Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 17, 2014 — Temperance



Today you may be looking for ways to release some of your pent-up energy and frustration in an effort to restore the equilibrium in your life.

The Temperance card refers to bringing the opposing aspects of your personality (or your relationships, or your desires) into alignment by finding that perfect middle ground.

That’s not always easy — especially if you’re dealing with competing urges — such as the desire to move full speed ahead in pursuit of a goal vs. the need to hold back, regroup and exercise restraint.

The imagery in this version of the card is a dramatic departure from what we’re using to seeing. In place of the traditional symbols of balance, harmony and moderation, we see a tiger slicing through the ocean’s current as he propels himself toward his destination.

He moves with such purpose and ferocity that we might not notice how these two seemingly incompatible forces join together. But this is the essence of the Temperance card. The juxtaposition of masculine (tiger) and feminine (water), hot and cold — notice the steam rising from his back as he swims against the frigid tide — combined with the tiger’s dogged determination against the backdrop of the water’s mutability. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 31, 2014 — Nine of Disks

Nine of Disks

Nine of Disks

Today you should start seeing evidence of all your hard work mirrored right back to you, in both the spiritual and material realms.

As Mercury enters Leo today, it’s a good time to be shifting your attitude to one of gratitude. And as Venus moves into a grand trine with Chiron and Saturn, it’s going to be important to temper your ambitions with empathy and compassion for others.

The Nine of Disks refers to a sense of satisfaction for all you’ve achieved, though not because you’ve been lucky or have been the benefactor of someone’s generosity.

It’s through your own hard work and determination (seen in the Eight of Disks) that leads to that you to that place of fulfillment, although we know that none of us gets to where we’re going alone.

We all know (in theory) that all the money in the world won’t buy us happiness if it’s acquired without passion . Yet we keep on wanting more of it, and find ourselves struggling with the idea of figuring out how much is “enough.”

The Nine of Disks challenges us to not only answer that question but to examine our personal values as well.  Money is just one form “values” and is usually the one we pay the most attention to. We need to be mindful of the temptation to overlook one set of values for another, especially when it involves compromising our principles.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 6, 2014 — Eight of Disks

Eight of Disks

After working so hard to fine-tune your skills, now is the time to start thinking about showing the rest of the world what you’re made of.

You may be putting the finishing touches on a project or getting ready to dust off your degree. Or you may have discovered a new passion that has you prepared to invest your time and energy into.

The Eight of Disks has been called the “apprenticeship card.” It refers to finding your personal labor of love and devoting yourself fully to it. It’s the precarious balance between passion and discipline, as you hone your craft to perfection.

You may be making a pivotal move toward achieving what it is you really want to achieve.

Look at the imagery in this card.  There are a set of lions — one red and one gold — framing a delicate lamb. They rise up on either side like pillars of strength and virtue, leave little room for error.

It takes focus, determination and preservation (notice the lamb so peacefully situated between the two pillars) to achieve this level of mastery.

Ask yourself; are you protecting the lamb or are you preparing to devour it? The desire to hold on to your work may be just as compelling as the need to set it free.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 5, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups denotes success so why are you sitting there not moving and just thinking everything through that you need to do to achieve that which you most want?

Perhaps it is because today with the Sun in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and the moon in Virgo (also ruled by Mercury) you are well and truly stuck within Mercury’s grasp as to only be “thinking” and not “doing”.

This is not a bad thing because Mercury is just about to go retrograde in the next few days and whatever else is said about Mercury retrograde periods they are good for one thing… planning! And with the Sun and Uranus also moving toward a harmonious (sextile) aspect today, you’ can get very inventive in how you go about making those plans.

If you look at this card you will see the dualistic nature of the imagery and colours. The crescent shaped moon on one side of the chair, which incidentally shows the current stage the moon is in today, its first phase, which is just ripe for planning. The Sun on the other side of the chair which is good for actions.

A white gorilla sitting between the Sun and moon with an Ankh symbol — or the Key of Life — in its hands. Or is it Venus? A strong argument can be made for Venus given the rest of the imagery in this card. In which case you don’t want to allow your love life to encroach on your dreams.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 19, 2014 — Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

Today you may feel like you’re starting to get your mojo back, after a period of frustration, boredom, dormancy or inertia.

For the last 6 weeks or so Mars has been retrograde, which may have coincided for you with taking a step back to reassess your goals. You may have even experienced them being thwarted by external circumstances — scheduling conflicts or resistance from others, for example.

The Nine of Wands refers to that period of uncertainty and hesitation that comes after you’ve given what feels like your ALL and still haven’t seen the results for your efforts.

You may have been frustrated with the lack of progress — or worse — come *this close* to completing your journey, only to find another road-block ahead of you.

This is very similar to the frustrations and impediments that abound when Mars is in retrograde. You’re saying “go go go” while the Universe is saying “no no no.”

But if you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, you may be better able to understand why you’ve been forced to step back and to re-evaluate your needs. Perhaps the setbacks you’ve encountered along the way have been more than just setbacks. Perhaps they’ve been lessons in disguise.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 5, 2014 — Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

How often have you been guilty of opening your mouth and saying the first thing that comes to mind, undaunted by the potential for repercussions?

This isn’t an entirely inadmirable quality: after all, you do have much wisdom to impart. But the Queen of Swords appears to you today as a harbinger, heralding a better approach toward meeting your objectives.

It’s a call for you to listen, use your head, think strategically, and make sure that what you say doesn’t get drowned out by all the static reverberating around you.

Look at the imagery in this card. The Queen of Swords is barely visible, half-hidden behind the ravens that are perched on barren branches. Only her eye, peering through the raven’s wing, is clear.

The ravens in this card — Norse mythology’s Huginn and Muninn — are shamanic shape-shifters. They represent Thought (Huginn) and Memory (Muninn) that send Odin to a trance-like state.

An interesting side-note (or synchronicity as this card was pulled without looking at astrological correlations) is Mercury’s conjunction to Algol today. Algol is an eclipsing binary, called the “blinking demon” by some. The image in this card — and the conjunction to Mercury which Jodie Forrest so eloquently referenced above is uncanny.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 23, 2014 — Five of Cups

Five of Cups - Mary-el

Five of Cups

Today you may have to face some painful realities about the state of your relationship.

You could be struck by a sense of discontent and disillusionment over what once seemed like a “magical” union but is now developing cracks. Misunderstandings or miscommunications can abound, sending you hurdling back to earth and back to the reality of your situation.

Look at the imagery in this card. We see a mythical Unicorn seated atop an old-fashioned wishing well. At first glance it looks like something you’d expect to come across in a fairy-tale. But if you look closer, you can see that the Unicorn is not seated at all. He’s trapped in the well and has been hobbled, immobilized by his unfortunate circumstances.

The water flowing from the sides of the well has slowed down to a trickle. He looks away from the set of withering vines on the left and toward those that are lush and plentiful on the right. The skeleton key symbol over his heart is reminiscent of the astrological glyph used for Greek Mythology’s wounded healer, Chiron.

How might this imagery apply to you? And what can you learn from the circumstances that make this card now relevant in your life?

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 10, 2014 — Two of Swords

Two of Swords

Two of Swords

You’re striving for equilibrium today, as a means toward balancing all of the dichotomies in your life.

Whether you feel yourself being pulled in two different directions — between head and heart, for example — or just need a break from the chaos surrounding you, this card encourages you to take a step back, be still in the moment and reflect on what you want, removed from any external distractions.

You may wish to “rise above” all of the turmoil that is festering beneath you, but as with the imagery depicted in this card, you won’t be able to completely escape it.

The juxtaposition of opposing forces (moth vs. snake, day vs. night, life vs. death, hibernation vs. metamorphosis) reminds us that there is a brief moment in between. And it’s in that moment — the stillness and the presence of mind that occurs only there — where clarity, perspective and understanding are born.

Trust your instincts and work on following your intuition. This card requires you to access both hemispheres of your brain, whether that relates to creative, practical or even spiritual considerations.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 25, 2014 — Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Sparks may fly for you today in the romance department. Whether you’re in an established relationship or just venturing out into the dating scene, there’s an animal magnetism present that gets you in sync with others who are on the same wavelength. This is the essence of the Two of Cups.

The Two of Cups refers to an attraction or a bond — a “love connection” — with someone you’ve developed an interest in. There’s also an implicit “opposites attract” energy present here, as seen in the magnificent creatures depicted on this card.

The red horse is clearly “masculine:” He’s confident, driven, passionate and aggressive. The white horse is more “feminine:” she’s timid, gentle, passive and subdued. These terms don’t refer to gender stereotypes; they describe a union of opposites regardless of sex or sexual orientation.

The concepts of opposites attracting, sexual / primal urges, and anima / animus projections are all beautifully referenced here. The masculine and feminine archetypes as depicted in this card are just as powerful as they are simplistic.

While the urge to merge is going to be particularly strong, you can take comfort in the knowledge that maintaining your identity is a welcome part of this process.

Decisions, Decisions — the Lovers Card

the Lovers -- Mary El Tarot

If you’ve ever found yourself in the uncomfortable position of being torn between two lovers, you’ll know exactly how difficult it is to make a choice.

You may have looked at others in that situation with disdain — only to find yourself later on in the exact same predicament.

You may have been on the painful receiving end of your loved one being tempted by another, or — even more painful — having given in to those temptations.

The lovers card, for all its exciting-sounding prospects, is a card of difficult (and sometimes next to impossible) choices. It doesn’t generally refer to the kind of passionate love affairs that you read about in romance novels. No. Someone usually gets hurt. Sometimes that someone is you.

This card refers to choices that must be considered, sacrifices that must be made, and consequences that must be accepted.

It can also refer to the union of polarities, as in the Mary-el version of the card.

The figures here are about as opposite as they can get: male and female, young and old, black and white. The female figure is strong and aloof, the male passive and vulnerable, Yet they flow together in an intimate embrace.

Even so, there’s an apparent emotional disconnect in this rendition. The female figure stares off into the distance while the males gazes downward.

Ask the Tarot: Where is this Relationship Heading?

One of the most common questions that psychics, astrologers and tarot readers are asked is: ”Where is my relationship heading?” This usually comes in the early days of a new relationship, when things are still relatively undefined — but can also come later on in established relationships, after there’ve been a few bumps in the road.

There are so many nuances to this question — just as many as there are to any given relationship, but if you distill it down to its purest essence, the answer to that question boils down to three things: what person A is bringing to the table; what person B is bringing to the table, and the “table” (i.e., relationship) itself.

Ten of Swords — a New Day is Dawning

“What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

What do you do when you come to the end of as arduous journey and find yourself facing a very painful reality?

Perhaps a relationship has run its course, and you’re forced now to finally put it to rest. Or maybe a dream you held onto for far too long is proving itself to be impossible to achieve.

You know that you’ve given it your all — you’ve fought a worthy battle — but you realize it’s time to let it go: once and for all. You just don’t have any more “fight” left in you.

So what do you do? Do you lay down and die, or do you surrender to the knowledge that the Universe has something entirely different in store for you?

Most renditions of this card are somewhat harrowing to look at.

The imagery is often full of scenes of danger, fear, bloodshed and defeat.

A man is beaten down to within an inch of his life, 10 sharp daggers plunged into his back. Or a Christ-figure hangs limp from a war-ravaged cross, a pool of blood collecting at its base.