Free Daily Tarotscope — July 28, 2014 — Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

Today, with Venus opposing Pluto and Mercury squaring the Nodes, you may have to think about surrendering to the knowledge that the Universe has something different in store for you than what you’ve been holding onto.

The Ten of Swords is similar to the Death card in that it forces you to accept — once and for all — the need to put something to rest.  It could be a relationship, a job, a hope or plan for the future, or it could be a set of belief systems that are no longer aligned with your principles.

Out of all the cards in the tarot, this one best describes the process of conceding defeat and letting go of the fight — thus liberating yourself from further heartache and misery.

In this version of the card, we see the goddess Athena intervening on behalf of Orestes, who lays crumpled in a ball at her feet. He’s been relentlessly chased, taunted and tormented by the furies, avenging his mother’s death.

Orestes is not blameless here. Even though he was acting on direct orders from Apollo, he’s still committed murder. He’s beaten himself up mercilessly, and is consumed with guilt and shame. But Athena steps in and intercedes: “enough,” she says. “Enough.”

If you look closely though, you can see that while Orestes lies defeated at her feet, the sun still rises in the background.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 27, 2014 — Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Who is pulling your strings? Are you in charge of your own life or is someone else pressing your buttons to get you to do what they wish?

The Queen of Pentacles is practical and grounded yet in this card we have water and many images from the sea suggesting an emotional quality to the day when it comes to practicalities… especially if these are connected to money or finances.

There is a suggestion that you need to “come up for air” in order to see more clearly although you are on the right track with what you are intuitively feeling is your next step in gathering around you a plan to build a firm foundation on.

What is going on “underneath” is not necessarily what is showing on the “surface”.

Notice that the eyes to the woman in this image are not in the image yet they are actually out of the water, on the surface so to speak, which implies she sees more and knows more of what is going on than she is letting on to those around her.

What you are seeing may be holding you back in some way as you try to come to terms with where you fit into the grand scheme of things which is another good reason to listen to your own intuition on what you want and what you need to do next to get it.

It’s time to come out of your shell and let those around you know exactly what you are worth whether this be in a relationship and what you give to it or at the workplace.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 26, 2014 — Death

Death - Deviant Moon


Today – as Mars moves into Scorpio – you may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, in the form of giving something up that you’ve been clinging to for far too long.

It may be a relationship, a job, a dream, or even an out-dated belief system that is no longer conducive to your growth. Whatever it is, it’s going to feel like a loss, and may bring with it a period of mourning.

The Death card can be frightening, as it promises both loss and change — two of the scariest notions that any of us are ever faced with. But Mars is essentially dignified in Scorpio, meaning that it works well int his sign (as opposed to the disharmony and discord it experienced through its long 7+ month transit through Libra.

In this respect, it’s more about leaving behind something that probably wasn’t working for you anyway and moving toward something that you’re naturally more aligned with.

In this rendition we see two figures: “Death” represented by a pregnant female corpse, and her groveling progeny underfoot.

The smaller figure reaches out for his mother, begging to return to the safety of her womb. But death holds him at bay — with a new baby on the way, there’s just no room.

Think about what must be put to rest in your own life to make room for something new. It won’t be something you’re ambivalent about; in that sense it wouldn’t really feel like a loss, would it? No it’s something you’ve been holding onto — perhaps too tightly — that may be forcefully ripped away.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 25, 2014 — Six of Wands

Six of Wands

Six of Wands

As Mars gets ready to leave Libra after several months of its presence in this sign you may feel a difference in your energy levels.

There is a sense of lightness to this image and at the same time a pulling towards the past. It may be that Mars’ time in Libra has left you with something you need to finish or have not yet completed as you reach up and look behind you to make sure that everything is in place.

Get ready to grab the first wand and run (or fly) with it to your next goal because as Mars enters Scorpio (which it co rules) you will no doubt find yourself able to breath a bit easier and accomplish more than you have for quite a while.

There is a freedom around you that comes from feeling as if you are no longer stifled and even though the sky is darkening the stars are out to light your way alongside your sense of new born freedom.

If you need to lay down foundations to achieve a goal today is a good day to begin planning..

The energy is this card is high and suggests that you will just go with or grab anything to hand that will help you and at the same time you feel a sense of freedom in what you are doing will work out well for you and that the work will be finished sooner rather than later.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 24, 2014 — Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune:

Today’s card — from the Alchemical Tarot — is one of the best modern versions of the Wheel of Fortune that I’ve seen. It’s so rich in symbolism and yet so simplistic, with the “wheel” made of two dragons, each swallowing the other’s tail.

Like the mythical Ouroboros or world serpent (and this version also reminded me of the M.C. Escher’s lithograph “Drawing Hands”), there is no beginning or end, much like the rhythms in our own lives.

Here we see the two dragons – one white with wings and a crown and the other red, scaly and looking a bit more sinister — circling the wheel together. As one goes up the other comes down, repeating that cycle over and over again in an ongoing (and never ending) process.

In the corners of the card are representations of the four cosmogenic elements associated with alchemy, astrology and other timeless traditions. The Wheel just keeps on turning in the middle, reminding us of the ups and downs in our day to day lives.

There are elements of karma and fate associated with this card; yet the Wheel of Fortune refers as much to creating your own destiny — and mastering your own fate — as it does to dealing with karmic repercussions. 

As the Sun conjuncts Jupiter and as Venus trines Neptune today, you may have the impression that your luck is changing for the better. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 23, 2014 — Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Decisions that you make today will require you to use intellect and logic rather than emotions and intuition.

The Queen of Swords signals a need for discipline. Whether you’re acting in this capacity or dealing with someone who embodies these qualities — like authority, self-reliance and impartiality — today you will need to rise to the occasion.

The Queen of Swords in most decks can be rather cold and austere. She can be critical and judgmental, detached from her emotions and unwilling to compromise her convictions. But this version emphasizes wisdom and maturity.

Notice the silver hair and tattered robes. She’s not here to impress anybody. She knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t wield her sword like a  weapon; she caresses it comfortably, just as her bare feet keep her grounded and rooted to the earth.

She may be a woman in your life: if so consider that you can count on her to tell you the truth. She’s got high standards and impeccable ethics, which she didn’t acquire by marching to the beat of anyone else’s drum.

Perhaps this is someone whose courage and strength you admire: an older woman, a widow often, someone who has weathered her share of disappointments and still holds her head high.

Mars in Scorpio — July 26, 2014-Sept 13, 2014

Carrie-Ann Moss

Mars moves into Scorpio on July 26, 2014 — after a long (7-1/2 months) trek through Libra. Mars is the traditional (and nocturnal) ruler of Scorpio, sharing with its modern day (diurnal) ruler Pluto.

Mars transits bring action and energy to the area of a natal chart where the transit occurs. It also affects planets in a natal chart that it forms aspects to, which are in turn influenced by the sign placement (in this case Scorpio) as well as the house Mars is placed in and rules in the natal chart.

For those born with Mars in Scorpio, this transit marks what’s called a “Mars return.” This will occur at some point during the current transit through Scorpio, between July 26th and September 13th.

Mars in Scorpio people are deep, passionate, enigmatic and intense. They’re fascinated by esoterica, mystery, secrets and the occult. They want to know what makes things (and people) tick.

They rarely take things at face value. They prefer to delve deep beneath the surface to uncover hidden meanings, agendas or motivations. Because this comes so naturally to them, they’re usually surprised to discover that others don’t do the same.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 22, 2014 — Strength



Leo is beautifully represented by the card of Strength. It is ruled by the Sun which can be seen in the hues of the sky and it is also personified by the image of a lion. In this image the lion looks restful and playful as it nuzzles against the lamb and all is peaceful.

Expect today to be like this and plan accordingly. You may wish to make some changes to your life and if so you can be sure that others will fall into step beside you (or behind you… Leo is a ruler) and your plans will be heard with open ears and willing hearts (Leo also rules the heart).

Indeed the only thing you may wish to keep an eye out for today are the following astrological transits: As the Sun enters Leo today and Mercury opposes Pluto you may be needing all the strength you can muster especially when it comes to communications out of the blue that you need to have an answer for NOW and that answer could sway an important matter one way or the other.

So be on your toes and have your wits about you because even as the lion and lamb in this image are all cozied up and getting along fine something could come along unexpectedly and throw that beautiful relationship out the window and with Pluto involved it will not be any small thing.

In the meantime you might wish to use the qualities depicted in this image of the lion and the lamb and bring together your hidden and not so hidden strengths in a way that gets you what you want without the need to push forward aggressively… and that would be a great way to deal with anything the Mercury opposition Pluto transit threw at your today.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 21, 2014 — Six of Swords

Six of Swords

Six of Swords

You may be thinking of journeys today and not necessarily the type of journey that involves travelling. The image on this card suggests a journey within your own mind where you delve deeply into what is working for you and what is not.

The birds within the boat interlacing with the swords suggest that your thoughts may take you on a journey that you wish to share with others and it will carry far and wide.

Although the water and landscape within this image looks desolate and perhaps a bit forlorn this is not necessarily the case. Sure, there are hiccups to overcome in what you may find when you start delving deeper into your mind and find what you may not wish to find but at the same time there are a few gems in there also that may take you further than you thought.

Look at how the birds have taken to the air. The four hills in the background which suggests life’s up’s and down’s and the latticework within the boat that the birds are resting on as if to say… the path behind you is the bedrock for the path in front of you.

What I was particularly drawn to in this card was the water. It reflects the sky and whilst the sky is overcast you have to wonder what the surface of the water would reflect if it were a bright sunny day.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 20, 2014 — The Emperor

the Emperor

The Emperor

With Saturn turning direct today it is a good time to take stock of where you are and where want to be and what steps you need to get there. The image on this card shows power. Power within yourself and power that is reflected to others.

Although Saturn can be a hard task master he is also practical, grounded and fair and the lessons that you learn and in turn teach to others will take you far. The ankh in the right hand shows that spirituality is being mixed with authority and answers will come. The ram on the right shoulder gives a hint to something new and fresh coming into your life bringing with it all the skills and talents you will need to make it your own.

If you are dealing with any figures of authority today it is best to go in well prepared and not to leave anything left undone or to chance. The figure in this card demands respect. S/he knows what s/he wants and how to get it and if this figure is you then, like the shadows in the background of the image, you will leave everyone behind as you stride forward and take what is rightfully yours although the colour green suggests you do so with grace and ease and whilst no one opposes you it may be because they know you are right and that your actions will also benefit them further down the line.

The throne that you sit upon implies that you will see through to the end that which you wish to accomplish in perhaps an unusual way. Whilst the Emperor is a pretty straightforward card this card implies there is something of the extraordinary about you and perhaps this is the secret to your success.