Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 8, 2015 — The World

The World

The World

You may be on the verge of closing the door on an important chapter in your life today and preparing to open another.

The World card — called the Universe in some decks — completes the Fool’s journey and as such, speaks of fulfillment, integration and completion.

For example, you could be finishing a course or internship, tying up lose ends on a project that you’re ready to launch, putting a failed relationship behind you and getting back into the dating scene, finishing (and feeling good about) a self-improvement regimen, etc.

The possibilities are endless, but in all of the above scenarios the World card does not signify an ending as much as it does a new beginning. You’ve put something behind you in order to begin anew, a little higher up on the rungs this time.

In this version — from the Tarot of the Magical Forest — the central figure is a cat suspended in mid-air, framed by a laurel wreath and holding two wands.

In each corner of the card stands the symbol for each of the four fixed zodiac signs. The Eagle for Scorpio, the Water bearer for Aquarius, the Lion for Leo and the Bull for Taurus.

Note that all four symbols are winged as if they are there to bring out the best in the attributes of these signs and not the negatives. These four figures also correspond to the winged figures surrounding God’s throne in the Book of Revelations.

Apart from those references though, the message behind the world card is best received with insight and awareness. Ask yourself: “What is is I’ve learned through all that I’ve experienced in this chapter of my life?” and “What must I now give up in order to start anew?” If you can answer those two questions with honesty and humility, you’ll be able to carry those lessons into the next chapter.

The World card is a card of both fulfillment and completion. With that in mind, it’s time to put the finishing touches on projects that are almost finished, and also time to rest anything that just didn’t pan out for you. You’re preparing to start a whole new journey, and in doing so will want to with as clean a slate as possible.

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ARIES: Magician

The Magician card is all about bringing your talents to the table and putting them to good use.

Perhaps you have been looking for a job or thinking of changing your occupation. If so it would be wise for you to sit down and assess exactly what it is you can bring to the table of any new employer or occupation you are chasing down.

This doesn’t need to be about you finding a job: it could be that you’re thinking about expanding your knowledge which makes you a little more employable and more valuable in the job market.

You may really be wishing to change jobs but are a little hesitant as you don’t think you have all that a new employer is looking for.

If this is the case think again because the card of the Magician is a strong indicator of a new job, change in careers and if you are happy in your current job it may be that you are about to be given more duties to perform.

Focus on the hands in this card you will see that one is pointed to the earth whilst the other is pointed to the heavens suggesting that you are aspiring to something great yet also grounded enough to see that you cannot just take a big jump and land in that greatness without a bit of preparation.


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Two of Feathers

ARIES: Two of Feathers

This month may see you feeling torn between two competing interests or desires and at a loss as to which one one you really want to follow.

You start the month with an opposition between Mars (your ruler) and Jupiter, which are moving through your 11th (social) and 5th (personal) houses.

The Mars transit has you thinking about where you fit in in the world and about the contributions you’ve made. The Jupiter transit is more personal: it’s more about creativity and self-expression.

As difficult as it is to balance these dual desires, you may find yourself at an impasse. It’s hard to feed one set of urges without feeling like you’re neglecting the other.

You may need to take the time to reflect, much like the Heron in this card.

Here we see him gazing down at his reflection in a tranquil pool. A crescent moon shines in the night sky, illuminating the pair of feathers that are crisscrossed on the water’s surface.

The Heron is this deck’s version of the Two of Swords. As this card often refers to inaction and immobility, you might take a page from the Heron’s book and use that inertia to reflect on your options before you make a move.

Aries is usually more about “act first and think later.” But this month you might want to hold back and weigh your options instead. In doing so you may just be able to find a way to satisfy both sets of urges.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 7, 2014 — The World

The World

The World

While some people are busy looking at the glass as half-empty, you’re seeing it as more than full. You’re focusing on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved over the last several months

If you sit back and take stock of what has actually changed for you will get the sense that while some things change others stay the same and this is neither good nor bad.

Everything is as it should be for you to enter the next phase of your plans.

The journey that began with the Fool ends here with the “World,” and a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and completion.

And just like the Fool, you’ve come full-circle, from instinct to essence to progress to development, as you end one cycle and embark on a new one.

This card represents endings and new beginnings.You must tie up loose ends and close the door on one chapter in your life — even if that leaves you with feelings of longing or regret.

You can see the tree in this card sitting on top of the world, encircling and embracing it. It grows upwards towards the heavens and the world just keeps on turning — just as we must grow and change with the natural rhythms of life.

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Aries:  Empress

It may be time to start treating yourself as a Queen and putting your own needs and wants first rather than doing what everyone else wants you to do and scrutinising over every decision and move you make.

If you were looking for a promotion at work you will need to be equally on the alert that you are not seen as someone who is not able to stand their ground and do what is needed.

Because while others see you as no threat they will pass by you and possibly go over you when it comes to a promotion at work which leaves you back at square one.

On the other hand if you are taking care of or nurturing someone else this is an excellent month for you as you seem to know just what to do or say at the right moment.

Relationships may be coming under scrutiny for you and your own place within the relationship being put under the microscope so to speak.

Don’t be afraid to make the changes you see needed change and don’t be held back by over analysing everything around you.

Everyone has the right to do what is best for them and from the image on this card there doesn’t look like there is any chance you would hurt someone in the purpose.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 31, 2014 — The World

The World

The World

You may be feeling like you’re coming to the end of one chapter of your life and preparing to embark on another.

The World card (Universe in some decks) speaks of a sense of fulfillment and completion as you put the finishing touches on a project or cycle and begin to tie up loose ends.

This version of the card is ripe with symbolic imagery. We see a sea siren or mermaid, framed by the mythical Ouroboros (world serpent).

Two human-faced fish are situated at the top of the card, gazing at one another. A pair of hybrid beasts safeguard the gateway between past and future at the bottom of the card.

According to tradition, the Ouroboros swallows his own tail and devours himself, only to be reborn again and again.

This represents the World card’s on-going cycle of past and future, death and rebirth, transformation and regeneration.

The mermaid is front center here, midway between the past and future. She’s risen from the sea behind her as she begins her transition across solid ground.

She only needs to cross through the gateway before her to complete the transition. She may need to confront her fears (the beasts on the other side), but if you look at them closely, they’re not so frightening after all.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 25, 2014 — the World Tree

World Tree

The World Tree

With Jupiter trining Uranus today it is a day to not get too dramatic and upset about things that may come your way because with this combination of planets you may find yourself going off in all different directions and lose your inner peace…. possibly in a good way.

Jupiter and Uranus are both in fire signs which means energy is high and Jupiter, the planet of luck, combined with the easy energy of the trine from Uranus may also work in your favour with coming to a conclusion that you have long been pondering the answer for.

Notice the labyrinth before the World Tree. Parts of it cannot be seen and are left to your imagination to work out and the fact it is within this image gives you something to concentrate on today and draw your thoughts back to if you find them getting out of control.

The World Tree is showing all seasons from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter which is a bit like your moods today.

In other words be prepared for anything as it will not be subtle when it arrives and may leave you going through a plethora of mood swings.

If you find this happening be aware that you have a lot of strength to draw on as well as wisdom. You have laid out a solid life for yourself and are stronger than you think.