Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 10, 2014 — Strength



With Mars conjuncting Pluto today, you may be called upon to tame your inner beast, meaning that if you feel your emotions rising and you know they may get out of control if you give way to them then you need to reign those emotions in and find another way to express them.

On the surface you look happy and calm almost contented as if nothing can rattle you yet underneath a storm may be brewing.

Be on the lookout for anyone trying to press your buttons to seek a reaction from you.

If you have been having trouble with someone and they know how to rile you then you need to be extra vigilant that you do not react the way they are hoping for. If you do you lose and they win.

The yellow sky shows a prevalence of mental abilities today yet if your mind is too cluttered with many different thoughts you may not get to the gist of what you are wanting to know.

The white dress shows you as innocent in some way… almost like a blank canvas waiting to see what sprouts forth.

Whatever does come forth for you today you can be sure it will not be small.

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Aries:  Five of Swords

If you rush into something too quickly this month you may find that it comes back to bite you.

Think of what your Achilles heel is and keep an eye on it because it may not only be you who is affected. Someone will have your back and you need to be aware that your actions do not only affect you but others also.

If you find yourself at odds within a situation do not come out fighting because if you do you may find you have done exactly what the other person wanted all along and as there is total balance in this image you don’t want to go rocking any boats to put yourself at a disadvantage.

It may be that you are on the verge of leaving a relationship, a job or simply have had enough of your life at present and want to throw it all in and start something new.

However, what you do not need is action that is not well thought out… rather you need a plan.

With an eclipse in your sign on the 8th and Mercury retrograde for a large part of the month it will be difficult to see the woods from the trees but if you can imagine glimpses of your wishes coming into reality then you get the idea of what you need to do and why it is so important to hold off for the time being.

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Aries:  Strength

If you find yourself needing to draw on inner strength this month or gain help from those around you then don’t be afraid to ask.

You are not alone and you have plenty of resources to help you along your path. Even though you cannot see the final outcome you have an inner “knowingness” to help you on your way.

As the month progresses you should be feeling the changes around you as you seem to shed your skin and grow a new one… meaning… the changes you implement around you in your environment are coming from within and yourself as opposed to outside forces.

If there is a relationship you feel has outgrown its purpose and has been holding you back then you are well and truly on the road to releasing yourself from its clutches and what’s more you have the strength and resources to back you up.

Reach out to anyone you think may be of help to you now as you start your new cycle.

The moon in the background of this card may seem to be either in its first or last quarter or if you look at it again it could even be seen as an eclipse… and eclipses mean change!


Free Daily Tarotscope — July 22, 2014 — Strength



Leo is beautifully represented by the card of Strength. It is ruled by the Sun which can be seen in the hues of the sky and it is also personified by the image of a lion. In this image the lion looks restful and playful as it nuzzles against the lamb and all is peaceful.

Expect today to be like this and plan accordingly. You may wish to make some changes to your life and if so you can be sure that others will fall into step beside you (or behind you… Leo is a ruler) and your plans will be heard with open ears and willing hearts (Leo also rules the heart).

Indeed the only thing you may wish to keep an eye out for today are the following astrological transits: As the Sun enters Leo today and Mercury opposes Pluto you may be needing all the strength you can muster especially when it comes to communications out of the blue that you need to have an answer for NOW and that answer could sway an important matter one way or the other.

So be on your toes and have your wits about you because even as the lion and lamb in this image are all cozied up and getting along fine something could come along unexpectedly and throw that beautiful relationship out the window and with Pluto involved it will not be any small thing.

In the meantime you might wish to use the qualities depicted in this image of the lion and the lamb and bring together your hidden and not so hidden strengths in a way that gets you what you want without the need to push forward aggressively… and that would be a great way to deal with anything the Mercury opposition Pluto transit threw at your today.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 19, 2014 — Strength



What are you struggling with today that requires you to access your inner reserves of strength? Today’s card refers not to physical strength, but to will-power and self-control.

It may be a commitment you’ve made to yourself not to cave in or to compromise your principles. And it could be a situation in which you’re struggling to uphold your part of a bargain. Dieting for example, or giving up smoking or drinking. Refusing to react or allow your buttons to be pushed.

The strength card can also refer to finding an appropriate outlet for something that you may have responded to in a less than positive manner in the past. Whatever it is, know that this card encourages you to stay on course and not fall back into unhealthy reactions or patterns.

The woman in this version of the card sits atop what looks like a two-headed beast. There’s a fierce Lion head (and hind-quarters) and gentle Unicorn head (and front-quarters) and a lily at tip of the beast’s tail. She’s lost in thought on the his back, an infinity symbol hovering over her own head like a halo.

The imagery in this card speaks of both taming the inner beast — i.e., passions and desires — but also getting in touch with the inner “magic” — i.e., intuition, inspiration and creative self-expression, and not giving any more power to one of them over the other.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 9, 2014 — Lust



Today is a good day to set aside your fears and inhibitions, and embrace the many blessings that the Universe has to offer you.

The Lust card replaces the “Strength” card in traditional tarot. The main difference is the emphasis on embracing passion and desire rather than attempting to contain it. It is a card of joy, exuberance and passion — ruled by Leo (which is where the Moon is today and tomorrow) in its most unrestrained form.

In this version of the card we see a woman reclining on the back of a beast with seven heads. These are the heads of a poet, an angel, a saint, an adulterous woman, a man of valor, a satyr and a lion-serpent.

She holds the beast’s reins in one hand, and lifts up the Holy Grail in the other. The ten circles in the background are the unordered Sephiroth, which have yet to coalesce into the Tree of Life.

Legend has it that the woman and beast are united in marriage. She is drunk with ecstasy, and he is aflame with passion and desire. The Lust card is associated with Leo, and is said to be the most powerful of the twelve zodiac trumps, as it is ruled by the Sun. It is associated with the Kerub of Fire — the Winged Lion guardian of the Temple.

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ARIES: Queen of Wands

You may look calm and peaceful on the outside as if you hold the secret to the pyramids within you and could endure anything.

But just look at those flames flickering at the end of each wing… almost as if you are ready to “take off” or launch into a blazing mood which comes from nowhere.

This is a time to sit back and weigh up your options without the distraction of others and what they think, say or do.

Keep your own counsel and act accordingly with what is right for you. You have your eye on the outcome and know how to achieve it.

Notice how the bird in this card keeps her eye on the dragonfly… she is not about to let anything get in her way or dissuade her from the course she has chosen.

You have the energy within you to make your dreams come true… wish wisely and don’t waste your time and energy on the mundane.



Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 16, 2014 — Fortitude

Fortitude - Nigel Jackson tarot


Today’s card — Fortitude — refers to the inner reserves of strength, courage and discipline that are called for in moments of fear or uncertainty.

You may be feeling hesitant about something that threatens to disrupt your daily routine. Or you may be trying to put on a brave face and tackle something that scares you or takes you outside of your comfort zone.

Interviewing for a job. Making a presentation. Confronting an adversary. Expressing emotions. In other words, anything that’s been known to trigger fear or anxiety for you in the past.

This card is called “Strength” in most decks. It refers to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of strength, such as willpower and self-restraint.

It’s about taking charge of your life and taking back your power — over your fears and compulsions and ultimately your destiny.

Look at the images in this card. Notice how gently the woman strokes the lion’s back and how he reciprocates by lapping at her hand.

This is the essence of the Strength card. It’s about taming the beast within while at the same time lauding its virtues. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 11, 2014 — Strength



Today you may be called upon to reach into your inner reserves of strength and overcome your deepest fears. The Strength card is all about mind over matter and gaining control over the things in your life that are at risk for spiraling out of control.

It could be as simple as a pattern of second guessing yourself or talking yourself out of doing what you know is best for you. And it can be as complicated as upholding your part of a bargain you’ve made with yourself: quitting smoking for example. Dieting. Sticking to an exercise regimen. Holding your ground against temptations to “give in” when you know that doing so is not going to be in your best interests.

The woman in this card has managed to tame the beast through kindness and generosity. But she’s not exactly lying down and exposing her underbelly. Her demeanor is both soothing and reverent as she places the wreath of flowers over the lion’s mane.  I love the “power” tattoo on her forearm.

Think about how far you’ve come in taming your own inner beasts. If you’re tempted to throw in the towel, remember that doing so will only cause you to lose momentum.

The Strength card encourages you to not only meet your fears head on, but to transform them by neutralizing the power they hold over you. Once you do that you’ll find that they weren’t so frightening after all.

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Ten of Pentacles

ARIES: Ten of Pentacles

This month is about building upon what you already have and making it work for you. It is an excellent time to make a career move and if you are thinking of doing so then aim high!

The road before you is smooth and even with, perhaps, more options than you think.

Look for new areas of growth that can further your advancement but may not be obvious when you first look at the options laid out in front of you.

There is a solid and familiar feel to what you are aiming for and as you move towards it your dreams and ambitions become clearer.

The 10 pentacles is beautifully depicted in this card with the path (the journey) leading up to the grand building (the destination) in a clear, smooth path.

Overlapping across the path are branches of trees bursting with new growth (new ideas).

Be open to what comes to you and your path will be smooth towards your ultimate goal.