Mercury Retrograde Nov-Dec 2011

There’s a kind of hush….   well I wouldn’t bet on it! Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius from November 24 to December 14 which means anything but peace and quiet and if you were thinking you can just ride this period out then think again.

Sagittarius is all about the bigger picture, grand plan, larger than life experiences and with Mercury retrograde in this sign you can be sure that if anything does go wrong it may do so in a big way!

If you are the quiet, patient type you may be a bit surprised to find yourself just blurting something out of the blue which leaves others aghast and yourself wondering where those words came from.


All your good intentions within a situation may be thrown out the window as communication takes on a life of its own and the vast majority of it will be untamed, blunt and brash…. even your jokes (if you use them to try to rectify the situation) may miss the punch line and with Sagittarius being the “joker” of the zodiac that is saying something.

My advice would be that if you really had to say something keep it very clear in your mind what you wish to say first so you don’t risk upsetting the other person through a tactless blunder and before you know it have a situation of gigantic proportions on your hands.

During the same period as Mercury is retrograde there are 2 eclipses and as Mercury turns direct on December 14 at 3 degrees of Sagittarius it will revisit where the first eclipse of November 24 took place.  This makes the next few weeks especially tricky for communication and it may seem that some things are out of your hands.

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