December 2015 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Polar Bear

ARIES: Polar Bear

This month is going to be all about getting in touch with your environment and getting clarity with respect to your emotions.

Where do you fit in and where do you feel most at home? These are questions you’ll be asking yourself this month, courtesy of the Polar Bear — or Seeker of Shells (Knight of Cups) — animal totem.

The Polar Bear is not only completely at home in this version of the card — from the Animal Wisdom Tarot — but he’s adapted beautifully to his environment. He’s strong and competent, yet light-footed enough to trek comfortably through terrain that could be hostile to others.

Notice the crystals that are forming on the snow, the ice and in the sky above. There are symbols of clarity throughout the imagery of this card, and even glistening on the Polar Bear’s fur.

The Aurora Borealis overhead and the glowing conch shell at the base are reminiscent of glistening jewels, as is the glittering crystal backdrop and the vibrant array of colors that wash over the scene. The Seeker of Shells is a virtual rainbow of emotional expression and experience.

Think about ways that you can translate what you’re feeling this month into experiences that can be shared with your loved ones. With several planets moving through the sector related to home and family, this is a good place to start.

Your environment — that place you’re most comfortable and where you feel most complete — comes to life as you devote yourself to fostering your relationships therein.

Nov 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

ARIES: Six of Scrolls

This is the month when wisdom meets hopes and dreams.

The elephant in this card — the Six of Scrolls from the beautiful Chrysalis Tarot — portrays that which is ancient and wise and the knowledge a person like this can bestow on you.

Keep your ears open this month for one such as this because it seems as if they have something very wise and nurturing to give you in the form of words and knowledge.

You may find that you go within yourself to draw out that which is wise and strong… that which you always knew. With this knowledge a transformation takes place within you.

The point where the woman in this card touches the elephant’s forehead with her own is where the 6th chakra lays. This is where psychic information flows in and out and relays that the knowledge and wisdom you attain does not need to be from books but is simply “known” by you.

The crescent moon and stars in the sky speak of mystery and mysticism as well as the turning of the ages.

You may be thinking of taking a meditation class or psychic course. If these are not for you art, writing or anything creative can also give you the knowledge and wisdom you are looking for as it is already within you.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 6, 2015 — Knight of Vessels

Knight of Vessels

Knight of Vessels

Today is a day for going after your heart’s desires with the kind of purpose and agility that can take you as far as you’re willing to go.

This is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the Knight of Cups, the card that is generally associated with a man who’s ready to fall in love and who’s not afraid to wears his heart on his sleeve.

In this version it’s the Knight of Vessels, portrayed by an eel, weaving in and out of danger as he glides toward his objective.

As a water spirit animal totem, the Eel is representative of the Kundalini life force energy.  It’s associated with focused energy, creativity, sexuality, passion and transformation.

The Eel is a mutable and “electrifying” shapeshifter. He’s purposeful and swift, yet he glides through the water (emotions) with such ease and agility that he’s able to adapt his physical form to accommodate the ever-changing tides.

The Knight of Vessels invites you to adopt this same sort of adaptability as you go off chasing your own goals. It invites you to weave in and out of the opportunities to present themselves, steering clear of “danger” while moving effortlessly toward your own objectives.

You may be thinking about going off on an adventure; if so don’t be surprised if it includes romance. Alternately you may be planning a trip on your own, getting away from it all, or heading off into the unchartered territories. Whatever you decide, this card calls for you to unleash your power and go after your goals with the same kind of purpose and passion that is demonstrated here.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 27, 2015 — Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

 Knight of Cups

Today you may encounter someone who inspires you to open up your heart and express your true feelings without fear or censure.

This could be an individual in your life (male or female) or it could describe qualities that you yourself need to develop. Qualities like love, affection, romance, and emotional expression.

The Knight of Cups tends to be “in love with love,” in which case he’s apt to be better at the hearts-and-flowers aspects of romance than he is at the nitty gritty. While not exactly the proverbial Knight in Shining Armor, does have a certain romantic sweep-you-off-your-feet vibe. He’s ardent and passionate with a lot to say and a colorful way of saying it.

There is a bit of a dramatic flair associated with this Knight. He can be chivalrous and gallant when he needs to be. Or when the mood calls for a softer approach he can be sensitive, caring and kind.

If this is someone in your life, you will know him by his charm, sensitivity, and emotional availability. He may be a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) or he may just possess those same sensitivities.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and has no problem expressing feelings. He may reach out across the miles or send messages of love and affection from afar.

You may be thinking about going off on an adventure yourself; if so don’t be surprised if it includes romance. Alternately you may be planning a trip on your own, getting away from it all, or heading off into the wild blue yonder yourself.

Whatever you decide, pay attention to the messages you send and receive. With a boatload of sextiles among harmonious planets today you can expect these types of communications to flow with ease.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 20, 2015 — Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

You may find yourself swept up in a wave of romantic reverie today, courtesy of today’s beautiful Moon / Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Leo. You can see this aspect applying in the Tarot of a Moon Garden’s version of the Knight of Cups.

It starts with Moon and Venus in the early hours, bringing the together the female archetypes and emphasizing the feminine qualities of love, romance, beauty and harmony. As the day wears on the Moon closes in Jupiter, bringing in the Jovial qualities of warmth, benevolence, expansion and optimism.

You can see these planets lined up with the Crescent Moon tonight if you step outside and check out the Western horizon just after Sunset. This is a fortuitous configuration that the Knight of Cups would surely be wishing on.

The Knight of Cups is the most romantic of all the Knights. He’s sensitive, loving and passionate. He may in love with love; it’s certainly his main driving force.

He may be a person in your life — if so expect him to wear his heart on his sleeve. He may have swept into your life like the proverbial knight in shining armor, or he may be reaching our from afar as the Knights are often also messenger cards.

But as with all the court cards, this may be an event transpiring in your life (a proposal, an invitation, or messages of love and affection from afar.). And it may also appear as an indication of qualities that you might need to adopt.

You may receive news today and while it may not manifest as an actual proposal, it should at least be good news. It may also answer important questions or validate you instincts about someone you feel a connection to. While the Knight of Cups is known for his extravagance, he can also be quite subtle. So don’t be surprised if he sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 12, 2015 — Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Mars sextiles Neptune today and brings with it the potential for getting more in touch with your intuition and your feminine side.

Whether you’re male or female, you are likely to be exploring the softer, gentler side of yourself through dreams, visions and romantic sensibilities.

The Knight of Cups is the more sensitive, loving and romantic Knight in the tarot. He (or she) is more interested in harmony and communion than chasing after goals or fighting any battles. This person wants to connect intimately with others and may present as somewhat seductive and alluring.

This version — from the gorgeous Love and Mystery Tarot is more feminine than most. The Knight in this card is dressed in colorful and jewel encrusted ceremonial garb. He peers through an ornate golden chalice that he holds in front of his face. The chalice itself seems to be alive with flowering branches and leaves that encircle and embrace him.

The Knight of Cups is all about love and romance. Falling in love and being in love with love. Putting your heart on the line and being willing to risk it all.

This may be a person in your life, and if so he or she is here to show you how to express your feelings more openly. How to connect with your feminine side — which means getting in touch with your emotions and your intuition. This person may also be delivering a message — which can come in the form of a proposition or proposal.

The Mars / Neptune sextile gives you an opportunity to also reflect on your life and and your dreams. Are you happy in your relationship or your relationship status? If not it may be time to reassess what you want and change your approach. The Knight of Cups is sincere and idealistic, two important qualities that seem to serve him well.

This is also a good time to listen to your intuition and follow your dreams. While you do want to be mindful of boundaries and the potential for self-deception (both Mars / Neptune pitfalls) allowing your heart to guide you can only be a good thing in the end.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 2, 2015 — Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Today you may find yourself the happy recipient of a pleasant surprise, an unexpected gift, or reassurances of love and affection from someone near and dear to your heart.

The Knight of Cups may represent a person in your life; if so he or she may come sweeping in, professing feelings of love and adoration that are going to be hard to resist.

As Venus conjuncts the South Node today, your “knight in shining armor” may even be someone from your past, as in a past life connection or an old flame.

The Knight of Cups — this version from the Connolly Tarot — is a sensitive and romantic individual (usually male) who leads with his heart. He’s in love with love and may be somewhat moody or overly sentimental.

This version is ardent and passionate as well: notice the vivid reds and fuschias that are so prominent in this card. In addition to the skyline, there’s his cloak and his gloves and the plumes in his helmet — and even the horse’s tassels are bathed in hot pink.

This Knight isn’t messing around: He’s going all out — or all in in this case — as evidenced by the single red (representing love) and white (representing marriage) roses he lifts up in his golden chalice.

While today’s news may not manifest as an actual proposal, be prepared for good news or some validation of your feelings — if only a small gesture. While the Knight of Cups is known for his extravagance, he can also be quite subtle. He may just sneak up on you when you least expect it.