Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 9, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Today — with the planet of love (Venus) in hard aspect to the planet of excess and overindulgence (Jupiter), you could find yourself tempted to overdo it in some areas.

The Nine of Cups is associated with appreciating the finer things in life. With a natural fondness for luxury, comfort, sensuality. composure, self-indulgence, and tranquility. And potentially with excess, depending on how fond of those things — and how susceptible to their charms you are — at this point in your life.

Overall this card speaks of getting to where you feel comfortable enough to kick your heels up and start enjoying the fruits of your labors. And while you may not be exactly there just yet, this card indicates a sense of accomplishment and pride in how far you’ve come.

Here we see a man leaning back and draping his arms across the what looks like a well-stocked bar. He doesn’t appear to have a care in the world.

A large painting of a tastefully concealed nude woman hangs on the wall in the background. Everything about him is relaxed, right down to the trust he places in his rickety chair.

This Venus / Jupiter aspect can be a bit careless. As in trusting too much and taking too many chances. But there’s an element of luck there too, which seems to offset the risk. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 6, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Today is a good day to be counting your blessings. The Nine of Cups is called the “Wish Card.” It refers to abundance, prosperity, felicity and fulfillment. it’s a card of gratitude and wonder; it speaks of being present in the moment and willing to receive all that the Universe has to offer.

The Nine of Cups serves as an important reminder that we all create our own joy. We can get stuck in a mindless rut of worry and anxiety or we can make choices to embrace our good fortune and see our not-so-good fortune as lessons or stepping stones.

This version of the card is rich with esoteric symbolism. The Nine Cups look like golden bells, symbols of the abundance that echoes all around us. A winged-heart with is an all-seeing eye floats in the center against the backdrop of a star-filled sky.

The Rumi quote: “God will grant you whatever you desire in your heart” ties in perfectly with the modern-day Law of Attraction principles. And in the context of this quote, it refers to the personal relationship that each of us have with the Divine.

Nothing is taken for granted here — it’s all about putting out there to the Universe what you want and fully expecting to have it delivered. At the same time there’s a great appreciation for all that you have and a willingness to share it with others.

August 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Star Tarot

Aries:  Strength

If you find yourself needing to draw on inner strength this month or gain help from those around you then don’t be afraid to ask.

You are not alone and you have plenty of resources to help you along your path. Even though you cannot see the final outcome you have an inner “knowingness” to help you on your way.

As the month progresses you should be feeling the changes around you as you seem to shed your skin and grow a new one… meaning… the changes you implement around you in your environment are coming from within and yourself as opposed to outside forces.

If there is a relationship you feel has outgrown its purpose and has been holding you back then you are well and truly on the road to releasing yourself from its clutches and what’s more you have the strength and resources to back you up.

Reach out to anyone you think may be of help to you now as you start your new cycle.

The moon in the background of this card may seem to be either in its first or last quarter or if you look at it again it could even be seen as an eclipse… and eclipses mean change!


Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 5, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups denotes success so why are you sitting there not moving and just thinking everything through that you need to do to achieve that which you most want?

Perhaps it is because today with the Sun in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and the moon in Virgo (also ruled by Mercury) you are well and truly stuck within Mercury’s grasp as to only be “thinking” and not “doing”.

This is not a bad thing because Mercury is just about to go retrograde in the next few days and whatever else is said about Mercury retrograde periods they are good for one thing… planning! And with the Sun and Uranus also moving toward a harmonious (sextile) aspect today, you’ can get very inventive in how you go about making those plans.

If you look at this card you will see the dualistic nature of the imagery and colours. The crescent shaped moon on one side of the chair, which incidentally shows the current stage the moon is in today, its first phase, which is just ripe for planning. The Sun on the other side of the chair which is good for actions.

A white gorilla sitting between the Sun and moon with an Ankh symbol — or the Key of Life — in its hands. Or is it Venus? A strong argument can be made for Venus given the rest of the imagery in this card. In which case you don’t want to allow your love life to encroach on your dreams.

June 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Hezicos Tarot

Hezicos Tarot -- Judgment

Aries:  Judgement

What decisions have you been needing to make and perhaps been putting off for a while.

You seem to be very clear in what you are thinking but perhaps the outcome you are hoping to achieve seems out of your reach as different aspects of it come to mind and your clear thinking is not correlating with the clear actions you need to take to reach your goal.

This is such a beautiful card… it is a card to get “lost” in whilst you take a step back in order to clarify what you really want to do.

Your mind looks so busy covered in a red hood, the creatures of the sea, both mythical and not, dance around you almost daring you to take your eye of your goal and come and play with them for a while.

Perhaps this is what you really need… to take yourself out of such serious contemplation of decision making and throw yourself into a little bit of fun and playfulness for a while. By doing so you may distract yourself to the point that the answers come more clearly to you.


April 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Dream Raven Tarot

ARIES: Queen of Wands

You may look calm and peaceful on the outside as if you hold the secret to the pyramids within you and could endure anything.

But just look at those flames flickering at the end of each wing… almost as if you are ready to “take off” or launch into a blazing mood which comes from nowhere.

This is a time to sit back and weigh up your options without the distraction of others and what they think, say or do.

Keep your own counsel and act accordingly with what is right for you. You have your eye on the outcome and know how to achieve it.

Notice how the bird in this card keeps her eye on the dragonfly… she is not about to let anything get in her way or dissuade her from the course she has chosen.

You have the energy within you to make your dreams come true… wish wisely and don’t waste your time and energy on the mundane.



Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 17, 2014 — Nine of Lights

Nine of Lights - Dante Tarot

Nine of Lights

This can be a rewarding and fulfilling day for you. The Nine of Lights provides you with opportunities to count your blessings, thank your lucky stars and be witness to miracles taking place all around you.

This card (referred to as the Nine of Cups in most decks) refers to abundance, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment. it’s a card of gratitude and wonder; it speaks of being present in the moment and willing to receive all that the Universe has to offer.

In this version of the card we see Dante (from the Divine Comedy’s Paradiso volume) ascending into the Eighth Heaven — the Sphere of Fixed Stars. We see him rising above the earth, through the clouds and sky, past the planets and constellations, and on into Heaven. His lifts up his arms — in wonder and gratitude — basking in the glory that surrounds him.

Here’s a simplified summary of this section, from the website:

“Beatrice and Dante ascend to the Eighth Heaven, sphere of the Fixed Stars. Dante gazes down on Earth and realizes how small and petty it is. They witness the coronation and re-ascension of Mary and Christ into the Empyrean. St. Peter examines Dante on faith. Dante conveys his hope of returning to Florence one day to be crowned as a poet. St. James examines Dante on hope. Dante goes blind. St. John examines Dante on charity. Adam answers Dante’s four questions. St. Peter denounces corrupt popes.”

March 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Dreaming Way Tarot

march tarotscopes -- judgment

ARIES: Judgment

This month you’ll be thinking about how the actions and decisions you’ve made have led you to where you are today.

The Judgment card can refer to a moment of “reckoning” where all the pieces of the puzzle start to come together and you see how you’ve participated — for better or worse — in the story of your life.

With this comes two very important considerations: one — that you can take charge and make changes in your life (as in rewriting your own script) and two — that you can view other people’s choices (which have led them to their own life circumstances) with a little less judgment and a lot more compassion and understanding.

The Judgment card refers to an epiphany or awakening, during which time you realize the consequences of your actions and are thus more inclined to proceed conscientiously.

As such it gives you a chance to start anew, to be “reborn” and make changes that are in line with your understanding of karmic rewards and repercussions. It gives you a chance to redeem and unburden yourself, as you prepare to let go of the past and move toward your true life’s purpose.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 6, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Today’s card — the Nine of Cups — is also known as the “Wish card.”  It’s about getting what you wish for and the attendant feelings of gratitude that follow.

In this version of the card, a brightly-colored bird — from the gorgeous Dream Raven Tarot series — gazes down in admiration upon the nine jeweled goblets that are clasped in the tendrils of her wings.

She scrutinizes each one carefully, and with genuine appreciation. Each one is so distinctive and unique that it must be hard for her to decide which one she likes best.

This a card of abundance, generosity, appreciation and gratitude. Nothing is taken for granted here — it’s all about putting out there to the Universe what you want and fully expecting to have it delivered.

At the same time there’s a great appreciation for all that you have and a willingness to share it with others.

Along with being the “Wish” card, it’s also a card of Miracles. As there’s so much more focus on what one has than what one lacks, it’s easier to notice small miracles and in even the smallest things.

With that in mind, Count your blessings and expect good things today!

January 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Prairie Tarot


ARIES: The Star

This month it’s going to be all about counting your blessings. In recent months you may have been too focused on what you lack — or what you feel has been missing in your life, But the Star card speaks of putting all that aside while you focus on what you do have.

This is a very calm and peaceful version of the Star card. In it, we see a young Native American woman sitting on the banks of a river, replenishing it from the water in her vessel.

She sits with her eyes closed and her feet dangling comfortably in the water. A large white star shines above her to the right, while seven smaller stars, in the colors of the rainbow are lined up on the left.

There are elements of tolerance and acceptance here too. The gentle imagery of the young woman in Native garb coupled with the rainbow stars act as symbolic reminders that the world is full of different kinds of people and all of them belong here. Even the act of pouring water into the stream reminds us of how important it is to “give back.”

As the New Year begins, think about resolutions you made last year that you didn’t end up keeping. The Star card is full of hope and inspiration but it’s not exactly well grounded. There’s a need to work in order to manifest your dreams, as they’re not about to fall into your lap.

October 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring Shadowscapes Tarot

Ace of Swords

ARIES: Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords stands for intellect.

It gives you a fast paced way of thinking and is good for study, thinking ideas through thoroughly and making plans.

You may experience a myriad of thoughts this month and who can tell where they will lead you but one thing is certain if you keep your wits about you and think clearly you will come up with new ideas for old problems along with a different way of executing them.

Words can cut like a knife, they can also heal when applied correctly.

If you have anything you have been wanting to say to someone and have not been sure of how to say it you may find that this month your thoughts lead you to a new conclusion in how to best present your argument in a way that it will be heard.