February 2015 Monthly Horoscopes Featured Article


Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Here are some astrological highlights for the month ahead.

Lunations: Moon Phases for the entire month

Lunations: This Month’s Full Moon occurs on February 3rd at 14° Leo 47″.

The New Moon takes place on February 18th at 29° Aquarius 59′.

Retrogrades: Mercury turns direct on February 11th at 1° Aquarius 18″; Jupiter is retrograde for the entire month of February.

Ingresses: Sun enters Pisces on February 18th; Venus and Mars enter Aries on February 20th.

 Continue reading for complete scopes for each sign:

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 1, 2015 — Three of Cups

Three of Cups

Three of Cups

As we move into February, chances are good you’re already thinking about Valentines Day. And with Venus conjuncting Neptune today — in the sensitive, loving, romantic sign of Pisces — you could already be planning for that special day.

The Three of Cups is a playful and festive card that emphasizes partying and celebrating over work and responsibilities. it also emphasizes friends and casual relationships over serious romantic entanglements.

It refers to being surrounded by like-minded people and putting your differences aside. It’s about coming together and joining forces with those who have your best interests at heart.

The focus is on merriment and gaiety rather than monotony and drudgery. It’s on interacting and networking with others, allowing you to push aside some of your more serious concerns — at least for the time being.

Pay attention to new people coming into your life today. You could find yourself developing friendships with people that seem random at first but can turn into important connections over time.

This doesn’t apply only to romance by the way. Look at all the activity going on in this card. There’s a tea party going on involving at least three generations, as well as the family pets.

There are feelings of community and comfort here and let’s not forget whimsy and play. Notice the teacups and colorful tapestry, as well as the child wearing nothing but a crown.

The Venus / Neptune conjunction encourages you to celebrate today — even if you have nothing official to celebrate. It’s a good time to express your feelings — for friends, loved ones and family members, and those who’ve been important to you along the way.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 31, 2015 — The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit

Today with Mars conjuncting Chiron you may taking an active part in retreating from all of the commotion that surrounds you and moving toward a place of meditation and quiet reflection.

The Hermit card refers to the yearning for wisdom and knowledge that so many of us possess but so few of us take the time to seek out and develop.

This Hermit — from the beautiful Light Grey Tarot — appears as an old wizard making his way under the cloak of darkness, with only his walking stick and lantern to light the way. An owl (representing wisdom) flies over his shoulder and the crescent moon (representing clarity) shines brightly in the night sky.

Mars and Chiron come together today in Pisces. And while Mars is the planet associated with action and motivation, those functions can get lost under the self-sacrificing shadow of Chiron. But put these two entities together in Pisces and magic can transpire.

Psychic perceptions are heightened. Consciousness is expanded. Intuition increases. Dreams become more vivid.  And the desire (Mars) to funnel all of the Utopian (Pisces) qualities of compassion, idealism and unconditional love into something meaningful (Chiron) results.

The Hermit card is not about avoidance and isolation. It’s about finding your inner light and choosing to follow it. This is especially important when referenced against the Mars / Chiron conjunction, which is bound to intensify the urge to find answers to your most pressing questions.

Today you get to choose whether you’re lighting your own way or acting as a guidepost for those who have wandered away from theirs. Both are valid endeavors ,and only you will know which is the right path for you.

As the Hermit card also refers to turning inward, there is an entire spectrum of information — from the depths of the psyche to the heights of conscious awareness that can be accessed through this process.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 30, 2015 — Five of Tulips

Five of Cups

Five of Tulips

You may be dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation today. Like the poor little rabbit in this card — from the gorgeous Rabbit Tarot — you may have a hard time seeing what’s right in the world around you as you find yourself focusing on what’s wrong.

The Five of Tulips (Cups in most decks) refers to feeling left out. You might feel like you’re all alone and haven’t got a friend in the world. Or you may feel like you’ve been dismissed by those you have.

The Five of Tulips can indicate a sense of loss or disillusionment. A betrayal. Feeling rejected or shut out. Or like the rabbit in this card, left out in the cold.

Notice the tulips the rabbit holds in his hands. They’re upside down, indicating a reversal of the sentiments you’d usually expect to accompany a bouquet of flowers. Where there should be joy there’s sorrow, where there should be promise there’s despair, and where there should be contentment there’s regret.

Remember though that you do participate in your destiny. While you may not have any control over what goes down, you do have some say in how it all plays out.

Your heartache can become a powerful conduit for healing. It can also become a gift that you pass onto others: the gift of empathy. Your own experiences lead to a deeper understanding of what others may be dealing with, and can translate into compassion, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love.

If you’re in a relationship now, ask yourself whether you’re happy with where things are headed? Are you seeing things clearly or are you too focused on what’s wrong to consider what just might be right? You may have to face some very painful realities and make some very difficult decisions.

If you’re not currently involved, chances are good that you’re still healing from a recent loss. You may be mourning a relationship’s demise, or you could be licking your wounds over a painful rejection. Either way, you could benefit from seeing the glass as half full this time and being willing to get back out there and drink from it.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 29, 2015 — Penguin



Today would be a good day to put all of your heavier thoughts and concerns aside and approach life with a sense of child-like wonder and curiosity.  The Seer of Shells  — or Penguin in the Animal Wisdom Tarot — is this deck’s version of the Page of Cups.

Here we see him standing on a sparkling crystal ice cap, communing with a little fish that’s popped out of shell on an adjacent ice cap. The fish could be dinner for the Penguin but he doesn’t see him in that light. He gazes at him in awe, oblivious to his surroundings.

This is very much like the Page of Cups. Gentle and loving. Open and receptive. Gleeful. Sincere. And maybe a little naive.

The Fish appears to be speaking and the Penguin holds onto every word. Maybe he’s imparting words of wisdom, or maybe he’s talking his way out of becoming the daily catch. Off in the distance a bridge rises out of the water and leads to who knows where.

Be open today to receiving important messages, even if they come from the most unlikely of sources. Whether the Page of Cups is a person in your life (as in someone youthful or immature) or an attitude you need to embrace. If it’s the former you’ll want to listen with an open mind and heart. And if it’s the latter you’ll want to work on keeping those open.

Because the Pages embody such youthful and unrefined energy, we tend to forget that they too have much to teach us. But the presence of this card today is an important reminder of how much more we still need to learn.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 28, 2015 — The Magician


The Magician

The Magician speaks of bringing your talents to the table and putting them to good use. What better card to describe today’s Uranus / Mercury conjunction than one that symbolizes the artful use of one’s own genius?

Perhaps you have been looking for a job or thinking of changing your occupation and if so it would be wise for you to sit down and assess exactly what it is you can bring to the table of any new employer or occupation you are chasing up.

This doesn’t need to be about you finding a job either it could be that you are thinking to expand your knowledge which gives you more employability when it comes to the job market.

You may really be wishing to change jobs but are a little hesitant as you don’t think you have all that a new employer is looking for. If this is the case think again because the card of the Magician is a strong indicator of a new job, change in careers and if you are happy in your current job it may be that you are about to be given more duties to perform.

Focus on the hands in this card you will see that rests slightly above the tools laid out on the Magician’s table whilst the other is pointed to the heavens.

This suggests that you are aspiring to something great yet are also grounded enough to see that you cannot just take a big jump and land in that greatness without a bit of preparation.

The four suits of the minor arcana are laid out on the table before you: a Cup for emotions, a Sword for your thoughts processes, a Wand for action and a pentacle for money. If you can align your emotions, thoughts, actions into how you wish to make your money there is not a lot you cannot accomplish. All you need is a good plan.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 27, 2015 — The Star

The Star

 The Star

On the heels of yesterday’s Devil card, comes a reminder that even in our darkest hours there is still room for hope. There’s still compassion, redemption and the promise of salvation.

The Star card — from Marie White’s stunning Mary-el Tarot — brings this reminder to life, with the Star taking an angelic form and spreading the love out over a sea of humanity.

The angel figure in this card glides through, above and among an infinite crowd of nameless / faceless beings. She is above them and at one with them at the same time. A unicursal hexigram is imprinted on her gown and the stigmata markings of Christ are imprinted on her skin.

The human figures in this card spread out as far as the eyes can see, becoming one with the landscape and the angel herself. You can see their forms becoming less and less distinct as they blend into the hills and valleys that stretch back toward the horizon.

Venus enters Pisces today — the sign of its exaltation. This is the archetype associated with communion, compassion and unconditional love. It’s associated with dreams and visions, beauty, harmony, kindness and grace. It’s also associated with sacrifice, a theme referenced here in the markings on the angel’s palms, feet and forehead.

The unicursal star is a symbol of continuity. It’s also said to reference man reaching up to God and God reaching down to man. This is the message behind the Star card : that we’re not only all “one” but are also all a part of God, however we may experience him (or her).

The Star card reminds us of the need to rise above our petty grievances and to hold onto one another, especially when the going gets tough.  As Venus moves into Pisces — on the heels of Mars, Neptune and Chiron — the messages contained in this card can only serve us well.

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