Sept 2015 Tarot Scopes by Chrisalis

Ace of Swords

ARIES: Ace of Swords

This is a month of new thoughts and new ways of doing things. It is also a month for changing your thoughts and ideas on something.

Notice the butterfly wings around the Sword — from the Miracle Tarot. Venus turns direct this month, bringing grace, harmony, beauty and love to the forefront.

Even the sharp edges of the sword are not enough to deter the butterfly from being this near the blade. It is almost as if you can throw caution to the wind and say/do whatever you want. Well… perhaps not too much as Mercury is about to turn retrograde again.

Your thoughts are pure and aimed single-mindedly at the outcome you desire. If you have any mental tasks to accomplish do so whilst your mind is highly alert and focused on what you want.

The play of muted colours through this image give your clarity in anything creative you wish to succeed in alongside a transformative quality to the way they spring forth from your mind.

The blade looks sharp but don’t be fooled as it will not harm you as long as you stick to your principles and deliver your words with care and grace nothing will stand in your way.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 17, 2015 — Six of Wands

Six of Wands

Six of Wands

Your heart soars as you race to victory on the wings of your own current good sense and ability to see the larger picture.

Is there something you have been aiming for that has possibly seemed out of reach? If so, this is the month to reach out, grab it and make it your own.

There is a sense of a deeper meaning to your quest as the circular images within the sunflowers show you that even as you think you are at the end of something you may actually be on the verge of something else.

You may not know where it will take you but what you do know is that it is for your greater good and that there is a fair degree of growth attached to it. Intellectually you are soaring.

This is a good day to put your head down and study or if you have written work to complete now is the time to do so.  The path you are on is about to take you on a leap possibly beyond your wildest dreams and you should be aiming high as that star is easily within your reach.

Speaking of dreams… you may find that if you sit down and do a bit of day dreaming your goal will come to you sooner especially as your heart is attached to what you desire. This is a great time to do some manifesting when it comes to your love life.

The object of your affection looks to be new to your life and also seems to be linked to a wish you have made. Best sit down with that pen and paper and make a list of what you do want… and while you’re at it keep your thoughts away from what you don’t want.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 21, 2015 — Six of Wands

Six of Wands - Deviant Moon

Six of Wands

Today’s Mars / Pluto trine joins together the urge to make things happen and to bring about change in profound and life-altering ways.

This aspect can be incredibly powerful and transformative. It can bring in opportunities to completely reinvent yourself. And it can see you finally starting to receive the recognition you’ve worked so hard for.

It may come in the form of a raise or a promotion, or may be as simple as reassurances from loved ones that you’re valued and appreciated. You may feel like a million bucks, and rightfully so.

The Six of Wands — this version from the Deviant Moon Tarot — is called “Victory” in some decks; it speaks of validation of your efforts, and is well-deserved; this is the kind of acknowledgment you receive when it becomes clear that you’ve paid your dues.

In this version of the card, a figure emerges as a butterfly from the bud of a partially blooming flower. She wears a crown and holds a scepter in one of her many hands. We see the Sun rising high in the sky behind her as she’s hailed by her peers.

There’s a sense of triumph in this rendition, as in being chosen as a leader or someone to look up to. You may feel unexpectedly revered or idolized. But with that comes expectations that you’re going to have to live up to. More recognition but also more responsibility. More people counting on you to show them how its done.

This is not the time to “bask in your glory,” but rather a time to mirror back to those who are acknowledging you the same sense of gratitude and appreciation. It’s a time to remember the little people — those who have helped you a long the way.

If you’re in line for a promotion, an award or some other form of external validation, be ready to embrace it as confirmation that you’ve earned it and deserve it. But leave your ego at the door as there’s still more work to be done.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 5, 2015 — Six of Wands

Six of Wands

Six of Wands

Today, as Mercury moves into Aquarius and forms a complementary aspect (sextile) with Saturn, you could find yourself reaching a goal that you’ve been working hard for.

The Six of Wands is a card of appreciation and admiration. You “win” something and earn the right to be satisfied with the spoils of your victory. This isn’t about ego or conceit and it’s never at someone else’s expense. There’s a strong sense of being supported and lifted up by those who rejoice right along with you.

You may have been putting a lot of effort into your work and not even realizing that others have taken notice. Or you could be unexpectedly pulled aside by a loved one, just to tell you how much you’re loved and appreciated.

The Six of Wands is called “Victory” and refers to that sense of satisfaction and acknowledgement for a job well done.

In this deck a woman is seen racing through the dark with a flaming torch held high. There may be dangers all around her (notice the lion in the shadows) but there are also rewards (notice the gold medallions). If she didn’t have her torch (Mercury in Aquarius = Illumination) she’d likely miss them both.

The Full Moon is high in the night sky (just as it is for all of us tonight) but it’s partially obscured. Yes she needs that torch to effectively see her way through.

The Six of Wands refers to the combination of confidence and optimism that spurs each of us toward manifesting our goals. There’s a sense of triumph and victory in the knowledge that you’ve earned your rightful place, but with that comes certain expectations that you’re going to have to live up to.

Whatever form this takes for you today, know that you’ve earned it and that you deserve it. It may just give you the incentive to keep shooting for the stars and manifesting your highest goals.

Jan 2015 Tarot Scopes featuring the Animal Wisdom Tarot

Two of Feathers

ARIES: Two of Feathers

This month may see you feeling torn between two competing interests or desires and at a loss as to which one one you really want to follow.

You start the month with an opposition between Mars (your ruler) and Jupiter, which are moving through your 11th (social) and 5th (personal) houses.

The Mars transit has you thinking about where you fit in in the world and about the contributions you’ve made. The Jupiter transit is more personal: it’s more about creativity and self-expression.

As difficult as it is to balance these dual desires, you may find yourself at an impasse. It’s hard to feed one set of urges without feeling like you’re neglecting the other.

You may need to take the time to reflect, much like the Heron in this card.

Here we see him gazing down at his reflection in a tranquil pool. A crescent moon shines in the night sky, illuminating the pair of feathers that are crisscrossed on the water’s surface.

The Heron is this deck’s version of the Two of Swords. As this card often refers to inaction and immobility, you might take a page from the Heron’s book and use that inertia to reflect on your options before you make a move.

Aries is usually more about “act first and think later.” But this month you might want to hold back and weigh your options instead. In doing so you may just be able to find a way to satisfy both sets of urges.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 18, 2014 — Six of Batons

Six of Batons

Sometimes you just want to go with something and sometimes you just want to sit back.

Today is a bit like that… the need to choose how far you want to go with a situation/project or something in your life or how much you want to hold back and see if the situation/project takes care of itself.

It may be a dream you are having on what you wish to do with your life and you need to “pluck” the details to what your next step is out of your imagination.

It may also be that you are not quite ready to pick up the baton and run with it but rather know that your stance in “sitting pretty” will work for you. Either way — with the Victory card, ie Six of Batons (Wands in many decks) — you are a winner.

This Six of Batons is called “Triumph” in this deck. It refers to the sense of pride and glory that goes with a job well done. Still you’ll have to strike a balance between sitting back on your laurels and taking the reigns and running with them.

Do not get too far ahead of yourself. The white horse is looking a bit anaemic to say the least and whilst it still has a lot of strength in it to be holding your weight you do not want to push your luck too far.

At the moment it is working… the roses are blooming and you are “sitting pretty” but this may not always be the case.

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Aries:  Strength

If you find yourself needing to draw on inner strength this month or gain help from those around you then don’t be afraid to ask.

You are not alone and you have plenty of resources to help you along your path. Even though you cannot see the final outcome you have an inner “knowingness” to help you on your way.

As the month progresses you should be feeling the changes around you as you seem to shed your skin and grow a new one… meaning… the changes you implement around you in your environment are coming from within and yourself as opposed to outside forces.

If there is a relationship you feel has outgrown its purpose and has been holding you back then you are well and truly on the road to releasing yourself from its clutches and what’s more you have the strength and resources to back you up.

Reach out to anyone you think may be of help to you now as you start your new cycle.

The moon in the background of this card may seem to be either in its first or last quarter or if you look at it again it could even be seen as an eclipse… and eclipses mean change!