Free Daily Tarotscope — July 12, 2014 — Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Today — with Mercury and Jupiter in semi-sextile — you want to work on trusting your instincts and staying tuned in to your environment.

The Mercury /Jupiter aspect can act as a trigger for internal conflict and mental discord. Anxiety. Uncertainty. It can cause you to be touchy or “jumpy,” guarded and apprehensive.

You could be dealing with trust issues, as in questioning other people’s motives or agendas. You could be questioning your own instincts, or fretting over something that just feels “off. It can be especially challenging for you to navigate through uncharted territories, much like the woman in this version of the card.

There are elements of fear, uncertainty and even paranoia associated with this card. This usually comes from overthinking and over-analyzing things to the point where your own intuition becomes hopelessly compromised.

While there’s no question that there are situations that call for you to be more guarded, you don’t want to make things worse by projecting your suspicions onto others.

The Seven of Swords calls for you to be mindful and alert, but you want to be just as aware of the potential for jumping to illogical conclusions.

This Mercury Jupiter transit is considered “minor” but it can wreak a lot of havoc. Especially if you’re easily distracted or given to emotional reactions.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 7, 2014 — Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Today as Mercury enters Gemini, you want to be thinking about ways to use your ingenuity to work through a problem or to get out of sticky situation.

The Seven of Swords in some decks refers to deception, trickery and duplicity. But when you break it down into its purest essence — Sevens and Swords — you can see that there’s an entire spectrum of manifestations for this archetype.

It speaks of ingenuity, mental acuity and strategy. You have to be quick on your feet to ward off some of the curve-balls that life throws your way, and a Seven of Swords / Mercury in Gemini combination fits that bill perfectly.

In this version of the card we see the Lepus constellation, which is associated with a Hare being chased down by Orion’s hunting dogs Canis Major and Minor. The Hare sits up on his haunches behind a semi-circle configuration of Seven swords. His ears are perked and he’s ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

This constellation features prominently in some lunar mythology, including the Moon Rabbit. I had never heard of this myth before but was deeply touched when I read it.

Speaking of the Moon, it’s also void of course for most of the day. You would do wise to sit back and observe (like the rabbit figure in this card) rather than taking any important actions today, as a void of course Moon tends to lose steam by the time it reaches the next sign (which will be tomorrow morning).

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 14, 2014 — Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Today you might need to act swiftly and decisively, especially if you’re wanting to strike while the iron is hot or jump on an opportunity before it’s too late.

The Seven of Swords is all about guile and mental acuity. It speaks of stealth, cunning and ingenuity, which may require you to keep your plans under wraps or to act entirely on your own. 

In some versions of this card, the emphasis is on treachery and evasion. And you do want to be on your guard against suspicious actions and behaviors.

Feeling like you’re being spied on, cheated, stolen from, or lied too are all common aspects of this card.

But this rendition emphasizes planning, cunning, ingenuity and problem-solving. Notice the protagonist deftly slipping away from the sleeping Dragon as he makes his escape.

He’s crept into the Dragon’s lair and has stolen 5 of the 7 swords. Now he must carefully retrace his steps as he makes his way toward the exit.

He must maintain his composure and not lose sight of his mission: one false move could send a river of gold spilling out from under him, which would surely wake the Dragon.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 3, 2014 — Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

You may need hold back on expressing some of your ideas today, or to at the very least develop a filter.

The Seven of Swords — like all Sevens — speaks of consequences that come from compromising your own principles. In this case it has to do with words, opinions and ideas (Swords) which may be in serious need of a 5-second delay.

It’s one thing to express yourself openly but another thing entirely to insult, offend or attack others.

There’s a danger of being too cocky or of being so sure of yourself that you don’t think about how your words can affect those you care about. Others may take what you say out of context too,

This version has a harlequin figure with her legs in the air and a sword balanced precariously on her feet above her. Another sword dangles from its hilt mere inches from her open mouth.

Is she too confident in her abilities? Too pompous to even consider the repercussions? Or too reckless to care? She may be all three. But if any of them cause her to slip up, the damage will be irreversible.

November 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring Deviant Moon Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot -- 2 of Pentacles

ARIES: This month you’re going to be weighing different options and opportunities as you work toward manifesting your goals. If you’re feeling pulled in different directions, you’ll be working on bringing the divergent areas of your life back into focus.

You may be juggling funds, career options, or even relationship choices, and are called upon now to find a middle ground. Moderation and balance are integral parts of satisfying the dual desires of this archetype.

In this version of the card, we see a Gypsy fortune-teller performing an exotic dance ritual under a crescent moon. Her movements are fluid and effortless; in fact she almost appears to be in a trance.

She holds a pentacle in each hand — the light of the moon balanced between them.

Pentacles relate to mundane areas and material concerns. Therefore you may find yourself juggling funds this month, or you may be torn between saving it up and spending it on something you just don’t need.

You could also be trying to decide whether to make a major purchase or hold off on it until a later date. With Mercury retrograde until the 10th, your best bet is to hold off.

I always liked the idea of “one hand feeding the other” with this card: you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket as you risk coming up empty handed. It’s best to keep some of your options afloat, until you’re clearer about the direction you want to go.


October 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring Shadowscapes Tarot

Ace of Swords

ARIES: Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords stands for intellect.

It gives you a fast paced way of thinking and is good for study, thinking ideas through thoroughly and making plans.

You may experience a myriad of thoughts this month and who can tell where they will lead you but one thing is certain if you keep your wits about you and think clearly you will come up with new ideas for old problems along with a different way of executing them.

Words can cut like a knife, they can also heal when applied correctly.

If you have anything you have been wanting to say to someone and have not been sure of how to say it you may find that this month your thoughts lead you to a new conclusion in how to best present your argument in a way that it will be heard.



September 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Archeon Tarot

Seven of Swords

ARIES: The Seven of Swords — like all sevens — speaks of difficult choices and moral dilemmas. There are temptations disguised as opportunities, which could turn out to be more than you bargained for in the end.

In this rendition, we see a raven perched before the light of a full moon, a glowing sun time-piece dangling from his beak. A legend is told in Native American traditions of a snow white bird who steals the sun and moon and places them in the night sky. The sun is so hot that it chars his white feathers, rendering them permanently black.

There are four swords piercing the moon and three penetrating the earth below it. As the moon represents mystery, illusion and the depths of the human psyche, we can see this as a need to penetrate the veil that obscures our motivations.  We’re reminded that all that glitters is not gold, that there are consequences for our actions. The concept of time is also relevant here, as in keeping track of time, not wasting time, and making time for things that are most important.

There are elements of mischief, trickery and even thievery in this card, You may be tempted to engage in practices that are not aligned with your principles. Or you may be the recipient of someone else’s duplicity. But these same elements can be used to your benefit. The seven of swords represents skill and ingenuity as well. You must have a sharp mind and a vigilant approach if you’re to navigate through some of the obstacles before you. Opportunities come your way, but there’s always a catch. Just like the raven whose cunning and prowess has rewarded him with the fiery sun, but whose feathers have become permanently charred in the process.


August 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Revelations Tarot


Is there something you have been wishing, praying and hoping for?

The card of the Star shows that you can have what you want and possibly without putting too much effort into it as long as you don’t start worrying, striving and generally putting your thoughts and emotions into a state of unbalance.

The Star is a card of happiness… of wishes coming true. Think of the saying “wish upon a star” and keep it in your mind as you go after your dreams.

The halo of doves and stars surrounding the woman in the card as she simultaneously fills one water urn and lets the other urn flow out depicts a balance in not holding on too tightly to something and trusting that what you want shall be fulfilled.

The reflection within the water shows what happens if you go against this balance with the red, amber tones standing for anger, frustration and a general blockage to getting what you want.


May 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Mary-El Tarot

ARIES: 7 of Disks

This month your values are likely to be tested.

You may be presented with several different opportunities — none of which are ideal, and most of which require you to make sacrifices you’re not prepared to make.

A “get rich quick” scheme or opportunity that seems too good to be true are just two examples.

If you look at the imagery in this card, you can see that both paths lead to the same point on the horizon.

One requires you to carry a heavier load, but the riches at the end are more plentiful. The other path is lighter, but leads to a less bountiful outcome.

You’ll have to keep your eye on the prize — and remember that all that glitters is not gold — if you want to navigate this next chapter toward the best possible conclusion.

Don’t be tempted by detours or shortcuts: the end result depends on both your willingness to stay on track and your refusal to compromise your principles.

April 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Golden Tarot of Klimt

Ten of Pentacles

ARIES: Ten of Pentacles

This month is about building upon what you already have and making it work for you. It is an excellent time to make a career move and if you are thinking of doing so then aim high!

The road before you is smooth and even with, perhaps, more options than you think.

Look for new areas of growth that can further your advancement but may not be obvious when you first look at the options laid out in front of you.

There is a solid and familiar feel to what you are aiming for and as you move towards it your dreams and ambitions become clearer.

The 10 pentacles is beautifully depicted in this card with the path (the journey) leading up to the grand building (the destination) in a clear, smooth path.

Overlapping across the path are branches of trees bursting with new growth (new ideas).

Be open to what comes to you and your path will be smooth towards your ultimate goal.