Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 27, 2015 — Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Today is a day for taking care of yourself as well as others and if there has been any imbalance between the two lately then it’s time to take a look at that.

The Queen of Cups — this version from Charissa Drengsen’s Steampunk Tarot — is sensitive, loving, nurturing and maternal. She may take on a motherly role among friends and co-workers. People look up to her and rely on her for guidance.

If this is you, you may need to remember how much people value you in this role. If you’re so caught up in business or social affairs that you don’t have time for one-on-one with those who matter most, it’s time to take a second look at what’s most important to you.

The Queen of Cups though may be someone in your life — a parent, older sibling, friend or supervisor. If this is someone in your life, know that she’s got your best interests at heart.

She may be the person you need to turn to when you’re feeling insecure or uncertain. She may also be a version of you that needs to be brought to the forefront.

Either way — it’s all about giving and receiving comfort. Making others feel at home. Letting them know you are there for them. And being willing to take off your business attire and assume that role yourself.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 29, 2015 — Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

Today is a day for expressing yourself a little more colorfully and dramatically than you’re probably used to.

It may be a call for you to step outside of your comfort zone and show the rest of the world what you’re made of.

This is the Steampunk Tarot’s version of the Queen of Wands. She’s creative and charismatic, with a keen sense of fashion and a flair for drama.

She may be someone in your life, an event or a part of yourself. She may be a supervisor, a parent, a friend or even some facet of yourself that has long been dormant.

She has a lot of fiery Goddess energy and can teach you a thing or two about leading with your heart.

The reds and golds in this card bring to mind things like like passion, drive, energy and creative self-expression. But there’s an enigmatic quality to this Queen as well, with the self-conscious draping of her bold costume against the backdrop of such a vibrant setting.

If you’ve been hiding in the shadows or downplaying some of the more expressive aspects of your personality, now is the time to step up and be seen. The Queen of Wands encourages you to get out there and put your best foot forward, in whatever capacity you can.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 30, 2015 — The Tower


The Tower

Sometimes you can walk straight through a crisis although you may need a little help in doing so and sometimes you take a fall when you are at your most vulnerable.

The Tower — this version from the Steampunk Tarot by Charissa Drengsen —  is a card that shows you that all can come undone at the drop of a hat and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you are lucky enough to be still standing — like the figure of the man in the top right hand side of this card, even though he’s precariously balanced and at a great height — you may also need to ask yourself whether you’re still hold onto something that’s blown up and smashed itself apart.

Perhaps it’s not luck at all but desperately clinging to something that is no longer serving you.

Other people seem oblivious to your obvious distress and pay no heed to what is around. This is in keeping with today’s Moon / Chiron conjunction, which can make you feel unsupported or even invisible.

The ship in the lower right hand side of the card gives the impression that it may be launching or wrecked and this is also true of the card of the Tower. You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over again or you can sit within the wreckage and feel sorry for yourself.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 4, 2015 — King of Cups

King of Cups

King of Cups

Help may come to you through an older man who is not quite what he seems.

For one, you may not think he is listening to you as can be seen in the image of the King of Cups.

He seems to have his back to you but since Cups equal emotions consider that he is listening to you and understands things on a whole different level.

Notice how he has one ear displayed prominently in your direction even though he may not appear to have heard or understood you… he has… because he interprets what you say on a different level.

A level that is mixed with intuition and it is from there that he forms his conclusions.

I particularly like the headgear he is wearing on this card — this version from Charissa Drengsen’s Steampunk Tarot — as it shows he is plugged into things in a totally different way to what you expect.

If he is someone you have just met then do not take him at face value.

As can be seen from the tattoos on his body (and I’m not saying he will have tattoos when you meet him) but these images show a rich life… a rich tapestry to his own life and how he views life and others in general.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 31, 2015 — Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Mercury moves into Aries today and Mars moves into Taurus. This may be a bit of a mixed bag for you with your mind (Mercury) racing ahead (Aries) and your body (Mars in Taurus) wanting to slow things down.

The Aries energy is likely to win out though — with six planets in fire signs and the Sun conjuncting the Aries south node.

As March winds down and we move into April we bring you the Eight of Wands — this version from Charissa Dresden’s  Steampunk Tarot — and a gorgeous array of sunny parasols.

The Eight of Wands is a high energy card that represents a highly focused sense of action and activity. It’s not without distraction: you may find that you have too much going on or too many interests and have to figure out where to direct your attention.

You may also find that you’ve got so much on your plate that you feel the need to rush as you scramble to get things accomplished.

The Eight of Wands is all about action, progress and momentum. It’s about getting things done and making things happen. It may be as simple as ticking off all the little things on your to-do list, and it may be as significant as making great headway on an important project.

And while it might feel to you like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, you could be surprised when it’s over at how much you really accomplished. The Eight of Wands can also refer to travel. In that respect it relates to being literally and physically on the go. Are you planning a weekend getaway? Use this extra energy to make preparations for your trip.

Keep in mind though that the all this fiery energy can be impatient and therefore somewhat reckless. You want to stay alert and pay attention to your environment if you do end up making travel plans.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 6, 2015 — Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Dreams of yesterday and the past may be with you just now as you find yourself lost in nostalgia and of times gone by.

An old friend or lover may come back into your life and reconnect with you. Alternately you may feel the urge to reach out and touch someone from your past.

The Six of Cups speaks of memories from the past being triggered today. Possibly by an event — a song that reminds you of days gone by, a scene from your childhood, or a scent that comes wafting back and conjures up feelings of nostalgia.

Children may figure prominently for you and the thoughts of your own childhood be triggered by their presence.

Fun times and playfulness abound for you.

You will feel light hearted as if you don’t need to worry about anything and in doing so you can throw from you  worries that have been burdening you lately.

The ferns on either side of this card bring up an image of using your imagination to get what you want.

The cups stacked in the middle bring back memories of childhood play and innocence. And the antiquated photograph is a reminder of days gone by. If you are used to meditating and visualizing what you wish for then this is a good time to do so.

Do not let the past hold you back because in the past there are many lessons which can propel you towards a future that you can only dream of.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 22, 2014 — Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Today’s Venus / Chiron aspect may have you looking at whatever you’re holding onto for dear life and thinking about whether you’d be better served to step back and scrutinize what it is you think you may lose if you don’t let go of those reigns.

Have you been trying to hang onto what you have and not let any of it go?  This may be in relation to your assets, finances, possessions or even your feelings and heart.

Sometimes money and feelings go hand in hand. You may not be willing to see it that way but money can be a powerful ally when it comes to relationships and emotions and who “owns” what within a relationship.

Sometimes it’s not so clear cut as that: you may not be seeing that what really matters is love and money cannot buy you this… or can it?

Perhaps you should ask yourself if your financial matters have become entwined with your emotional matters and if so where does one end and the other begin. What you would be willing to lose and what would you gain if you lost it.

Some people are happy with very little money as long as they have love, while others have very little love and a lot of money. From an astrological standpoint, Venus rules both.