the day is clear and you are riding high.

It may be that you have plans you wish to put into action and are fed up with waiting for others to get back you with answers or that you simply want to do this your way.

Whatever it is there seems to be a certain amount of creativity to this new found freedom you are experiencing and you never know what is around the next corner.

It’s as if you had been inviting life experiences to land on your doorstep and when they didn’t come you decided to go out and make some life experiences for yourself.

I wonder what you will find out there today. Whatever it is you don’t look too concerned or bothered by it.

In fact you look so relaxed you could take on anything and probably will… along with a little help from your mode of transportation which looks like it could get you out of trouble faster than you would on your own two feet.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 18, 2014 — Four of Swords

Four of Swords

Four of Swords

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to do too much thinking about your problems and today is one of those days.

It seems that you may have cut yourself off from any actions you may have taken to fix a situation in your life and instead let it roam around and around in your mind to the point that you can no longer see the problem clearly enough to know how to tackle it.

What may have started as an average sized problem though has grown into a problem of such proportions that it leaves you frozen to any action you would like to take and hence your dilemma in what to do to fix it.

In the case of this image the problem looks as if it is linked to your love life. The roses scattered around both whole and in pieces that look to have been cut by the swords.

The woman’s arms are crossed given an indication that she is cold (or out in the cold due to her present situation) and she has not the forethought or inclination to dress appropriately.

If she were to look around her she would take the steps needed to protect herself from the elements. Such it is with the situation that you may find yourself in today.

You may not be forewarned or forearmed to defend yourself within it but you can take action to make sure you are well protected while you come up with a plan of dealing with it. And that plan needs to include putting more energy into your own life than wasting it worrying about other things.

While there is still one sword in your hand there is still a chance you can fix the wrongs that are around you with one masterful stroke of the right words.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 17, 2014 — The Emperor


The Emperor

Today with Mercury moving into Capricorn, it’s time to think about stepping up and into your rightful place in the world.

The Emperor card speaks of ambition, power, authority and worldly acclaim — all Saturnine traits.

You may feel like you’re on top of the world — like the Greek God Zeus as portrayed in this card. Or you may feel like it’s time to do something about getting there.

The Emperor (depicted by the Greek god Zeus in this deck) sits on his throne in the mountain tops looking down over all he’s achieved.

He holds the world in one hand and pair of lightning bolts in the other. An Eagle — symbolizing mastery and power — perches on his shoulder, his eyes alert and watchful.

This card symbolizes worldly acclaim and ambition. No matter how high your own personal mountain top, you can know that there are possibilities available to you if you only you set your sights on pursuing them.

Hard work, perseverance and determination are all required: nothing will come to you through sheer luck or wishful thinking.

As Mercury leaves Sagittarius (expansion, inspiration and preparation) behind and moves into the more serious and disciplined Capricorn, you should know that getting to the top of your own personal mountain is unlikely to be without challenges. But as long as you are one with the Universe, nothing can stand in your way.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 16, 2014 — Strength



What is it about today that has you knowing that if you take your own strength back you can accomplish anything?

You may have lately been feeling that anything you did was not good enough and the only place you could go was deep inside yourself to draw on inner reserves.

Sometimes we are our own worst critics and other times others are our worst critics but is any of the criticism truly worth it and do you have to accept the criticism from yourself and/or others as the truth.

This image shows that there is strength deep inside you simply bursting to come out and when it does it will feel as if you have shed a skin and are someone else.

I’m not saying it will be an easy transformation to pull off and it may take some time as can be seen in the cycles of the moon on the upper left side of the image.

However, when you do shed what has been holding you back and see things for what they really are you will simply “shine”.

Nothing and no one will stand in your way. There is a predominance of red in this card which denote action. You will not get to where you wish to be by simply sitting back hoping and wishing you need to take some decisive action and put yourself first.

Today is not a day to be wishy washy in what you want or what you hope to accomplish. Today is more a day of seeing what you want, going for it and knowing you are onto a winner.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 15, 2014 — The Tower


The Tower

Uranus squares Pluto today and as the image in this card suggests you may feel like giving the whole day a “miss”.

A tower can be seen blowing up outside the window yet you sleep soundly through it.

If you have felt you are being pulled into other people’s issues then today is a day you may wish to step back a bit and give yourself some hard earned rest from taking care of other people’s problems.

On the other hand if there is anything you should’ve taken care of in your own life and you didn’t do so then you don’t want things happening outside your control while you bury your head in the sand.

A cat may have nine lives but you do not.

The black bird suggests that there is news coming your way and yet you do not want to hear it. The pears in all shapes, sizes and colours suggests you have tried many ways to overcome an obstacle but no matter what you tried you have not been able to find the right “answer”.

Perhaps, like the pears, you have been too “sweet” yourself in finding the answer.

Today may not bring you answers however it may bring you a whole lot of headaches and problems none of which you have any control over. It is through this that you may learn the lesson of self love as can be seen from the pink dress worn. Pink is the colour of love and strengthening your boundaries is a great place to start.

Choose the situations you wish to be involved in today carefully. Allow others to do what they need to do and you do what you need to do.

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