Free Daily Tarotscope — July 20, 2014 — The Emperor

the Emperor

The Emperor

With Saturn turning direct today it is a good time to take stock of where you are and where want to be and what steps you need to get there. The image on this card shows power. Power within yourself and power that is reflected to others.

Although Saturn can be a hard task master he is also practical, grounded and fair and the lessons that you learn and in turn teach to others will take you far. The ankh in the right hand shows that spirituality is being mixed with authority and answers will come. The ram on the right shoulder gives a hint to something new and fresh coming into your life bringing with it all the skills and talents you will need to make it your own.

If you are dealing with any figures of authority today it is best to go in well prepared and not to leave anything left undone or to chance. The figure in this card demands respect. S/he knows what s/he wants and how to get it and if this figure is you then, like the shadows in the background of the image, you will leave everyone behind as you stride forward and take what is rightfully yours although the colour green suggests you do so with grace and ease and whilst no one opposes you it may be because they know you are right and that your actions will also benefit them further down the line.

The throne that you sit upon implies that you will see through to the end that which you wish to accomplish in perhaps an unusual way. Whilst the Emperor is a pretty straightforward card this card implies there is something of the extraordinary about you and perhaps this is the secret to your success.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 5, 2014 — Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is a no-nonsense individual who’s completely focused on attaining his goals. He’s fearless, driven and competitive and is not about to let anyone (or anything) stand in his way.

As with all court cards this can refer to someone in your life, a frame of mind you need to adopt, or it can refer to you personally. Either way, it’s about someone going after what he wants with the willful drive and determination that all but guarantees success.

There’s often a sense of urgency associated with this card. There’s a need to make things happen now, to get the ball rolling and to strike while the iron is hot.

In this version of the card, the Knight and his stallion charge through the countryside toward their destination. The speed with which they ride blurs the hillside behind them, as the Knight’s cape billows in the wind. The landscape itself is dull and dreary: it looks like it’s pouring down rain. Still they charge forward, past the rocky terrain and over the Sword that appears as a hurdle at the base of the card.

If this is someone in your life right now — and especially if you’re at odds with him — your best bet is going to be to just get out of his way. This isn’t someone you can reason with or who will be deterred by emotional displays.

He may however represent an energy or attitude that you need to learn to embrace. If you’ve been wavering in your convictions, this guy is here to show you how it’s done. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 23, 2014 — the Lovers

the Lovers

The Lovers

Sometimes you never quite know what you’re going to get in love and sometimes that statement doesn’t always apply to the other person for you can be equally as ambivalent towards them as they are towards you.

Enter Venus into Gemini today. A placement of Venus that tends to bring out the flirtatious, curious, communicative butterfly which flits, flies and flirts from person to person or situation to situation never quite totally settling upon a set form…. unless caught.

Do not get me wrong the Lovers card is a great card to have and if Venus had been entering a sign, such as, Scorpio, Cancer or Leo (to name a few) today then my interpretation would’ve been different.

But if you like your love in the shape of communicative, curious, never quite pinned down style of that of Venus in Gemini then is what’s being served up for the next few weeks… get ready to flirt!

In today’s tarot card you see a man and a woman with their backs to each other yet they hold a unified stance against their environment as their arms are linked together and they hold the exact same amount of “space” within the card… neither of them are overbearing or taking up more space than the other.

There is no tension here yet there is the unmistakable feeling that something isn’t quite right or that there are things going on around them that they need to watch each other’s back and therefore present a unified front against the world.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 23, 2014 — the Lovers

the Lovers

The Lovers

Venus moves into light-hearted free-spirited Gemini today, the sign of its esoteric rulership. Venus in Gemini understands the importance of sharing ideas and communicating feelings, which are the foundations upon which happy, healthy relationships are built.

But it also relates to the mental aspects of relating via decisions that need to be made. Sometimes — where the Lovers card is concerned —  it’s a choice between two people, and sometimes it’s a choice between love and something else (career, family, responsibilities, freedom. etc.).

The Gemini duality is present in this version of the card. The yin / yang energy is evident in the most literal sense (the figures are male and female) but also figuratively in that one faces left (referencing intellect) and one face right (referencing feelings).

Also notice that while they are holding hands, they’re both also reaching out for something (or someone) just beyond our view.

They stand waist deep in a pool of water (emotions, the unconscious) while the Sun shines down on them so brightly that it’s nearly impossible to tell where it ends and they begin.

While the Lovers card does relate to merging with another and forming deep emotional bonds, there are always undercurrents of something else — something that must be factored in, decided or sacrificed — that need to be addressed.