Free Daily Tarotscope — July 31, 2015 — Strength



Venus retrogrades back into Leo today, bringing us all a little closer to taming the lion within.

We might be asking ourselves what we’re struggling with that requires us to dig down deep and find our inner reserves of strength.

Today’s card — Strength from the Sacred Rose Tarot — is all about mastering our fears and conquering our demons. It’s about gaining control of the “beast” within.

It refers not to physical strength but to courage, will-power and self-control. It can also mean finding an appropriate outlet for something that you may have responded to in a less than positive manner in the past. Whatever it is, know that this card encourages you to stay on course and not fall back into unhealthy reactions or patterns.

The woman in this card has literally become one with the Lion. She wraps her arms around him in a loving embrace, while still granting him the honor and respect he deserves.

She knows that the key to success comes from both gaining the Lion’s trust and not giving into her fears. The imagery in this card is all the more poignant, in light of recent events.

As Venus moves back into Leo today — and as we are greeted with a “once in blue Moon” Full Moon in Aquarius — we want to remember that there’s a place in the world for all of us and that each of us are deserving of compassion and respect.

The Strength card reminds us that we all also have access to a wellspring of personal strength and power. How we use ours — and what impact our using it has on the rest of the world — will say more about our true character than just about anything else.

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ARIES: Strength

You may be called upon this month to reach into your inner reserves of strength and overcome your deepest fears. The Strength card is all about mind over matter and gaining control over the things in your life that are at risk for spiraling out of control.

It could be as simple as a pattern of second guessing yourself or talking yourself out of doing what you know is best for you. And it can be as complicated as upholding your part of a bargain you’ve made with yourself: quitting smoking for example. Dieting. Sticking to an exercise regimen. Holding your ground against temptations to “give in” when you know that doing so is not going to be in your best interests.

The woman in this card — from the Aya Takano Tarot— has managed to tame the beast through kindness and generosity. But she’s not exactly lying down and exposing her underbelly. Her demeanor is both soothing and reverent as she places the wreath of flowers over the lion’s mane. I love the “power” tattoo on her forearm.

Think about how far you’ve come in taming your own inner beasts. If you’re tempted to throw in the towel, remember that doing so will only cause you to lose momentum.

The Strength card encourages you to not only meet your fears head on, but to transform them by neutralizing the power they hold over you. Once you do that you’ll find that they weren’t so frightening after all.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 3, 2015 — Strength



Perhaps there is something you wish to say but are not saying it. Intuitively you may know it is not the right time to speak these words so you hold them to yourself.

If this is the case then know that when you do speak your mind the words will come out in an empowering way which will give you further strength to do what you need to do next.

On the other hand if you have been biting your tongue for too long and not expressing what it is you want to say then you may miss your opportunity.

lf that is going around your mind may become entrapped in a never ending cycle of not being able to choose the correct moment to speak out.

In which case when you do speak you find you have an argument on your hands instead of your own empowerment that you are wishing to convey.

It is easy to see that this card is associated with the sign of Leo — which is where the Full Moon is today, like the full moon in this card.

Just just like a Leo who inspires greatness in those around them as well as themselves you need to realize that you hold the strength and purpose within you to get what you want and if that is not forthcoming then know when to walk away.

There is only so much a person can take of feeling as if they are always renouncing their own truth. If this has been you then know that you have the strength within you to rise above circumstances that may be holding you down and walk your own path.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 16, 2014 — Strength



What is it about today that has you knowing that if you take your own strength back you can accomplish anything?

You may have lately been feeling that anything you did was not good enough and the only place you could go was deep inside yourself to draw on inner reserves.

Sometimes we are our own worst critics and other times others are our worst critics but is any of the criticism truly worth it and do you have to accept the criticism from yourself and/or others as the truth.

This image shows that there is strength deep inside you simply bursting to come out and when it does it will feel as if you have shed a skin and are someone else.

I’m not saying it will be an easy transformation to pull off and it may take some time as can be seen in the cycles of the moon on the upper left side of the image.

However, when you do shed what has been holding you back and see things for what they really are you will simply “shine”.

Nothing and no one will stand in your way. There is a predominance of red in this card which denote action. You will not get to where you wish to be by simply sitting back hoping and wishing you need to take some decisive action and put yourself first.

Today is not a day to be wishy washy in what you want or what you hope to accomplish. Today is more a day of seeing what you want, going for it and knowing you are onto a winner.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 10, 2014 — Strength



With Mars conjuncting Pluto today, you may be called upon to tame your inner beast, meaning that if you feel your emotions rising and you know they may get out of control if you give way to them then you need to reign those emotions in and find another way to express them.

On the surface you look happy and calm almost contented as if nothing can rattle you yet underneath a storm may be brewing.

Be on the lookout for anyone trying to press your buttons to seek a reaction from you.

If you have been having trouble with someone and they know how to rile you then you need to be extra vigilant that you do not react the way they are hoping for. If you do you lose and they win.

The yellow sky shows a prevalence of mental abilities today yet if your mind is too cluttered with many different thoughts you may not get to the gist of what you are wanting to know.

The white dress shows you as innocent in some way… almost like a blank canvas waiting to see what sprouts forth.

Whatever does come forth for you today you can be sure it will not be small.

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Aries:  Five of Swords

If you rush into something too quickly this month you may find that it comes back to bite you.

Think of what your Achilles heel is and keep an eye on it because it may not only be you who is affected. Someone will have your back and you need to be aware that your actions do not only affect you but others also.

If you find yourself at odds within a situation do not come out fighting because if you do you may find you have done exactly what the other person wanted all along and as there is total balance in this image you don’t want to go rocking any boats to put yourself at a disadvantage.

It may be that you are on the verge of leaving a relationship, a job or simply have had enough of your life at present and want to throw it all in and start something new.

However, what you do not need is action that is not well thought out… rather you need a plan.

With an eclipse in your sign on the 8th and Mercury retrograde for a large part of the month it will be difficult to see the woods from the trees but if you can imagine glimpses of your wishes coming into reality then you get the idea of what you need to do and why it is so important to hold off for the time being.

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Aries:  Strength

If you find yourself needing to draw on inner strength this month or gain help from those around you then don’t be afraid to ask.

You are not alone and you have plenty of resources to help you along your path. Even though you cannot see the final outcome you have an inner “knowingness” to help you on your way.

As the month progresses you should be feeling the changes around you as you seem to shed your skin and grow a new one… meaning… the changes you implement around you in your environment are coming from within and yourself as opposed to outside forces.

If there is a relationship you feel has outgrown its purpose and has been holding you back then you are well and truly on the road to releasing yourself from its clutches and what’s more you have the strength and resources to back you up.

Reach out to anyone you think may be of help to you now as you start your new cycle.

The moon in the background of this card may seem to be either in its first or last quarter or if you look at it again it could even be seen as an eclipse… and eclipses mean change!