Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 25, 2014 — Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

This is a day of new thoughts and new ways of doing things. With Mercury turning direct today, you’re ready to start thinking ahead.

It is also a day for changing your thoughts and ideas on something. Notice the butterfly wings around the sword. Venus and the Sun are also conjunct today, bringing grace, harmony, beauty and thoughts of love to the forefront.

Even the sharp edges of the sword are not enough to deter the butterfly from being this near the blade. It is almost as if you can throw caution to the wind and say/do whatever you want.

Not that you will as the butterflies show you have purity of thoughts and words and that which you think and say today will only serve your higher good.

The mauve and pink hues of the two butterflies work perfectly in your own self worth, love and use of intuition in your life.

Deliver your message with honesty and it shall go forth and reap you many rewards.

This is also seen in the butterfly precariously buckled to the handle of the sword. Nothing will hold you back from thinking your own mind today or speaking your own words.

Your thoughts are pure and aimed single-mindedly at the outcome you desire. If you have any mental tasks to accomplish today is a good day to do so whilst your mind is highly alert and focused on what you want.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 24, 2014 — Red Phoenix Queen

Red Phoenix Queen

Red Phoenix Queen

Looks like the day after the night before whereupon there was an eclipse in Scorpio.

As you settle down and take stock of the last few weeks and what has been around for you you may come up with the feeling that you need a bit of a holiday from life.

Astrologically the last few weeks have been heavily laden with many planetary aspects alongside the eclipses that may well have seen your life changing and possibly at some points choices you wished to make were taken out of your hands.

It is as though you have reached an impasse and even though the phoenix soars to life over your shoulder you are not in any way, shape or form wanting to look at it to see where it may lead you next.

No… you are wanting to rest and assimilate that which has been going on for you and not allowing you to touch your feet on solid ground.

The sparseness of the landscape which you shy away from is at odds with the modern tiles you sit upon once again showing the stark nature of where you are, where you have been and how the hell are you going to get yourself to where you want to be.

Although you are averting your eyes to the phoenix rising next to you it is perhaps this that you need to look at to know what is needed next.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 23, 2014 — Death



As the new moon solar eclipse hits off today at 1 degree Scorpio you have the chance to consider your life anew.

Not only is the moon new but Venus is conjunct this aspect which will nicely allow you to consider your relationship and if this is not enough Mercury is almost ready to turn station and turn direct… once again allowing you to put your plans into action.

You may feel as if you have been handed a “golden opportunity” today and it is an opportunity that comes with change.

If you have been trying to change direction in any area of your life then now is the time to set the wheels in motion.

There is much to be happy and enthusiastic about as one thing after another changes for you and you are left with possibly not one but several directions in which to go next. It is almost as if a guardian angel surrounds you and illuminates the next step you should take.

If you have recently felt stuck or found yourself with many setbacks which have not only hampered your progress but put you out of sorts within yourself and left you emotionally drained then rest assured you are about to soar.

Venus in Scorpio — Oct 23, 2014 — Nov 16, 2014


Venus enters Scorpio on October 23rd, 2014 at 20:52 UT (8:52pm ET). Venus is said to be debilitated in Scorpio, as it is the sign opposite its natural ruler (Taurus). Venus in Scorpio is said to be in its fall.

There are some disadvantages to having a planet in “fall” or “detriment,” due more to societal norms and expectations than anything else. As such, Venus is not particularly comfortable in Scorpio, where the naturally romantic, self-indulgent, partnership-oriented archetype struggles to express itself through the intense, passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpionic filter.

Even so, there are a lot of wonderfully unique attributes associated with this placement, as evidenced by some of the examples listed herein.

Venus is the “love” planet, representing how you give and receive love and affection, as well as what you find aesthetically appealing. What’s attractive to you? And how do you express love and affection?

Venus also rules “money” as in earning potential and income, as in how you handle money, what you spend it on, and whether you’re attracting it to you or seeing it run through your fingers like water.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 22, 2014 — Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Today’s Venus / Chiron aspect may have you looking at whatever you’re holding onto for dear life and thinking about whether you’d be better served to step back and scrutinize what it is you think you may lose if you don’t let go of those reigns.

Have you been trying to hang onto what you have and not let any of it go?  This may be in relation to your assets, finances, possessions or even your feelings and heart.

Sometimes money and feelings go hand in hand. You may not be willing to see it that way but money can be a powerful ally when it comes to relationships and emotions and who “owns” what within a relationship.

Sometimes it’s not so clear cut as that: you may not be seeing that what really matters is love and money cannot buy you this… or can it?

Perhaps you should ask yourself if your financial matters have become entwined with your emotional matters and if so where does one end and the other begin. What you would be willing to lose and what would you gain if you lost it.

Some people are happy with very little money as long as they have love, while others have very little love and a lot of money. From an astrological standpoint, Venus rules both. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 21, 2014 — Two of Swords

Two of Swords

Two of Swords

Today you may be reflecting on the different options that are available to you, as well as the different paths that are laid out before you.

You could find yourself at a pivotal juncture — in your career, your personal life or even with respect to your spiritual journey.

The Two of Swords encourages you to weigh the different options available to you before you make a decision. And with Mercury conjuncting the Moon’s North Node today, that decision could be very important.

Whenever a planet conjuncts the North Node it automatically opposes the South, as these two points are always in polarity.

Mercury’s aspect to the Nodes implies that decisions you’ve made in the past (South Node) are up for review at this time.

They can also greatly impact on your future (North Node), not just now but across many lifetimes.

The woman in this card sits perfectly still before two distinct but different paths. Aside from the scarf draped over her shoulder, she wears nothing but a blind-fold.

The swords in her hands are crossed before her, each pointing in a different direction.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 20, 2014 — Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Today you want to work on bringing the divergent areas of your life into harmony, courtesy of a pair of astrological aspects that are doing the same.

With Mercury in sextile to its counterpoint Jupiter today, and Venus in sextile to its counterpart Mars, the theme will be finding a comfortable medium between the opposing forces in your life.

The Eight of Wands is traditionally associated with action and movement and there is some of that going on here. But the central themes in this version are more about protection and trust, as seen in the tiny figure nestled in the Lion’s arms.

The lion appears as a guardian angel, with a fiery mane and golden-orange wings. Notice the serpent — in the form of a lemniscate or infinity symbol — that encircles the sleeping child.

Also notice the one lion’s paw and one angel’s hand that cradle her sleeping form. A blanket of stars keeps her safe and warm. The symbols of protection and safety are repeated here, as are the themes of divergent forces residing harmoniously in the same space.

In many decks, the Eight of Wands signifies energy, motion and action. And we can surmise that the figure in this card will awaken from her sleep more rested and prepared to move ahead. But her rest is an integral part of her preparation and is just as meaningful.