Venus in Libra — Sept 29, 2014 — Oct 23, 2014


Venus enters Libra on September 29, 2014 at irgo on September 5, 2014 at 20:52 UT (8:52pm ET). Venus is Libra’s natural ruler, and is thus happiest and most comfortable there (along with Taurus, the sign it co-rules, and Pisces, the sign of its exaltation).

Venus in Libra is all about peace, love and understanding. It’s about compromising and accommodating the needs of others in order to preserve harmony and balance in our lives.

This extends to relationships of course, as Venus is the “love” planet and Libra is the relationship and partnership sign.

When Venus enters Libra, relationship issues come to the forefront, no matter what sign it’s in in our own natal charts.

We find ourselves dealing with relationship issues, which come to the forefront at this time and provide us with the opportunity to work out the kinks in them.

While this most often refers to romantic relationships, it can extend to business partnerships as well. 

Venus in Virgo — Sept 5, 2014 — Sept 29, 2014

Venus enters Virgo on September 5, 2014 at 07:23 UT (3:23 am EDT). Venus is said to be debilitated in Virgo, as it is the sign opposite Venus’ natural Exaltation, Pisces.

There are some disadvantages to having a planet in “fall” or “detriment,” due more to societal norms and expectations than anything else. As such, Venus is not particularly comfortable in Virgo, where the naturally romantic, self-indulgent, partnership-oriented archetype struggles to express itself through the analytical, perfectionistic, service-oriented Virgo filter.

Even so, there are a lot of wonderfully unique attributes associated with this placement, as evidenced by some of the examples listed herein.

Venus is the “love” planet, representing how you give and receive love and affection, as well as what you find aesthetically appealing. What’s attractive to you? And how do you express love and affection?

Venus also rules “money” as in earning potential and income, as in how you handle money, what you spend it on, and whether you’re attracting it to you or seeing it run through your fingers like water.

Venus in Leo — August 12, 2014 — Sept 5, 2014

Venus enters Leo on August 12, 2014 at UT 07:23 UT (3:23 am EDT). Venus is the “love” planet, representing how you give and receive love and affection, as well as what you find aesthetically appealing.

Venus also rules “money” as in earning potential and income, as in how you handle money, what you spend it on, and whether you’re attracting it to you or seeing it run through your fingers like water.

By transit, Venus brings emphasis to these areas of your life — for better or worse, depending on the sign, house placement and relationship the transit forms to planets in your natal chart.

In general Venus transits are favorable. They’re sociable, cooperative and harmonious. They can bring in a new romantic interest or reignite a spark with someone you already have history with.

They can also bring in money. These are usually not major windfalls; they’re more along the lines of unexpected financial gains, gifts from loved ones or money “saved” through fortuitous shopping. Speaking of shopping Venus transits correlate to a desire to spend money too.

Venus in Cancer — July 18, 2014 — Aug 12, 2014

Venus enters Cancer on July 18, 2014 at 14:06 UT (10:06 am EDT). Venus in Cancer natives are known for being sensitive, affectionate and loving.

This is a very feminine archetype. Even the strongest, most independent and assertive Venus in Cancer people — both male and female — are apt to express themselves in traditionally feminine ways, such as nurturing, caring for and comforting others.

When it comes to relationships, they tend to mother their partners as well. They may be passive or indirect in the early stages, but this is because they have a lot of fears — mostly regarding rejection and abandonment . But once settled into serious, committed, long-term relationships, they shine at doing what they do best: being emotionally supportive and nurturing.

Venus in Cancer people are also very sentimental. They have fantastic memories and never forget a birthday or an important / meaningful anniversary. They also unfortunately never forget a slight.

While not all of them come from happy or functional families, most of them are aware of how their childhoods and family dynamics have shaped them. This is particularly evident in their relationships. 

Venus in Gemini — June 23, 2014 — July 18, 2014

Venus in Gemini -- Naomi Campbell

Venus enters Gemini on June 23, 2014 at 12:33 UT (8:33 am EDT). Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini, as the catalyst through which the concept of “Love” first emerges — through connecting, interacting and most importantly communicating with others.

Venus in Gemini people are charming and flirtatious. They’re playful, light-hearted and charismatic with a natural appreciation for the give-and-take that goes hand-in-hand in any relationship. They’re insatiably curious, wanting to know everything there is to know about the people they’re interested in, and as long as there’s always something left to learn that interest doesn’t wane.

But since Gemini is a mutable sign, there’s also a tendency toward restlessness and boredom. They like to keep things moving and to not get bogged down in tedium or routine. They’re easily distracted and require a lot of mental and verbal stimulation in order to maintain their interest.

When it comes to romance, Venus in Gemini people are said to run hot and cold. They’re notorious for ardently pursuing whatever they have their hearts set on one moment and detaching from it completely the next.

Soul Mate or Sociopath? by Fiona Beck


by Fiona Beck, guest blogger 

Definition of a Sociopath: Many of the experiences that we have when dealing with a Soul Mate can be remarkably like dealing with a Sociopath, so how do we know the difference?

When you meet your Soul Mate it can feel as if you have waited your whole life for this person, the intensity is incredible, the love you feel knocks you off your feet and the two of you spend every spare moment communicating and sharing your hopes, thoughts and dreams. It literally feels like you have met the person that you were destined to spend your life with – discovered the very reason that you were born. You always wanted a connection this deep and here it is!

Ask the Tarot: Second Time Around

Second Time Around

A client wants to know about a relationship that ended a few years back. It started, faltered and then fizzled out over the course of a year, without ever fully developing into the serious, committed relationship that my client was interested in.

Since January, their relationship has been “back on” again, after several different transitions (from periods of not speaking at all to attempts to maintain the connection as a friendship only, with a few ‘casual’ hookups in between).

Now though things seem to be moving forward again. And my client — Melissa — is curious about how this plays out in their cards and charts.