July 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

Three of Pentacles

ARIES: Three of Pentacles

July is a good month to join heads with like-minded people in the spirit of community and cooperation. The Three of Pentacles — this version from the Cheimonette Tarot — is all about team-work, group efforts and collaboration. It’s a reminder that two (3 or 4) heads are better than one and that none of us can achieve alone what we can achieve with others.

Although many aspects of this card emphasize friendship and celebration, this one focuses more on integrating the disparate parts of self. Body, Mind and Spirit come to mind. The Three Pentacles in this version contain a Sun Face, an Eye and a panoramic scene with yogi and horse figures.

The disks are all interconnected with the Sun disk shining a little brighter over the other two. A crescent moon with another eye rests below the three disks. In addition to teamwork and collaboration, the Three of Pentacles also speaks of hitting your stride and seeing the initial results of something you’ve been working hard on.

It speaks of breathing new life into a project or finding the “key” to something that has been puzzling you and holding you back. The Three of Pentacles — like all threes — refers to the initial stages of progress where you’ve taken an idea (the Ace), put it into production (the Two) and are making progress now toward creating something real (the Three).

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 2, 2015 — Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

You may find yourself in the position of having to stand up for you believe in today, even if it means standing up against others.

The Seven of Wands speaks of a need to be more alert, guarded and cautious, rather than accepting things at face value.

You may face opposition from others — in the form of competition or outright resistance.

You may feel attacked or ganged up on. You may also have to reconcile a “me against the world” attitude before it turns into a chip on your shoulder.

This is not the time to rest on your laurels. You need to be braced for attack as your views are more than likely going to rub others the wrong way.

This doesn’t mean you need to be aggressive or combative. It’s actually just the opposite. You need to adopt a defensive posture in order to deflect the daggers that will more than likely be flung your way.

The woman in this card — from the beautiful Sun and Moon Tarot — may be outnumbered. There are Six wands raised against her while she has only one. But she’s wisely positioned it in a protective stance so that no part of her being is vulnerable.

This is the message behind the Seven of Wands. You don’t cave in and you don’t cower in fear. Instead — like the woman in this card — you hold your ground and defend your turf, never wavering from your commitment to valor.

Think about the areas in your own life where you’re feeling more guarded and alert. You may feel challenged or unsupported, and it may be hard to see your way around the obstacles before you. But the Seven of Wands is a card of bravery; of standing tall, holding your ground and proceeding onward even in the face of adversity.

May 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

Nine of Wands

ARIES: Nine of Wands

This is the month you may feel like you’re starting to get your mojo back, after a period of frustration, boredom, dormancy or inertia.

The Nine of Wands refers to a period of uncertainty and hesitation that comes after you’ve given what feels like your ALL and still haven’t seen the results for your efforts.

You may have been frustrated with the lack of progress or worse, come “this close” to completing your journey only to find another roadblock ahead of you. This is very similar to the frustrations and impediments that abound when you perhaps haven’t made clear plans for what you wish to do. You’re saying “go go go” while the Universe is saying “no no no.”

The reds, oranges and golds in this version of the card — from the Mary-el Tarot — combined with the ferocious tiger and the flame in the woman’s hand, speak of the need for fearless restraint. The woman takes the tiger by the tail and raises the flame high in the air in a symbol of victory.

If you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, you may be better able to understand why you’ve been forced to step back and re-evaluate your needs.

Perhaps the setbacks you’ve encountered along the way have been more than just setbacks. Perhaps they’ve been lessons in disguise. With Mercury turning retrograde in your area of communication this month what better time do you have than to “plan, plan, plan.”

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 12, 2015 — Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

You may feel the need to brace yourself against an attack today, or hold your ground against what feels like perilous opposition.

The Seven of Wands — this version from Kessia-Beverley Smith’s Forest Folklore Tarot — refers to a need to be more alert, guarded and cautious, rather than accepting things at face value.

You may face opposition from others, in the form of competition or outright resistance. You may also feel “under siege:” as in being attacked or ganged up on.

In this version of the card a little fairy stands her ground from a branch that is situated between two trees. It’s clear that she’s outnumbered as she struggles to keep her adversaries at bay. She fends them off with her magic wand, keeping one hand on the tree for support.

The Seven of Wands — like all Sevens — refers to a dilemma that is not going to be easily reconciled. The question is: do you take the easy way out (in this case giving in to the masses and compromising your own integrity)? Or do you hold your ground — like the fairy in this card — and risk further alienating your detractors?

There are issues with boundaries present in this card as well, and it can manifest as feeling imposed upon or backed into a corner. But the same dilemma applies. You have to choose whether to give in or maintain your stance and deal with whatever repercussions result.

Whatever happens today — no matter how this plays out for you — you’re going to be called upon to take the high road. You’re going to be challenged to stand your ground and to not allow yourself to back down. You’ll also have to reconcile a “me against the world” attitude before it turns into a chip on your shoulder.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 2, 2015 — Black Tortoise Seven

Black Tortoise Seven

Black Tortoise Seven

Today you might find yourself up against what seems like an insurmountable obstacle that you’re going to have to use discipline, strategy and cunning to see yourself through.

This is the Feng Shui Tarot’s version of the Seven of Wands. It focuses more on the barriers that stand in your way than on the conflict and combativeness that’s usually associated with this card.

The Black Tortoise in this card gazes through the rungs of a locked gate at a mountain range in the distance. He may be longing to escape, or he may be pausing to consider more creative solutions to crossing over to the other side.

But it’s all a matter of perspective. Is he really locked out? Or is he safe in the confines of his own kingdom, protected from the turbulent storm clouds that are brewing in the distance.

The Seven of Wands — like all Sevens — is associated with strategies and decisions. And as the Sun sextiles Uranus today, you should be doing the same. Looking at your situation from all sides and figuring out the best course of action.

There is a “hold your ground” element to this card which is in keeping with the traditional Seven of Wands. But rather than fighting off someone trying to unseat you, you may be fighting off your own urges to see the grass as greener on the other side.

Think about what’s been obstructing you in your own quest to reach your goals. As there’s an expanse of water (emotions) between the gated ledge and the mountains across the way, there’s more than likely an emotional component at work here.

You may have to explore uncomfortable feelings or conquer hidden fears. Whatever it is, know that you do have the tools at your disposal. The Black Tortoise Seven requires you to consider solutions that might not be readily available as you plan your next move.

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ARIES: Magician

The Magician card is all about bringing your talents to the table and putting them to good use.

Perhaps you have been looking for a job or thinking of changing your occupation. If so it would be wise for you to sit down and assess exactly what it is you can bring to the table of any new employer or occupation you are chasing down.

This doesn’t need to be about you finding a job: it could be that you’re thinking about expanding your knowledge which makes you a little more employable and more valuable in the job market.

You may really be wishing to change jobs but are a little hesitant as you don’t think you have all that a new employer is looking for.

If this is the case think again because the card of the Magician is a strong indicator of a new job, change in careers and if you are happy in your current job it may be that you are about to be given more duties to perform.

Focus on the hands in this card you will see that one is pointed to the earth whilst the other is pointed to the heavens suggesting that you are aspiring to something great yet also grounded enough to see that you cannot just take a big jump and land in that greatness without a bit of preparation.


Jan 2015 Tarot Scopes featuring the Animal Wisdom Tarot

Two of Feathers

ARIES: Two of Feathers

This month may see you feeling torn between two competing interests or desires and at a loss as to which one one you really want to follow.

You start the month with an opposition between Mars (your ruler) and Jupiter, which are moving through your 11th (social) and 5th (personal) houses.

The Mars transit has you thinking about where you fit in in the world and about the contributions you’ve made. The Jupiter transit is more personal: it’s more about creativity and self-expression.

As difficult as it is to balance these dual desires, you may find yourself at an impasse. It’s hard to feed one set of urges without feeling like you’re neglecting the other.

You may need to take the time to reflect, much like the Heron in this card.

Here we see him gazing down at his reflection in a tranquil pool. A crescent moon shines in the night sky, illuminating the pair of feathers that are crisscrossed on the water’s surface.

The Heron is this deck’s version of the Two of Swords. As this card often refers to inaction and immobility, you might take a page from the Heron’s book and use that inertia to reflect on your options before you make a move.

Aries is usually more about “act first and think later.” But this month you might want to hold back and weigh your options instead. In doing so you may just be able to find a way to satisfy both sets of urges.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 28, 2014 — Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

You are well protected today with the ability to take your ideas forward into other areas of your life without fear of what may happen next.

It seems you have spent a lot of time building power both within and without yourself and it is time to call this power forth now and use it to realise your goals.

You have the strength to accomplish anything you want and all it takes is that first step for the goal to roar forth.

What you are wishing for comes from your heart, intellect and intuition. Nothing and no one will hold you back as you have made sure everything is in place and you are well protected from anything going wrong.

Not for you the gentle energy that courses through one when they are getting ready to release a new project or chapter in their life.

You have planned this change for a while and know exactly how much energy you need to put into it.

The stars allow you to make more than one wish.

The lion gives you energy and a voice to be heard while you stand within a protected circle and launch what you have been hoping to begin for a while.

This image reminds me of manifesting and if you are wanting to manifest something today use this image to alter your mind and focus your intentions on what it is you hope to manifest into your life and expect it to happen.

Everything starts with a thought… today your thoughts are shouting!

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 2, 2014 — Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

You seem to have your back up against the wall today with things coming at your right, left and centre.

Staying grounded and standing your ground may be the only 2 things on your mind but there is possibly a third option. Rather than standing still and facing up to what others want from you today, which they may or may not have any right in demanding, you could retreat to the safety of the castle in the background of the image.

If you did so I wonder what you would find there. Would it be a safe retreat where you could clear you mind and come up with a plan to put into place and face your opposition at another time or would it become like a prison to you where you are not willing to leave the safety it surrounds you with?

With the sun beating down and the sheer desolation seen in the landscape of this card it may be better to “regroup” your thoughts on how to proceed rather than expending more valuable energy which has seemed to get you nowhere.

The problems you are facing seem to have become insurmountable almost imminently. There is no image suggesting where they came from or from what or who you are being attacked. This is another good reason to retreat and replenish your energy.

You don’t have to take care of everything today. Give yourself some time out until things become clear and whilst you are doing so you might want to keep these words in your mind… sometimes you kiss a frog and he turns into a Prince… other times you think you are kissing a Prince and he turns out to be a frog.

October 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the 78 Tarot

Aries:  Five of Swords

If you rush into something too quickly this month you may find that it comes back to bite you.

Think of what your Achilles heel is and keep an eye on it because it may not only be you who is affected. Someone will have your back and you need to be aware that your actions do not only affect you but others also.

If you find yourself at odds within a situation do not come out fighting because if you do you may find you have done exactly what the other person wanted all along and as there is total balance in this image you don’t want to go rocking any boats to put yourself at a disadvantage.

It may be that you are on the verge of leaving a relationship, a job or simply have had enough of your life at present and want to throw it all in and start something new.

However, what you do not need is action that is not well thought out… rather you need a plan.

With an eclipse in your sign on the 8th and Mercury retrograde for a large part of the month it will be difficult to see the woods from the trees but if you can imagine glimpses of your wishes coming into reality then you get the idea of what you need to do and why it is so important to hold off for the time being.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 9, 2014 — Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

You may find yourself in a situation today that you need to come out fighting to protect yourself and those around you. If this is the case then make sure you have a game plan in place because the opposition looks as if they are not taking any heed of your words or actions.

If there is a situation building up in your workplace that looks as if it may blow up you need to take several steps back and watch from the side lines. Do not get embroiled within the game that is being played out here as it looks suspiciously like bullying and the more power you give to this bullying the more the bully will benefit from it.

You may wish to look at what rights you do have because even though you look like the “under dog” (or “under fox”) in this situation you have other avenues to explore and those avenues will need to be you keeping a clear head while you ascertain what legal rights you could use to get this bully off your back.

If you look at the image in this card you will see that you are perhaps trying to protect others with your behaviour or that you are trying to protect what you have earned whether this be your reputation or your position you will not back down and just hand it over without a fight.

There is also the position you hold within the image and it looks as if you are the one whose territory is being encroached on.

Ask the Tarot: Second Time Around

Second Time Around

A client wants to know about a relationship that ended a few years back. It started, faltered and then fizzled out over the course of a year, without ever fully developing into the serious, committed relationship that my client was interested in.

Since January, their relationship has been “back on” again, after several different transitions (from periods of not speaking at all to attempts to maintain the connection as a friendship only, with a few ‘casual’ hookups in between).

Now though things seem to be moving forward again. And my client — Melissa — is curious about how this plays out in their cards and charts.